Canadian health authorities admit to just saying what they are told to say: Links 1, December 15, 2020

1. Read the tap dancing BS in this article about a Muslim jihadi that planned to do as much killing in Canada as he could imagine. Notice the lack of “Allah” and the insert of God. And of course, “Radicalized activity” which means exactly nothing but whatever they need it to when they need it to. (Which I suppose is a good thing in a sense, depending on how its applied).

‘I will be the model citizen’: Architect of Toronto 18 terrorist plot wins parole while serving life sentence

A key architect of the spectacular Toronto 18 terrorism plot to detonate huge truck bombs in Toronto in 2006 was granted day parole, Tuesday.

“I’m just so thankful,” Shareef Abdelhaleem said when told the decision by the Parole Board of Canada, “You will not be sorry.

“I know that you’re taking a risk and this is going to be highly mediatized, but in front of all these people and in front of God — I know I said I was not a religious man, but I do believe in God — I will not disappoint you. […]

He was told not to associate with anyone involved in crime or radicalized activity, not go to Toronto without permission from parole officials, and not have a position of responsibility “in any spiritual or religious activities or groups that share the same beliefs, this includes the mosque,” the parole board said.

(Seems like he wasn’t really in that long for the conspiracy he was involved with, does it?)

2. Computing Forever on UN Agenda 21 and the fourth industrial revolution

(Canada’s Capitol, Ottawa, is a “Smart City”)

3. Dearest Canadians. THIS is the quality and sincerity of the information you get

But what were they saying?

The woman on the left is Dr. Barbara Yaffe

The man on the right is Dr. David Williams

4. Black Pigeon Speaks on the election and the promotion of lies and suppression of truth by high tech

5. FUREY: The facts still show COVID-19 is not a problem in Canadian schools

On Thursday, 114 schools were abruptly ordered shut in the Windsor-Essex region of Ontario by the area’s chief medical officer. School boards were caught off guard by the announcement, which has pushed over 56,000 students into online learning until at least the beginning of January.

“The health and safety of students and staff remains a priority for the [Windsor-Essex County Health Unit],” reads the news release. “This action is being taken in an effort to keep our community safe and prevent further spread of COVID-19.”

News like this causes parents to panic and feeds into the notion that the danger posed by COVID-19 in schools is greater than it appears. But is it? While Windsor-Essex is seeing increased community spread, officials offered no proof that the schools were a specific trouble spot.

(RAIR Foundation has a video coming up which shows that the real problem with the spread of Covid in public schools is soft drinks. Looking forward to sharing that one)

Thank you Hellequin GB., M., Wrath of Khan, MissPiggy, Nash Montana, and MANY more who sent in materials so far this week. 

I’m sure many of us are feeling a complex soup of emotions over the election. There are still many excellent posts in the Reader’s Links with analysis and speculation about the Presidential race in the USA. The best things we here at Vlad, will still post to the main site. But it seems unfair to play basketball with people’s emotions on a minute by minute basis at this point. Either they succeed in cheating the election and installing Kamala Harris as President, which seems increasingly likely, or President Trump gets a Deus Ex Machina, for which we all hope and pray. In either case we will all know.

Meanwhile, the hatred and violence the stolen presidency has generated, not to mention of course, the hatred and violence which was very much part of the stealing of the election, will continue to foment events which we will report on.

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4 Replies to “Canadian health authorities admit to just saying what they are told to say: Links 1, December 15, 2020”

  1. 1.) “You will not be sorry” – I bet that those morons at this Parole Board never heard of Taqqiyah.
    They’ll be sooooo sorry in the Future, and wish that this guy would have gotten a Cigarette and a Blindfold instead of Parole.
    But it will be innocent Canadians that will pay the price.

    • The moment a person finds out and understands what “taqiyyah” means is the moment they are labelled “bigotted far-right extremist nutbars”. Welcome to the nuthouse…:)

  2. One thing that we find is all these utopian plans is the assumption that there will be ‘clean energy’ and ‘free energy, without specifying what and how. The fact is that filling the world with windmills (or similar ‘alternatives’) would be an enormous exercise involving scarce materials and huge CO2 emissions. In order to get rid of CO2 emitters (which do no harm) they are now returning to nuclear power, what a joke!

  3. #1

    I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but “Allah” and “God” are definitely not the same guy. God has a covenant with man so there always exists an obligation on His part and there is also the underlying assumption that He loves you. Allah, on the other hand, don’t owe you nothin’, and the only obligation is on you to obey His every word or face hideous punishment. The descriptions of Allah are of the most frightening merciless devil that ever existed, and no, he doesn’t particularly like you – just shut your mouth and do as you’re told.

    Did you know that Allah decides on the moment of your death and has the option of following you into the underworld and overseeing your torture personally? Did you know that he has the power to give you new skin overnight so He can burn your fresh skin off every day forever and ever? You could jump off the Empire State Building but you still wouldn’t be able to get away from him if you made him angry…

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