Twitter serving up deadly enemy propaganda, Denmark keeps getting smarter and smarter: Links 3, December 16, 2020

1. Speaking of Twitter dialectic scams (It is far worse than bias)

2. No words

3. I have no idea if this means anything or if it will make a difference at this point. But its good to see people still fighting against what is indisputably election fraud to all who paid attention.

(There is a thread on Twitter under this tweet)

4. France to offer to vaccinate EVERYONE by spring

5. This is alleged to be the murder of an eye witness to the election fraud. To be clear, I have no idea if this is true, but the comments seem to confirm the identity of the victim. But one can say without a shadow of doubt or reservation that the motives for those who would steal this election, both the carrot and the stick, would be so high that killing potential victims to the crime would be very easy to visualize. If the MAFIA would do it for several orders of magnitude lower stakes than this election, and all its power, money, and implications, not to mention the people very possibly guilty of death penalty treason like Clinton and Brennon, then killing witnesses to the steal would be an easy decision.

UPDATE: This appears to be a domestic dispute. Thank you ML for the find. This doesn’t change a punctuation mark of the editorial comment above. But it does mean that this attack is not related. The many killings of people by leftists and the Democrats so far already however, certainly add veracity to the observation.

6. Denmark to make separate crime stats for Muslims

(Bashy Quraishy appears to be a professional Islamic/Leftist agitator who frequently makes presentations at the OSCE to make sure things move ever leftward and ever Islamicly)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Tania Groth, MissPiggy, Gates of Vienna, RAIR Foundation, Xanthippa, and all who sent in materials this week so far.

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  1. 3 – The only constitutionally mandated date is January 20 the next legislative mandated date is January 6 when Congress certifies the votes of the Electoral Collage we still have over a month

    The Stage is set for a contested election vote in Congress on January 6 if that fails I don’t know what will be done. The question is can we get 51 votes in the Senate and 26 in the House. In the New Congress the Republicans will control the delegations of 27 states, and the Senate will be 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats. If we can keep the Never Trumpers and the RINOs from betraying us we stand a chance.

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