Four Covid items that challenge the narrative position on the disease: Links 1 for December 12, 2020

1. Can’t add much to Ivor’s view here

2. Cause we are all in this together

(I’m sure being fired will be much easier to bear with his $11M in one of his many villas. Maybe he can join Nanci Pelosi for some Ice cream and they can lament together)

3. I have heard the same thing about some Ottawa Hospitals

But what does the State Ministry of truth have to say about this?

I guess CTV didn’t get the memo, or their share of the six hundred million wasn’t enough to lie that blatantly as the CBC does. After all, making up stories from stock footage is actually cheaper than sending teams out and reporting actual news. Im kinda surprised they don’t all jump on this bandwagon. This thread is worth peeking at.

4. Another analysis of Covid suggesting there is more bulls**t than information in what we are told.

Thank you all who sent in materials this past week. Should be an interesting weekend for a few reasons and as for the election, remember what Facebook Fascist Zuckerberg told us well before the election:

How can he know that the election would take so much longer than any election before?

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  1. DEC 05 2020 – Edmonton – Karen Dickson – Reads a statement written by a group of Alberta ICU nurses and health care workers.

    “The hospitals are NOT overcrowded.”

  2. DEC 04 2020 EDMONTON – Pub server violently attacked for enforcing mask bylaw

    An Edmonton pub server says she took a glass to the face from a customer while enforcing Alberta’s COVID-19 restrictions.

  3. CTV News – Canada could see close to 15K total deaths by Christmas Day: New modelling data

    …according to the latest national modelling released on Friday.

      • Models serve the same purpose for today’s priestly caste as the entrails of sacrificed animals in classical antiquity. Only a certain few knew how to interpret what they saw in any given array of guts, a skill set that gave them status and authority.

  4. CBC – COVID-19 vaccine en route to Canada

    Canada’s first doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine shipped out yesterday from a factory in Belgium.

    UPS is delivering the cargo. Officials with the company say all vaccine shipments are being treated as a top priority.

  5. CBC -U.S. awaits approval of vaccine among record COVID-19 cases and deaths

    … what moved her the most is what she has seen at food banks

  6. How Lufthansa Prepares To Ship 10 Million Covid Vaccine Doses A Day | Big Business

    Countries around the world have begun to approve the most anticipated vaccine of the 21st century — but getting it to 8 billion people is going to be a massive undertaking with many logistical challenges.

    The different vaccines need to be kept at various cold temperatures, transported to isolated and hard-to-reach areas, and fit onto different-sized planes.

    And all of that has to happen as the 2020 holiday season begins.

    The cargo industry has already been overwhelmed this year by many people shopping from home, leading to shipping surges and late packages.

    There will likely be a fight for space between vaccines, Amazon packages, furniture, cars, and other cargo.

    Lufthansa Cargo recently upgraded its Chicago O’Hare facility to be able to handle a large amount of pharmaceutical shipments. We went inside to see how the team is getting ready to ship up to 10 million vaccine doses a day.

  7. FDA Commissioner Hahn talks about Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

    U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn said that the FDA’s decision to authorize the use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine was based on the ‘urgency of this pandemic, not because of any other external pressure’

  8. YAHOO – Melinda Gates discusses donating $250 million to help distribute vaccines across the world

    ( 15 min 49 )

    On this episode of Yahoo Finance Presents, Melinda Gates, Co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, sat down with Yahoo Finance’s Brian Sozzi to discuss the Foundation’s announcement to contribute $250 million into COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

    She also discusses the logistics of distributing the vaccine, the timeline for widespread vaccination, minsinformation about the vaccine, working with President-elect Biden’s team about the pandemic plan and caregiving for 2021, as well as the Foundation’s plans for the future.

  9. Anti-vaxxers protest in London as first Covid jabs given out

    A small cohort of anti-vaccination demonstrators hit the streets of central London as the UK continues its mass rollout of a vaccine against Covid-19.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson was one of the first people to receive the vaccine this week as the country aims to inoculate millions of people in the coming weeks and months.

  10. Dutch Covid-19 report: Closing bars had no effect

    An internal report of the Dutch health ministry, leaked on Tuesday, says that the closing of bars and restaurants did not have an effect on the Covid-19 reproduction number, De Standaard writes.

    According to the report, people were mainly infected at home via unsafe contact.

    Earlier this week, representatives of bars, restaurants and hotels demonstrated in The Hague, asking for more support.

  11. WHO: Holiday celebrations could quickly turn to sadness if COVID-19 precautions are not taken

    WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says the number of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic is surging and urges people to think very carefully about their holiday plans.

  12. BBC – NHS Trusts warn Christmas easing risks third wave of Covid infections

    The trusts warn that there are 10,000 fewer hospital beds available than last year – as well as winter flu pressures.

  13. BBC – INDIA – The couple who got married in PPE –

    A couple in India decided to get married even after the bride tested positive for coronavirus on the wedding day.

    A video shared on social media shows them wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) as they perform wedding rituals.

    The priest and the one guest who attended also wore PPE suits.

  14. That’s right, Melinda. You tell us little people how our world has to be. You want to use us as guinea pigs for an untested vaccine that can compromise our immune systems, mess up our genetic code, and sterilize women to keep the population down. You stir up fear and say we need a bureaucratic czar “to take care of us.”

    Meanwhile, you and your creepy husband make more and more money from our suffering and are drunk with power, zipping around the globe in a private jet and lecturing us about carbon emissions and global warming. You have no idea what results your interference with the natural, human immune system can bring. You are deluded, hypocritical, despicable, arrogant, and ignorant.

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