Leftism and Islam bulldozing the West: Links 1 for December 13, 2020

1. Its almost like the left doesn’t believe a word of their own BS

2. The UN must feel its Covid crisis is playing out and is getting ready for the next one. Which is the previous one.

3. The nascent Covid health passport

4. Italy: Judge Gives Residency to Migrant Who Set Village on Fire, Killing Multiple People

A judge has granted humanitarian residency to a Gambian migrant who admitted to having started fires in his native village, killing several people.

The migrant arrived in Italy in 2016 but was initially denied asylum by the Bologna Territorial Commission in September of 2018. He then appealed the decision to the Bologna court, which granted him a residency permit on humanitarian grounds late last month.

According to a report from newspaper Il Giornale, the migrant admitted to setting a large part of his village on fire.

He told judges that he had worked in the fields of his village after two years at an Islamic school, and one day he set dry grass on fire which spread to nearby houses due to heavy winds. The fire ultimately killed several people and put others in the hospital.

5. On social media selective enforcement for Islam and the left. One muslim calls for the murder of all ex muslims, and thats OK. But pointing out he does that cancels your channel.

Item 4 and 5 are both sterling examples of how law has been transformed into tools for the installation of an Islamic and leftist polity. It has been, to use satellite parlance, ‘retasked’ from protecting society, the equality and protection of the individual and property, to the extreme application using abstracted descriptions of events while totally ignoring genuine crimes which not long ago would mean years in prison and now means just long enough to get a meal in jail then back to the riot throwing incendiaries at police who at that time really were trying to enforce the law and protect the law abiding. Compare that to the hell one couple went through for daring to protect their home from an invading communist mob. They were charged with 2 felonies. Unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with evidence. I believe they were pardoned by the governor. But that means the entire justice system has been infected with a constitutional inversion virus and you can only get real justice if you make it on to Tucker Carlson. The line up for the phone at the prison death house must be getting a lot longer if the Governor is the only way to get actual justice out of the legal system.

In item 4, a migrant who killed multiple people burning down his own village gets a pass from an Italian judge while former deputy PM, Matteo Salvini is charged with kidnapping for refusing to let illegals off of an NGO boat smuggling more illegals into Italy. He didn’t prevent them from leaving, although in real law, he would be within his rights to imprison people trying to sneak into Italy. He just prevented them from disembarking onto Italian soil where suddenly they have more rights than Italians.

This site has been watching this trend we refer to as “selective enforcement” since we started this effort in around 2008. After reading Stephen Coughlin’s paper on Re-remembering the misremembered Left, it becomes clear that selective enforcement is a flatlander’s view of the process and it is in fact, Hegelian/Marxist dialectic negation of all that is legally, culturally, and in terms of our humanity. There isn’t enough outrage in the world to equal the genuine horror being done to our peoples and cultures world wide.

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  1. Ontario counts suicide victims as COVID-19 fatalities
    If someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 commits suicide, the Ontario Ministry of Health will record their cause of death as COVID-19.

    As of Sunday, December 13, Public Health Ontario counted 140,181 cumulative cases of COVID-19, and 3,949 deaths.

    “As a result of how data is recorded by health units into public health information databases, the ministry is not able to accurately separate how many people died directly because of COVID versus those who died with a COVID infection,” Ontario Ministry of Health Senior Communications Advisor Anna Miller said to True North in an email.

    “A death that occurs in an active case of COVID-19 is counted as a COVID-19 death.”

    This information confirms what the Toronto Public Health Twitter account tweeted back in June 2020: “Individuals who have died with COVID-19, but not as a result of COVID-19 are included in the case counts for COVID-19 deaths in Toronto.”
    The approach of counting non-COVID deaths as COVID deaths is being done in the name of “inclusion.”

    According to Miller, “COVID-19 cases marked as fatal are included in the public health reporting databases whether or not COVID-19 was determined to be a contributing or underlying cause of death. This is an inclusive approach to reporting on COVID-19 related deaths to ensure that all deaths linked to the disease are captured.”

    Some researchers are predicting increases of suicide in Canada as a result of the economic instability, social isolation and job losses brought on by the government-mandated lockdowns.

    The Canada Suicide Prevention Service, which operates a crisis hotline, says between 15–20% of crisis calls they’ve received during the pandemic have mentioned COVID-19.

    However, health authorities in Ontario and in Canada seem to have no intention to separate deaths caused by a COVID-19 infection, deaths caused by the consequences of government-mandated lockdowns and deaths unrelated to COVID-19 where the victim was found to have tested positive.


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