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11 Replies to “Brad Johnson: Hunter Biden laptop update”

  1. Obama said that he was going to fundamentally change the US, he has and it was a change for the worse. Obama and others of his ilk around the world reset the world to the Marxist path, we (the counter revolution) are the Great Reset as we try to return the Western Nations to the path of freedom.One of the things we have to do to return to the path of freedom is stop the Democrats from killing the people who are about to expose their corruption.

    If we can’t do that the next major step the Dems will take is to imprison or kill all of their political enemies. If the Biden/Harris (I think the power structure in that administration will be Harris/Biden) are sworn in as President and Vice President they are set to carry out a Riechstag Fire operation to justify a Krystal Nact action against everyone that supported President Trump. They have spent a lot of time and money sowing the seeds of doubt about the armed conservatives, if there is a big terror attack that the Biden Administration says was right wing how many of the ordinary people are going to believe it was conservatives that carried out the attack.

  2. A couple of things:
    Eric Swalwell is ABSOLUTELY a Democrat. He was appointed to the House Intelligence Committee by Nancy Pelosi. He should immediately be stripped of his membership but I won’t hold my breath.
    It is estimated that Seth Rich was murdered between 2-4 AM. This brought up the question of what he was doing on the streets at that time with some speculating that he was contacting and possibly handing off info to an intermediary.
    I have not read that the computer shop had burned down with the owner in it. I had read that he had gone into hiding due to death threats. Can someone supply a link to that?

  3. The GOP is just as compromised, though the venue might be more boardroom than bedroom. Mitch McConnell, Romney, the no-recess-appts brigade.

    Rudi and Sidney and Jenna have been howling in the void for WEEKS. We’re scavenging information from Epoch News and assorted strays. Dramatic hearings few have heard. Distortions we’ve been unable to counter before the broad American public.

    Falun Gong sources have serious credibility problems. John Birch Society spin-offs may be dead-on, but recycled Cold War tropes are dated. They rely on history that’s been revised or forgotten or simply a turn-off to most people today.

    The GOP could’ve applied pressure to the corporate media to STOP this “Prez-Elect” poison from Nov. 4. Instead they’ve been passive collaborators. Ted Cruz goes before the Supreme Court to initiate his campaign for Prez-2024.

    What about the rest of the world?

    Decision-makers abroad read the NYT, WaPo, WSJ. They get feedback from their K-Street lobbies and intelligence operatives. Their position is presented in their own media-mouthpieces.

    Stolen election? Certainly.
    So what?
    The arrogant USA has taken a body blow. America First, eh?

    Foreign leaders are pragmatic. They do business with whoever’s managed to climb to the top of the dung heap. They’ve got practice ignoring a stench that never dissipates.

    • Remember the comment Brad made about the various groups organizing for when antifa goes on the offensive. Once they start I doubt if they will stop with Antifa.

    • Ted Cruz goes before the Supreme Court to initiate his campaign for Prez-2024.

      If Biden is sworn in the election in 2024 will be a big joke, the Repubs will not have a chance and everyone with 2 working brains cells knows this.

  4. What this guy does not say is that all the buy- dens were selling off American secrets, companies and intellectual property that was not theirs to sell, it belongs to the American people!!
    And for an extra few 100 million they invited the chicom military to infiltrate the government and become part of govt apparatus, getting access to state secrets.
    A lot of people just think, oh, the Biden we’re doing business. No they were stealing.

  5. We’re stuck in the battles and schemes of old men and their sycophantic disciples.
    The deceits, the malice, the vindictiveness of men, and women, whose time has passed.
    They call it the “Great Reset”, the “New Normal”, the “New World Order”,
    it is destruction merely.
    I wonder what it will take and how long it will take for the Masses to wake up and smell the decay they’ve been fed for decades?

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