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6 Replies to “Where is this going?”

    • Every man has his price, it seems. While President Trump loses money every year he serves his country, as well as donating his presidential wage to serve America.

    • I barely had the TV on yesterday. Switched to radio music. Somehow, I didn’t miss the TV and was happier.

      Also, when I did put the TV on around 6h pm, it was very low. And when Tucker started, I shut if off. No grieving felt, only satisfaction.

      I once spent a full year without opening the TV. That was the year 2016 up to November. Never missed it. There was great calm.

      I am now in the process of full weaning off. I figure one week will do it. I have Tucker to thank for that.

      Having two laptops, everything is available on the Net and I encourage people to remove their TV cable. Peace awaits you.

      • Good advice, Sassy.
        I cut cable in 2010. As you note, we can get the news we need online, unfiltered by the one-mind ethos permeating our culture, nay, being forced on us by our “betters.”
        The idea of subsidizing cable’s mind pollution is now unthinkable to me.

        Say no to being tempted to permit its mind-numbing godlessness into our homes where its primary function is to rob and steal of us peace, joy, thankfulness, discernment, stead-fastness, wisdom, mercy, and perseverance.

      • Sassy, I’ve never lived in a home with TV.

        I’ve missed a whole chunk of popular culture, don’t catch references, miss the punchlines of jokes. I use search engines constantly, like you’d use a dictionary in a foreign country.

  1. Now Canadians should press hard to defund the CBC. I have not watched it for 25 years. It is there to promote the Liberal Party of Canada and the “Great reset.”
    Fox News is now puppet news for the globalists. George Soros has ruined so many lives in this world, he is truly Dr. Evil. Justine, Freeland………they are all his followers. We the little people need to push these @#&$#*# out of our lives forever.

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