Leftist attacks on the general public via election fraud and totalitarian ‘health’ measures: Links 2 for December 3, 2020

1. Rebel News with more on the mass bust of the BBQ

2. Markard Fauci wants us all to do nothing at all

3. This is very good. Actual journalism setting the record straight for what AG Barr actually said, and not how he was ventriloquized by the MSM

4. Witness on Verge of Tears Testifying About Intimidation, Harassment at Detroit Vote Processing Center

Detroit local Jessy Jacob was on the verge of tears on Wednesday as she testified during a Lansing, Michigan, hearing about the intimidation and harassment she experienced while working as a ballot processor for Wayne County in the November election.

“They treated me like a criminal, humiliated me, harassed me,” Jacob said in her witness statement as she appeared alongside Trump campaign lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. “It was so bad.”

The public hearing was convened by the state’s Senate Oversight Committee after the state’s Board of Canvassers, made up of two Democrats and two Republicans, “unanimously asked this legislature to look into issues that have arisen in this election and to hear public testimony,” committee chair Sen. Ed McBroom (R-Vulcan) told those gathered at the proceedings.

“We are fulfilling the board’s request by holding this hearing,” he said. “We have a responsibility as legislators to ensure trust in voting results.”

5. Did anyone know about this?


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  1. 4 – Jessy Jacob
    “RAW: Full Jessy Jacob testimony before Michigan House alleging election irregularities | Diya TV” diyatvusa – Streamed live 18 hours ago

  2. 5 – “Mayor DeBlasio blocks viewing of Christmas Tree lighting in Rockefeller Center from public” jburma – December 3, 2020

    • Straight from the Horse’s Mouth
      NYC mayor Bill de Blasio on crowd control for Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
      CBS News – November 30, 2020

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