Three items showing galloping communism in all arenas

1. Canadian Government: Give us your savings or we will call it, “Pre-loaded stimulous” and just take it

(I had difficulty playing this on Twitter. If anyone here does please let me know and Ill upload a version that works properly. Unlike Chrystia Freeland.)

2. The way communism works, is you rename people who have reasonable objections to horrible policies into something no one can accept, then you destroy those reasonable people in a way that anyone defending them is tarred with the same brush. Funny how people who do not accept lockdowns and mandatory masks don’t get to be called, “Conscientious Objectors”.

3. President Trump responds to the insane idea that non-communists should boycott the vote for the 2 senate seats in Georgia

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11 Replies to “Three items showing galloping communism in all arenas”

    • Fascism is a part of the Marxist family, they are further to the right then Communist but not by much. The people who started Fascism did so with the stated goal of creating a Marxism that works.

      • Feminism and islam: the submission of one gender to be the virtue/pecking order of themselves, and the disparager and jailer of the other.

        Their Dear Leader and Muhammad have free reign over their disturbed offspring.

        With no feminine and no masculine – this is their Left and Right battle: sub and dom.

        Like “love,” they misrepresent the real left-right world entirely to be unseen in plain sight.

  1. #1 OMG! Is this woman serious? She wants to “unlock” a “pre loaded stimulus” which is a private citizen’s savings?
    I’m not sure which would be worse, flooding the economy with printed money or just cutting out the middle step and stealing your savings outright…
    I hate to say it but I actually think the Canadian gov’t could get away with this scheme because most people will not understand what is being proposed and the media will run cover until it is too late.

    • I told a friend about this some time ago.
      The friend has all his money in a saving’s account at the bank at 1% interest/year. He is 69-years old. All his money just sitting there, he doesn’t need it. His kids will inherit it.
      This friend agrees with C-19 restrictions, mask-wearing for life if need be, mask-wearing for all people at all times…
      He’s the perfect example of government propaganda reaching its target.

      There are many like him, at his age. People lacking in curiosity, often unilingual (not English), limited education also.

      I tell him things, he never believes me, he mocks me, only to find out I was right months later.

      By Canadian law, I think banks must ensure up to $70,000 per bank account. So, anyone with more than that amount might be a target for the government grab.

      I wonder if my friend will remember what I told him some time ago. In any case, I won’t remind him. That’s the price for mocking me.

  2. Babs, you nailed this horrible woman’s codified, sneaky language perfectly. The little smile on her face makes me want to throw-up in her purse. And be careful, Sassy, because insured deposits exceeding $100k are for when a bank becomes insolvent. These snakes may find another way to our cash before bank insolvencies become common. Besides, those regs are for bail-ins, not the Trudeau gov’s commie agenda.

    This is ominous enough, and I’ve banged this drum before. If you have money spread your deposits in $50k amounts in as many banks as it takes. I say $50k because I’ve asked bank people about their insured thresholds and received different answers.

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