Whoopie whoops! Links 1, December 16, 2020

1. Whoopie Goldberg just makes crap up so long as it supports that partizan, leftist Democrat narrative. Remember, Biden’s wife Jill, is a Ph.D. in education.

2. Gotta wonder if the people who opposed the Bolsheviks and the Nazis in the beginning looked like this

3. Stephen Coughlin thread on Pompeo, and the MB

4. I bet these numbers have meaning

5. Ivermectin. I was personally told recently, that its a treatment you have to get in a hospital by IV. You cant get it in pill form.

So an earlier video we posted saying that you could maybe get it at a vet as a pill might be wrong.

Thank you all who sent in comments and materials today. I am told that the site is not allowing people to post comments. I have opened a ticket with the firewall to get that fixed. Hopefully the site will return to normal function by end of day.


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