Ontario MPP Randy Hillier doing series of protests against Corona measures. This one from Cornwall November 21, 2020

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  1. The Corona Tyranny could be stopped right now if those in charge would lift the HCQ ban.
    Talk it up. “Stop the HCQ Ban Now.” Add that to the protests.

    Weird Hydroxychloroquine Development in Canada
    Covexit – June 26, 2020


    During this COVID-19 crisis, Canada has been very proactive in preventing hydroxychloroquine treatments. In March, after a short wave of hoarding by medical professionals in Ontario, the drug was essentially banned in the country for COVID-19 treatment. Throughout the country, professional orders of medical doctors and of pharmacists promptly took positions against the drug.

    The only province that showed a bit of dissent, New-Brunswick, developed an early treatment system for the province, but barely used it, because the epidemic was mostly squashed there through other measures, with only 2 deaths so far, compared to thousands in Québec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

    Yet something weird happened. Québec City Radio host Jeff Fillion, who is described on Wikipedia as “often associated with Trash Radio, a political incorrect radio style that is often associated with right-wing radio hosts from the Quebec City area,” revealed, in a programme with investment advisor Ian Sénéchal, that he received copy of an email about the anticipated use of hydroxychloroquine in the Province of Québec.

    “There is an internal note that has been given to certain ministries of the Quebec government. They will return to work in offices, they will stop working remotely. I don’t want to put that person into trouble. I have the email in front of me.”

    “One informs in advance these employees that, if they are stressed to go back to work with other people, there is an hydroxychloroquine programme available to them to protect themselves from COVID-19.”


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