GOLDSTEIN: UN climate report reveals goals of Trudeau’s ‘Great Reset’

From the Toronto Sun:

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre was falsely condemned recently for trading in conspiracy theories.

His accusers were Liberals and liberal media who misrepresented what “The Great Reset” of society — advocated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations (where it’s called “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”) — means.

It means what Poilievre said it means — global elites using the COVID-19 pandemic and recession to fundamentally reshape society, reduce economic freedom and transfer wealth from the developed to the developing world.

It’s not a conspiracy. It’s out in the open.

It’s not a plot for global dictatorship. It’s a globalist plan to convince people living in democracies in the developed world to accept a lower standard of living (what reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions actually means) to, we’re told, save the planet from catastrophic global warming.

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Unfortunately, Goldstein can’t quite get to the main point. Global warming from human events is not happening. If anything, the stalled sunspot cycle is cooling the world, which is much worse. (Although the sunspot cycle may have restarted recently) The head of the UN is a bona-fide classical communist, to coin a phrase. His mission is the destruction of all nation states and cultures and has passed many “non-binding” UN resolutions to make that happen. The UN Migration Compact being enough of an example to not look any farther. But in case you want to:

And of course, the UN wants to literally criminalize all opposition to its own undemocratic policies as they are meant to apply to the whole world:

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    • Agreed, Richard. And your neighbor to the north has also gone bad. After all, just as Israel does not wait for its neighbors to strike before it takes action, why should the U.S.?

      • Right now we aren’t sure who is President, we will face the fact of a hostile Canadian Government (I don’t think the majority of Canadians are hostile to the US) once we have ensured that Trump has won a second term.

        Once the left starts losing the fighting brace yourself for a lot of Dems running North for sanctuary.

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