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5 Replies to “Sidney Powell: “Venezuela, China, Soros, UK and CANADA part of the ‘Digital Pearl Harbour’ which was this election”

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    Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs with a Kraken Update
    •Dec 10, 2020
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    Nacho Daddy
    Nacho Daddy
    3 hours ago
    Please lord wrap this woman and the rest of Team America with the armor of god
    Ms_Linda Sue
    Ms_Linda Sue
    4 hours ago
    I surely hope and pray that she is kept safe ? ?
    6 minutes ago
    Powell isn’t the Kraken but you miss heard . They said she was on CRACK and …should get help !
    Gavin M
    Gavin M
    9 minutes ago
    lol As this womans claims get laughed out of courts for lack of credible evidence, its like the only defense response she has is to make up stuff thats even more bonkers.
    Mark Kitterman
    3 hours ago
    I’m pretty sure Lous Dobbs is going to prison.
    lawsuit our first guest tonight
    has new information regarding electoral
    in the radical left’s efforts to steal
    an election
    and she charges four individuals as
    authors of what she calls a pearl harbor
    style cyber attack on the 2020
    presidential election
    there are four names that she highlights
    they are jorge
    rodriguez the communications minister of
    khalil mauzub jorge rodriguez’s
    right-hand man
    gustavo reyes lumeta who designed
    programs to
    rig election machines and antonio mojica
    the ceo of smartmatic an
    electoral voting corporation
    joining us now is sydney powell a
    distinguished attorney former
    federal prosecutor best-selling author
    michael flynn’s defense attorney and as
    we all know
    a great american cindy great to have you
    with us
    you say these four individuals led the
    effort to rig
    this election how did they do it
    well lou they designed and developed the
    and dominion programs and machines that
    include a
    controller module that allows people to
    log in and manipulate the vote even as
    it’s happening
    we’re finding more and more evidence of
    this we now have
    reams and reams of actual documents from
    and dominion including evidence
    that they planned and executed
    all of this we know that 400 million
    dollars of money came into smartmatic
    from china only a few weeks before the
    that there are george soros connections
    to the entire endeavor
    lord malik brown was part of it along
    the other people from dominion eric
    coomers the person who
    also holds patents on some of the
    software and was operating out of the
    denver office i believe
    we know that one of the smartmatic
    people has
    went to tarrant county texas and turned
    that county
    blue after having been an executive with
    smartmatic and all of a sudden
    this one election tarrant county is
    purportedly blue
    we have evidence of how they flip the
    votes how it was designed to flip the
    and that all of it has been happening
    just as we have been saying it has been
    what is the evidence that you have
    compiled how have you
    constructed the architecture of this
    among these four individuals
    well we are still reviewing the massive
    amount of documents that we have
    but we have communications between them
    and all different kinds of messages that
    indicate their involvement in it
    it’s a massive amount of additional
    information to go through that’s only
    been in our hands a short time but we
    will be producing more and more of it it
    will be coming out
    more by the day and also the connections
    the chinese and and other countries that
    attacking us in this massive cyber pearl
    harbor as
    we called it uh
    jorge rodriguez i want to go through
    we’re going to put up on the screen so
    people can follow
    the conversation here because these are
    names that most of us are not familiar
    you said that jorge rodriguez the
    former venezuelan communications
    is the ringleader the ceo of the
    as you put it uh what is the evidence
    that this former communications minister
    could reach into the u.s electoral
    and raise the havoc and commit
    the fraud that obviously
    we have witnessed in 2020.
    well we’ve known from early on in our
    independent investigation
    that the entire system was created for
    the benefit
    of venezuela and hugo chavez to rig
    elections to make sure he continued
    winning and then it was passed on to mr
    maduro to do the same
    and we know it was exported to other
    by virtue of some of the dominion
    executives that proceeded to go about
    and essentially sell
    elections to the highest bidder we know
    for example that mr rodriguez has been
    on tv
    incessantly trying to um and
    actually mocking the united states he is
    one of the
    highest venezuelan television yes
    venezuelan television
    and he’s he’s he’s been one of the
    leaders of the
    whole election stealing project but keep
    in mind venezuela has been highly
    influenced by
    the chinese and we know from filings
    with the sec and otherwise
    that the chinese put 400 million dollars
    into dominion
    only four weeks before the election and
    they shared office
    space with george soros companies as
    well as the leadership of lord
    malek brown in the in the uk and
    canada it is a very concerning
    and troubling and illegal web of
    conduct that all of which focused on
    rigging the election
    in this country and we’re seeing the
    results in multiple states
    where we’re now identifying specific
    votes flipped
    like in a couple of georgia counties in
    fact coffee county georgia just
    yesterday i believe refused to certify
    the results of the election in coffey
    because of the vote disparities and
    flipping we’re getting more and more
    out of other counties across the country
    about the same kind of conduct
    we knew from antrim county for example
    in michigan
    that 6 000 votes magically were flipped
    on election night i think the cause of
    that is going to become
    more and more apparent as we proceed in
    the investigation
    and frankly our national security agency
    defense intelligence agency need to be
    all over this
    immediately the evidence is overwhelming
    and extremely troubling
    that this has been going on and it
    didn’t just start this year
    uh we’re going to be back with sydney
    we’re going to take a quick break
    we’re going to examine in some detail uh
    the uh the reasons for what is
    a broadly uh coordinated effort
    uh to to actually bring down this
    by ending his second term before it
    could begin
    we’ll be back with sydney powell also
    tonight postal service subcontractor
    jesse morgan
    is a whistleblower one of the most
    and most important who have stepped
    forward he says the fbi
    in talking with him had no interest in
    his claims of election fraud
    instead they harassed his family
    we take up the latest in this
    presidential election of 2020.
    we’ll also be talking with michigan
    whistleblower patrick colbeck you don’t
    want to miss any of it
    and papa john’s founder john shatner
    who has been vindicated of claims made
    against him
    by louis free in a week’s
    long investigation the left-wing media
    has more than ever to account for
    we’ll be back with sydney powell in just
    a few moments stay with us
    news joe biden’s brother james also
    reportedly under federal investigation
    politico reporting federal authorities
    in the western district of pennsylvania
    are now conducting
    a criminal investigation of rural
    hospital company
    americorps investors investigators want
    to know more about james biden’s role
    with the company
    and whether he used the biden name to
    influence decisions
    we’re back now with attorney sydney
    powell she was describing a cyber pearl
    harbor in the 2020 election
    focusing on four names i would also like
    to put up
    this element from
    from your investigation if we could have
    that full screen up so that we could all
    go through that
    with the audience because it’s important
    as we look at these four names
    we’re talking about very
    large a very large foreign intrusion and
    in the in the election of
    2020. um
    give us it’s it’s outrageous that
    we have a an attorney general sydney
    who said that he sees no sign of of
    if any significant fraud that would
    overturn the election
    we had a head of the cyber intelligence
    for the department of homeland security
    who’s suing some people apparently
    for saying that his report basically was
    it was nonsense when he declared it was
    the most secure election
    in the country’s history what are we
    dealing with here and how can we get to
    this if we have an attorney general
    who has apparently lost both his nerve
    and his commitment to his oath of office
    into the country
    we have an fbi director who seems to be
    as politically corrupt as anyone
    who preceded him and a homeland security
    that doesn’t know what the hell it’s
    talking about and is spending more time
    playing politics at least
    as it applies to mr krabs
    than securing the nation
    your thoughts i think it’s time for a
    whole new team across the board lou
    there’s no explanation for the way the
    fbi has treated witnesses
    of i mean good american citizens who’ve
    been brave enough to come forward with
    evidence of things like thousands of
    ballots moving from one state to another
    in the middle of the night to do what is
    called backfilling into the
    machines so that they can perpetrate
    their fraud
    because president trump won so many
    votes he blew up their algorithm the
    american people blew up the algorithm
    they created before the election
    to shave votes from biden and give them
    to trump
    and we’re now seeing direct evidence of
    that happening
    in in multiple counties in multiple
    states and we know it happened across
    the country
    you’d have to be a damn fool and
    abjectly stupid
    not to see what happened here for
    anybody who’s willing to look at the
    real evidence i’ve uploaded
    a ton of it on our website at
    and twitter is even trying to destroy
    our new website cracking hyphen wood.com
    where we’re also trying to get the word
    out to the american people
    on what’s been happening here and the
    truth and upload documents
    twitter on the first night
    let me uh let me make you an offer
    very straightforwardly we will gladly
    put forward your evidence
    that supports your claim that this was a
    cyber pearl harbor
    we have tremendous evidence already
    but we of fraud in this election but i
    will be glad to put forward on this
    whatever evidence you have and we’ll be
    glad to do it
    immediately we’ll work overnight we will
    we will take up whatever air we’re
    beyond this broadcast but we have to get
    to the bottom of this
    and we the question now is
    is not about the integrity or
    the energy of those responsible for
    securing the
    national interest for defending this
    country is how in the hell
    do we defend this country and secure the
    interests of this company without them
    that’s really the the two questions yes
    well the american people are going to
    have to
    insist on paper ballots with real
    that’s going to be one of the things
    that’s going to be great for that i’m
    not even i’m
    sydney i’ve got to tell you i’m not even
    going to contemplate the next election
    i’m not even contemplating the january
    5th election in georgia
    the hell with that if the people of
    georgia are dumb enough
    after what they have gone through in the
    november 3rd election
    to then go toward january 5th in a
    runoff and think that changing nothing
    will change the outcome then the people
    of georgia aren’t half as smart as i
    believe them to be
    and i believe the patriots in georgia
    should stop this nonsense
    now it is not something that to be
    decided about
    over who do you favor which party which
    uh candidate this is now about faith in
    the electoral system in one specific
    that may control the destiny of this
    and by god it’s too important for anyone
    and i don’t care what party you’re in
    i don’t care whether you’re an
    independent this is too
    important to act as if nothing happened
    on november 3rd
    and to pretend that there will be a
    different outcome on january 5th
    it’s idiotic they it is
    and i mean the governor and the state
    secretary of state
    have got to find if not the integrity
    the the primal fear of the voters
    in georgia to stop what’s going on
    and stop it now i agree with you
    completely lou
    this is the future of the republic
    whether we continue to exist
    as the republic of the united states of
    and every patriotic american needs to
    stand up right now and make their voices
    that we will not tolerate this the chips
    need to fall wherever they fall
    we lost gubernatorial seats i’m sure we
    congressional seats we lost senate seats
    that we should have had
    they have been perpetrating a fraud on
    the united states for the last 10 years
    telling us we were turning blue
    when we were not we have been clearly
    going red
    because the american people love this
    country regardless of whether they came
    where they came from american citizens
    came here for freedom
    and justice and liberty for all
    well cindy uh i guess what we’re going
    to conclude with my final question
    if we’re out of time we’ve gone well
    what what can be done right now how much
    time do you need to get that evidence
    to this broadcast and we’ll put it on
    the air i will get you some more
    information that’s just stunning tonight
    all right sidney powell thank you for
    all you’re doing
    it is the lord’s work up next michigan
    Up next

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