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5 Replies to “The PCR Test “Pandemic”, Cycle Thresholds of 35+ = False Positives, Even Tony Fauci Says So!”

  1. And the whole enormous, gigantic, rushed, expensive and ominous vaccine business is all about WE THE PEOPLE being RAILROADED into compliance.

    Railroaded. I’ve not heard this once.

  2. A cycle test of more than 25 means all that is being found are dead nucleotides.

    Standard testing in the western hemisphere, therefore, posts positive Covid-19 results at 35-36 cycles. This means, essentially, that the medical community has been politicized in order to enable lockdowns. Do any and all politicians who support lockdowns understand this, including Victor Orban? In other words the science is closed and Covid-19 is history, while its political RNA lives on.

    What sinister bullshit. Lower the cycle to 25 and watch freedom reign.

    Please, anyone, correct me if I’m wrong in my interpretation.

    • No no, you’re spot on. One of my colleagues participated in some PCR testing a couple of months ago and basically said the same thing. It was a farce all the way through. Of course, the department director received $3M in grants to conduct these tests, meaning she was expected to produce the positives that her sponsors were looking for. She did that, and as far as I know, nobody else received a penny of that grant money. Just commies doing commie stuff.

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