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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Pakistani Forces Foil Attack on Islamabad Stock Exchange, Reports Say (sputniknews, Dec 15, 2020)

    “Pakistani security services have prevented a militant attack on the Islamabad Stock Exchange, The Express Tribune newspaper reported, citing a statement of the Punjab Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), adding that three suspects were detained.

    According to the newspaper, the stock exchange’s building was the new target of a group that is believed to be responsible for multiple bombings in the country’s fourth-largest city of Rawalpindi.

    The CTD received the information about the whereabouts of the three attack plotters from an anonymous source, the newspaper reported, adding that law enforcement officers subsequently raided their hideout. Apart from detaining the the suspects, officers also seized explosives and detonators.

    Those detained claimed responsibility for the four bombings in Rawalpindi that took place in January, March, June and December, killing four civilians and injuring more than 30 others. They also said they were guided by the ideology of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) group, while following instructions from Afghanistan, the newspaper reported.

    The CTD also told the paper that the detainees have admitted planning to target the Islamabad Stock Exchange.

    The authorities have launched an investigation in an effort to unearth the entire criminal network.”

  2. Deputy Governor of Afghanistan’s Kabul Province Killed in Bomb Blast, Interior Ministry Says (sputniknews, Dec 15, 2020)

    “The deputy governor of Afghanistan’s eastern Kabul province and his secretary were killed in a bomb blast, the Ministry of Interior Affairs confirmed on Tuesday.

    “A magnetic bomb exploded on Hamdullah Mohammadi, the deputy governor for Kabul province, today at 9:40 am [05:40 GMT] , in 4th Makrorian [area] of the 9th district of Kabul province. Unfortunately, the deputy governor, along with his secretary, were killed, and two of his bodyguards were injured,” the ministry said in a statement.

    No militant group has claimed the responsibility for the explosion.

    Violent clashes between the Afghan forces and the radical movement, as well as bomb blasts continue to ravage Afghanistan despite the peace talks between Kabul and the Taliban launched in Qatar’s capital of Doha in September.”

  3. In which Trump and Barr have a group hug and Barr doesn’t actually announce he’s resigning – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    6-7 minutes

    In which Trump and Barr have a group hug and Barr doesn’t actually announce he’s resigning

    Trump and Barr award the Medal of Valor for Public Safety Officers, 22 May 2019. Fox 10 Phoenix video, YouTube

    An obvious question arises at the outset, which is why Barr would resign now. Speculative reasons on that head would keep a sophomore seminar busy for a full semester. I don’t pretend to be sure.

    The Occam’s Razor solution on this would seem to be that Attorney General William Barr has told President Trump he’s leaving office on 23 December 2020. We’ll stipulate that right up front. The wording is odd, and the context is a bit peculiar, but OK. The New York Times says Barr is resigning, so the odds would seem to be that that’s the deal.

  4. London horror: Three hospitalised after shooting in Hackney – Met Police on scene (express, Dec 15, 2020)

    “THREE men have been rushed to hospital after a shooting in east London.

    One victim is in a critical condition after the gun attack in Middleton Road, Hackney. Reports claim gunshots were heard in the area at around 9.45pm, with a large cordon put in place in North London. The Metropolitan Police have said no arrests have been made at this time, and are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

    Hackney Police tweeted a statement reporting the incident, and appealing for more information on any suspects.

    They said: “We’re dealing with a shooting at around 9.45pm in Middleton Road, E8.

    “Three males have been taken to hospital with gunshot injuries: one is in a critical condition, the other two were less seriously injured. No arrest.

    “Witnesses pls call 101 ref 7439/14dec.”

    Unconfirmed social media reports have claimed the suspects drove past on a moped while shooting at the victims.

    Gerry Campbell MBE, former Scotland Yard Detective Chief Superintendent, also reported the incident on Twitter.

    He said: “The Serious Violence Crisis in London continues with a triple shooting in Hackney earlier this evening.

    “One of the victims is apparently fighting for life.””

  5. Somalia cuts diplomatic ties with Kenya amid rising tensions (abcnews, Dec 15, 2020)

    “Somalia’s government says it has severed ties with strategic neighbor Kenya “to safeguard the unity, sovereignty, stability of the country.”

    The announcement Tuesday came as the leader of the breakaway territory of Somaliland ended a three-day visit to Kenya where he was given treatment similar to that accorded to a head of state in meetings with the Kenyan leadership…”

  6. Boko Haram claims kidnapping of Nigeria students in north (abcnews, Dec 15, 2020)

    “Nigeria’s Boko Haram jihadist rebels have claimed responsibility for the abduction of hundreds of students in one of the largest attacks in years on a boys’ school in northern Katsina state.

    More than 330 students are missing from the Government Science Secondary School in Kankara after gunmen with assault rifles attacked their school Friday night.

    The government and the attackers are negotiating over the fate of the boys, according to Nigerian presidential spokesman Garba Shehu…”

  7. Danish Minister Defends Ethnic Stats on Crime and Employment (breitbart, Dec 15, 2020)

    “Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration Mattias Tesfaye has defended studying non-European migrant links to crime and employment.

    Tesfaye stated that the Ministry of Immigration and Integration would be grouping non-Western countries of origin together when compare statistics for crime and unemployment rates for migrants in Denmark.

    One such region is the MENAPT, which included the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan, and Turkey.

    A report from the ministry based on the new groupings found that female migrants from the MENAPT region had an employment rate of 41.9 per cent, meaning less than half had jobs, compared to women from Thailand or Vietnam, of which 61.6 per cent were employed, Berlingske reports.

    The statistics also show that young men from the MENAPT region have a much higher rate of criminal convictions at 4.6 per cent compared to other non-Western countries where the average was 1.8 per cent.

    The MENAPT section of migrants also accounts for 54.4 per cent of all the 516,261 non-European migrants currently living in Denmark, making it a sizable bloc.

    Tesfaye defended himself from criticism from some such as Halima El Abassi, chairwoman of the Council for Ethnic Minorities, who said the move divides Danes more than it unites them.

    He responded by saying that the new way of looking at the statistics was “a tool that should make it easier for politicians to make decisions. By focusing on the problems as precisely as possible, it will also be easier for politicians to deal with the problems.”

    “I think you have to be proud of who you are and where you come from. I myself am half Ethiopian and 100 per cent Danish, and I am not afraid that people know their roots and are proud of their roots. But we as decision-makers need to get honest figures that say something about the challenges of integration,” he added.

    The move comes after the European Union recommended that member states record ethnic statistics in order to measure the effectiveness of integration programmes and discrimination against migrants.

    In March, the think tank Unitos released a report that showed 62 per cent of young Somali men who had received a criminal conviction did so by the age of 30, compared to just 18 per cent of native Danes.”

  8. Pakistani Migrant Accused of Drugging and Raping Minors (breitbart, Dec 15, 2020)

    “A Pakistani migrant drug dealer in Athens has been accused of taking two teenaged girls prisoner before drugging them both and raping one in his apartment.

    Police stated the girls, Greeks aged 16 and 17, had claimed that the man had held them captive in his fifth-floor apartment and had threatened them with violence, saying he would kill them if they tried to leave.

    According to a report from Greek newspaper Proto Thema, the migrant raped one of the girls, while violently assaulting the other.

    Eventually, the pair managed to escape and ran down a street shouting for help in the early hours of Monday. Police found the teens, who were being pursued by the half-naked man. Officers then subdued and arrested the drug dealer.

    During a search of the apartment, police found 49 packages of cannabis, 70 pills of the date-rape drug Rohypnol, and an undisclosed amount of heroin. Police believe the man sold the drugs on the streets of Athens.

    The case comes just weeks after Greek police in the capital undertook a manhunt for another migrant, also believed to be Pakistani, who raped a woman while wrapping a thick metal chain around her neck to subdue her.

    In July, two Pakistani migrants were sentenced to 14 and nine years in prison after kidnapping a 17-year-old boy, blackmailing, and raping him in the city of Thessaloniki.

    The two men, aged 25 and 29, kept the teen captive for around 24 hours and forced him to contact his uncle living in Spain, demanding he send the two men cash. They then filmed themselves stripping boy naked and threatening to publish the footage if they were not paid.”


    This idiot believes in “feminism”

    The engl. Wiki hides that his father was Heinz Capra, SS-Hauptsturmführer and personal advisor to Vienna Gauleiter Odilo Globocnik. His mother Ingeborg Capra-Teuffenbach was a National Socialist writer.

    Founder of first German shipping company was a Brit.

    Lübecker Nachrichten founded by Brit James Coleman.

    Are Muslim Professions of Peace Trustworthy?
    BY RAYMOND IBRAHIM DEC 14, 2020 10:02 AM ET

    Indonesian Muslim protesters shout slogans during a rally in Jakarta, Indonesia, Friday, Oct. 26, 2018. Organizers of an Indonesian movement to promote a moderate brand of Islam have canceled a mass rally after its youth supporters burned the flag of an outlawed hard-line Muslim group, sparking allegations of blasphemy. (AP Photo/Achmad Ibrahim)
    In a longwinded article titled “Hidden Enemies: An American History of Taqiyya” for Cabinet Magazine, the author, “Joshua Craze”—an apparent pseudonym for a self-identified Muslim man—predictably downplays the dangers of taqiyya, an Islamic doctrine which permits Muslims to deceive non-Muslims. Consider the following excerpts:

    [T]aqiyya had become a central pillar of the far-right’s rendition of Islam. Because I am a masochist, I spent a few days trying to source all the quotations in one report, “Taqiyya about Taqiyya” by Raymond Ibrahim, a virulent Islamophobe associated with David Horowitz… It would be too easy to say that distorted facts and quotations proliferate in such pieces because of a disregard for the truth. Raymond Ibrahim and his fellow Taqiyyists have inordinate regard for a central truth: that Islam is evil. This truth flattens everything else—the seventh century and the twenty-first form part of a single tapestry of intelligibility. Everything makes sense. It’s impossible to refute Ibrahim. He has certainty, where I can offer only ambiguity and nuance. That’s not much of an answer. As ever, paranoia is far more coherent than real life.

    Concerning “Craze’s” charges, the reader is free to evaluate my article, “Taqiyya about Taqiyya”—originally the expert report portion of my affidavit in a legal case concerning taqiyya—and see if it “distorts facts” and has a “disregard for the truth.” (Curiously, although Craze linked to and documented every other article he referenced, including those he was critical of, he failed to link to mine, which is here.)

    Of more interest is his point, that, when it comes to Islam, people would rather have certainty—which apparently culminates into “paranoia”—rather than what he offers, “ambiguity and nuance.” He continues in this vein:

    As I read more articles and doom-scrolled deeper into the universe of the right-wingers, I gave them a name: the Taqiyyists. The central tenants [sic] of their faith introduced a basic epistemological conundrum. If Muslims were liars, and many Muslims—like myself—were in hiding, how was one to tell who the real Muslims were?

    How, indeed. Here we finally come to it, the significance of his meandering piece: If there is evidence that Muslims are encouraged to deceive non-Muslims—and there is plenty—how does one know when a Muslim is or isn’t being deceptive?

    Fundamentally, this is a philosophical question of the “burden of proof” variety: Which of two parties is required to prove something in order to earn the trust of the other? Under normal circumstances, person X will rely on universal criteria when determining whether or not to believe person Y.

    However, when Y is openly following a creed—Islam—that teaches its adherents to be hostile, even hate non-Muslims, and do virtually everything possible—including lying—to dominate them, then the entire calculus must change, including by placing the burden of proof on the Muslim, certainly when it comes to sensitive, potentially lethal, situations.

    Consider a recent UK report; it found that Muslim prisoners regularly employ taqiyya—the report’s own word of choice—to deceive the prison and justice system. For example, one of the two Muslims who beheaded 85?year?old Catholic priest Jacques Hamel in his church in France in 2016 had twice earlier been apprehended for trying to go to Syria and fight for the Islamic State. All he had to do, however, was tell the judge what he wanted to hear: “I am a Muslim who believes in mercy, in doing good, I’m not an extremist … I want to get back my life, see my friends, get married.” Based on these words, the judge released him, and soon thereafter this “Muslim who believes in mercy” slaughtered the elderly priest.

    Similarly, after being imprisoned for his involvement in a bombing plot, Usman Khan—who “was considered a success story of an extremist turning their life around,” to quote the report—was released early. Not long thereafter he too went on a stabbing spree that killed two and injured three on London Bridge. And “many of the 40 female inmates in Fleury?Mérogis prison in Paris have joked about how they tricked the judge or magistrate—by eating pork, for example, which is forbidden in Islam—to receive more lenient sentences.”

    It should be noted that Craze’s argument that only “paranoids” allow taqiyya to permeate their views on Muslim sincerity is becoming standardized (a reflection of the difficulties of rebutting taqiyya on a doctrinal or objective level). Thus, in his recent defense of taqiyya (dismantled here), Usama Hasan, of the UK think tank Quilliam, made the following admission:

    It is true that hardened islamist terrorists, such as the Al-Qaeda & ISIS supporter Usman Khan who murdered two people at Fishmongers’ Hall [after pretending to have been “rehabilitated”], do misuse the principle of taqiyyah in order to further their cause. However, the charge that all Muslims are generally religiously obligated to lie, and do so routinely, is both dangerous and untrue.

    Again, while this “charge” may be unwarranted in individual cases, it is also inevitable. After all, how is the non-Muslim to know which Muslim is and isn’t “misusing the principle of taqiyya”? Moreover, why should the burden of proof be on the infidel—who stands to and often does suffer and even gets killed from always accepting the Muslim’s word and disregarding the role of deceit in Islam—and not on the Muslim, who is an open adherent of a religion that allows hostility for and deception of non-Muslims in the first place? This is particularly so since more than a few “hardened islamist terrorists” are convinced that their creed allows them to dissimulate to their heart’s content—so long as doing so can be seen as helping further the cause of Islam.

    It comes to this: Islam does permit lies and deception in order to empower itself (one need only look to the tactics employed by its founder, Muhammad). Accordingly, and considering that Islam considers itself in a constant state of war with non-Islam (typified by the classical formulation of Dar al-Islam vs. Dar al-Harb) any Muslim who feels this or that piece of deception over the infidel is somehow benefiting Islam—which could also be rationalized as benefiting him—has a blank check to lie.

    As such, you’re not the “bad guy” if you find yourself less than trusting of Muslim professions of peace, especially in matters of consequence; you’re just appropriately cautious.

  11. BREAKING: @PatrickByrne, former CEO of, claims that he was complicit in facilitating a bribe for Hillary Clinton in the amount of $18M [on behalf of the FBI] in January, 2016. The bribe, which she accepted, was then going to be used by members of the Obama

    2/ administration against Hillary after she was elected. As it was later explained to him, “President Obama has his people across the federal bureaucracy at this point, but especially at the Department of Justice. Hillary Clinton is going to be President for 8 years and nothing
    3/ is going to change that, but think of there being a Bunsen burner within the DOJ. That evidence about the [2] bribes you were a part of gathering is going to be sitting on the Bunsen burner. The hand sitting on the burner is going to be one of Barack Obama’s people.
    4/ If Hillary is a “good girl” and defends Obamacare, that flame stays low. If she’s a “bad girl” and thinks for herself, that flame is going to get turned up high. That way Barack Obama is going to manage Hillary Clinton for the 8 years she’s President, and then
    5/ when she steps down, Michelle is going to run.” Claims it was called “Operation Snowglobe” [dubbed by Obama + Brennan] so that once Hillary stepped into it, they would be able to “shake her up” at any time during her Presidency, if needed. Says that Durham and Barr were aware
    6/ of it.

    Byrne stated there was an additional Hillary bribe prior to the one listed above, which was in the amount of $20M [involving the country of Turkey] and occurred in the fall, 2015.

    This shocking claim was made in an interview with @annvandersteel. ?
    7/ Part 1. ??

    + 2 videos

  12. the independent – Twitter confirms Trump can be banned from inauguration day onwards

    Donald Trump is the second most-followed politician on Twitter after Barack Obama

    Donald Trump, who currently enjoys certain exemptions from Twitter’s policies due to his status as a world leader, will likely lose the protection after 20 January when Joe Biden takes over as the US president.

    Mr Trump’s personal account on Twitter could be subject to a ban if he continues to spread conspiracy theories, Twitter has confirmed.

    Since the days after the 3 November elections, when it became clear that Mr Biden was leading the race and set to be the next president, Mr Trump has been using Twitter to peddle voter fraud conspiracy theories without proof.

    As a result, many of his tweets related to election results appear with the label: “This claim about election fraud is disputed” – even when they have received millions of interactions on the platform.

    These tweets are not banned outright as his account is currently covered under the platform’s “world leaders on Twitter: principles and approach” guidelines, according to which the company allows tweets that break its rules to stay up if they see “clear public interest value” in them.

    However, they may place it behind a notice that provides context about the violation, according to Twitter’s rules.

    That may change for Mr Trump after 20 January when he becomes a private citizen. Post that, if he continues to post such tweets, it could lead to an eventual ban from the platform.

    A Twitter spokesperson told Forbes that after 20 January the former president will have to follow the same guidelines as regular citizens. The spokesperson said the platform does not have “special rules” for Mr Trump.

    Mr Trump, meanwhile, has been seeking a repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which, among other things, protects social media platforms from liability for content users post.

    Mr Trump, with a following of 88.6 million, is among Twitter’s top 10 accounts. Among politicians, he is only behind former president Barack Obama who has over 125 million followers.

    In comparison, the official Twitter account of the US president [POTUS] has 33.1 million followers. Twitter has already announced that it would hand over the POTUS handle to Mr Biden on 20 January even if Trump refuses to concede.

    Throughout his tenure and even during campaigning for the 2016 elections, Mr Trump has used Twitter to bypass traditional media platforms – many of whom he claims are against him – to reach out to his supporters.

    Mr Trump’s tweets leading to many controversies even prompted Mr Biden, during his campaign, to tweet in July: “You won’t have to worry about my tweets when I’m president.”

    Mr Trump used Twitter’s exemption policy throughout 2020 to spread disputed theories about Covid-19 and also the “Black Lives Matter” protests without the fear of a permanent ban from the platform.

    Twitter has several measures to deal with those who violate its rules, including limiting a tweet’s reach and placing temporary restrictions on an account.


    Here’s Your Islamophobia: Imam Says His Congregation Has Been Called Rude Names
    BY ROBERT SPENCER DEC 15, 2020 3:46 PM ET

    A Muslim rape gang – yet another – was just charged with 196 counts of rape, sex with a child, trafficking and false imprisonment. But let’s be frank: there are more serious crimes being committed these days in Britain, and the Yorkshire Evening Post has the skinny on some of the most outrageous of them. It seems that the imam at Makkah Mosque in Leeds, Qari Asim MBE (yes, MBE, just like the Beatles), who is also a “government adviser on Islamophobia,” claims that “hate speech” has “left scars” on members of his congregation. Yes, it’s true: The poor lambs have been called rude names on the street. You thought you had it bad.

    The Post informs us that “Leeds City Council research shows that Muslim people are more likely to be targeted by religiously-motivated hate crime than any other community in the city.” That hate crime apparently includes not just insults on the street, but on the interwebs as well: “And online abuse can have an equally devastating impact on Muslims in Leeds, Imam Asim said, creating a sense of fear and dividing communities.”

    Imam Asim solemnly informed the world that “I have personally experienced online abuse on a regular basis.” Even worse, “Many of my congregation members have experienced anti-Muslim hatred: being called ‘Bin Ladens’, ‘ISIS supporters’, told to ‘go back home’.” The noble Yorkshire Evening Post details the devastation this causes: “Such anti-Muslim abuse has left scars on people and created a sense of fear not only for the victims but also families and friends.”

    There is no doubt about it whatsoever, and every decent person must say it loudly and without hesitation: It is very, very unkind of the people to call members of the Makkah Mosque rude names. It would be so nice if people didn’t do that.

    And yet there are a few lingering questions. People are rude to one another all the time. Many people have been called unkind things on the street and online. Yet most of the time, there are no articles in any newspapers about this. Why is the situation different in the case of the Makkah Mosque? You might even say, “Well, that’s obvious!” It’s because the Post includes another salient detail: Muslims in the United Kingdom are not just called rude names, but brutalized: “women have had scarves snatched in appalling attacks.”

    Well, that may be, although many such claims have turned out to have been false, notably that of Yasmin Seweid, who got international headlines for falsely claiming that Trump supporters tore off her hijab in the New York subway. If this is really happening among the congregants of the Makkah Mosque, the perpetrators should be tried for assault in every case that such a prosecution is genuinely warranted.

    But the Yorkshire Evening Post article also makes a point it did not intend to make. Qari Asim is trying to show how bad Muslims have it in Britain, and all he can come up with are unkind words and unsupported claims that women have had their hijabs snatched off. Contrast that with the stories of Islamic jihad activity that we post here regularly. Which is more serious? Yet which gets more establishment media attention?

    The problem here is that the word “Islamophobia” is used not just to refer to attacks of innocent Muslims, which are never justified, but also to honest and accurate analysis of how Islamic jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence. Is Qari Asim trying to silence such analysis by conflating it with the rude things his congregants have been called? Are insults really comparable to beheadings, suicide bombings, and the like?

    Yet all reporting on the latter is called “Islamophobia” as much as the insults are. Qari Asim has unwittingly demonstrated that Muslims are not actually suffering in Britain any more than anyone else who has ever been called a rude name on the street or online. But actual vigilante attacks against innocent Muslims are so thin on the ground that this will have to do, and in any case it serves to further the Leftist/Islamic war against the freedom of speech.

  14. The Media Abandons Democracy
    Jeffrey Lord
    8-10 minutes

    Nice try.

    Over there at the New York Times my former CNN colleague Charles Blow headlines this:

    Trump Has Never Believed in Democracy
    He wants to wield power without winning it legitimately.

    Charles starts off this way, bold print for emphasis supplied:

    Donald Trump’s continued effort to overturn the result of the election — an effort buttressed by the support of many Republicans in Congress, it should be noted — is nothing short of an attempt at a bloodless coup.

    The only way Trump could achieve his aim of denying Joe Biden his rightfully earned victory would be if some people or entities — state legislatures, judges or the Supreme Court — were to agree to throw out millions of legally cast and appropriate votes. (It is also worth noting that many of the jurisdictions being disputed are heavily Black.)

    Full stop.

  15. the gateway pundit – American Medical Association Rescinds Hydroxychloroquine Prevention Order

    — How Many People Died Because These Soulless Hacks Wanted to Hurt Trump?

    […]Well, now that hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead “with the virus” or “because of the virus,” and the election season has ended the AMA recently rescinded their prevention of HQ.

    Thousands died because of these hateful people.

    LenBilen reported:

    The American Medical Association (AMA), in a surprising move, has officially rescinded a previous statement against the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, giving physicians the okay to return to utilizing the medication at their discretion.

    Previously, the AMA had issued a statement in March that was highly critical of HCQ in regards to its use as a proposed treatment by some physicians in the early stages of COVID-19. In addition to discouraging doctors from ordering the medication in bulk for “off-label” use – HCQ is typically used to treat diseases such as malaria – they also claimed that there was no proof that it was effective in treating COVID, and that its use could be harmful in some instances.

    However, on page 18 of a recent AMA memo, issued on October 30, (resolution 509, page 3) the organization officially reversed its stance on HCQ, stating that its potential for good currently may supersede the threat of any potentially harmful side effects.

    So, there we have it. HQ could not be approved before the election, because President Trump had recommended it. Meanwhile, with an 8o +% reduced risk of having to be admitted to the hospital if administered with Azitromycine and Zinc as soon as testing positive or symptoms occurred, many (70000+) lives could have been saved.

  16. Michigan judge allows release of report showing Antrim County’s high number of voting errors

    LANSING — A Michigan judge decided Monday that supporters of President Donald Trump may publicly release and discuss information they’ve collected from an analysis of voting machines and data in Antrim County.

    But Erik Grill, an assistant attorney general representing Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, warned that the analysis is “inaccurate, incomplete and misleading.”

    “There’s no reason to hide,” Grill said during a virtual court hearing Monday morning. “There is nothing to hide.”

    Antrim County with about 23,000 residents has gained the spotlight in the push from Trump’s supporters to try to discredit the results of the Nov. 3 election. Because of a failure to update voting software, President-elect Joe Biden was initially thousands of votes ahead of Trump in the Republican-leaning county’s unofficial results.

    Trump later was shown to have a more than 5,000-vote lead in the county where about 16,000 votes were cast. The problem amid changing unofficial results led supporters of the president to question what had occurred in Antrim County and the integrity of Dominion Voting Systems, whose equipment the county used.

    video at site

  17. (Richard: Pay close attention to this one, it spells out the danger of allowing this electoral steal succeed, if we allow it to succeed the next election the fraud will be worse and the election stands a good chance of being a one party election. We fight now and win or we end up as serfs and peasants in the neo feudal system the left wants to force us into.
    Editorial: At This Critical Time, President Trump Should Take Action
    Editorial Board
    4-5 minutes

    The 2020 presidential election is unlike any that came before and requires unprecedented measures to protect it, our republic, and our future.

    Both the degree and the scale of voter fraud were unprecedented. In swing states, President Donald Trump had large leads on election night. Then, late that night, counting was stopped and election observers were ushered out. And then, huge, statistically impossible vote dumps occurred, giving Joe Biden the lead.

    This pattern, which occurred only in the states where Biden needed to reverse the results in order to win, and which hadn’t occurred in previous elections, points to a coordinated effort to steal the election.

  18. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona Republican Electors Cast Votes for Trump
    By Bowen Xiao
    December 14, 2020 Updated: December 14, 2020
    biggersmaller Print

    Republican electors in four states said on Dec. 14 that they would cast their procedural votes for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, the latest update contesting the results of the 2020 election.

    Republican electors in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona all said they voted for Trump. It comes as their states formally appointed Democratic electors who voted for Democrat Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

    In Michigan, two separate slates of electors were cast: 16 for Trump and 16 for Biden.

    “Sending more than one slate of electors is not unheard of,” said Meshawn Maddock, Michigan Republican at-large national elector in an emailed release. “It’s our duty to the people of Michigan and to the U.S. Constitution to send another slate of electors if the election is in controversy or dispute—and clearly it is.”

    (Richard: I may be wrong but I think Trump just got the contested election he wants and will be able to get the Electoral Collage Votes thrown out and Congress pick the next President and VP.)

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