Five items, mostly about corruption of Canadian political parties and media: Links 4, Nov 28th, 2020

1. CTV being enemy propaganda, promoting the Covid as justification for full government control

(This gentleman appears to be leading us to the idea that the Military mission to create a propaganda organ to be used against the Canadian people, the test case being their ‘Father Ted wolves in the woods nonsense’, may be to get everyone to take this vaccine. Given the rest of 2020, I can’t think of a reason that isn’t true.)

2. People in Toronto seem to have had nearly enough

3. Giuliani discusses some of the major crimes of Biden’s family

4. Stay with this one

5. About the Ontario Provincial ‘Conservative’ party and the Federal ‘Conservative’ party.

Thank you all who are sending in materials. As you can all see, things are fast and from many sides, so its hard to be too specific today. I hope to get back to proper appreciation to all who consistently work within and for this community tomorrow.

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7 Replies to “Five items, mostly about corruption of Canadian political parties and media: Links 4, Nov 28th, 2020”

  1. None of this helps when THE RCMP ARE ENFORCING NOVID DIKTAT.
    Including COMBAT RIFLE ARMED POLICE enforcing ‘covid attitude problems’.
    So, we will have our plague, even if we have to inject people at gunpoint.
    Resistance may result in FMJ poisoning.
    I also note that, in BCstan, gov’t NOVID ‘economic relief’ is accompanied by a form demanding you sign over your assets.
    Abolition of ownership.
    Suddenly, that leaked committee document from September is on time, and on plan.

      • That particular datum had come from a yoga studio owner about to loose the farm in this latest scheduled ‘lockdown’. The state will ‘take over’ your outstanding debits, mortgages &c. Then you pay the state, zeks.
        I’ll see if she kept the form. An additional datum, the faceless bureaucrat was, of course, escorted by armed and armored stormtroopers…er, I mean, Mounties…
        What do we expect? This is a ‘constitutional monarchy’, and the ‘Charter of Rights (chortle) Freedoms (snort chuckle)’ stipulates that your ‘rights’ exist at the whim of any appointee, cop or dog catcher- ‘Not Withstanding Conflict with Substantial Government Interests’, I believe the charter reads.
        More to come, I am certain.
        Great job on covering the truth, guys. Anyone I meet who questions this crappola, or doubts the veracity of the media, I had them a card with your web address.

  2. 4 – Lockdowns – Related

    “TV or Not TV? Not!”
    by William Norman Grig – November 17, 2003

    Excerpt: The Devious Dialectic

    To be most effective, the peddlers of cultural corruption must work in tandem with change agents who employ sophisticated tactics of psychological manipulation in the service of collectivism. Dean Gotcher of the Institute for Authority Research has spent much of his life studying the ways in which change agents infiltrate and subvert communities in order to undermine established values.

    According to Gotcher, one of the most successful ploys used by those cultural revolutionaries is the “dialectic process,” in which diverse groups of people, in a facilitated environment, are led to submerge their disagreements through a series of compromises leading to a “consensus.” This can be carried out in discussion groups, classrooms, management seminars, or in many other settings.

    “The objective of the facilitator is to break down barriers and normal restrictions,” observes Gotcher. “The facilitator (sometimes called the change agent) uses the ‘consensus process’ [to] stifle sensible protests. This actually results in ‘induced paralysis’ of the objectors [those who seek to defend conventional social mores and customs].”

    “Objectors to the process of ‘consensus’ are made to feel like they are ‘rocking the boat,’” Gotcher continues. “Those who object to the changes are encouraged to alter their standards so that ‘they can get along with others.’ The reason given to get rid of normal standards often is the claim that others are being ‘offended.’” Beguiled or brow-beaten into sacrificing principles for the sake of social amity, those being fed through the machinery of the “dialectic process” are carefully led through subtle but significant compromises intended ultimately “to remake human nature.”

    “How to Evaluate Your Child’s School (Part 3)
    by Samuel Blumenfeld – April 9, 2012


    The mastermind, or architect, behind the humanistic reorganization of the American school curriculum, by dividing it into the “cognitive” and “affective” domains, was educational psychologist Dr. Benjamin Bloom (1913-1999), who got his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago in 1942. His famous book Taxonomy of Educational Objectives outlined everything teachers must know and do in their classrooms if they are to convert their pupils into humanists.

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