US Election Fraud post #29

As per, we will populate to around 10 items and then start Election Fraud post #30. Thirty!

1. Thousands march in DC.

2. So now FOX is part of this

3. Trump Tweet:


4. Media as usual, grotesquely understates the support for Trump

5. Trump tweet:

6. Great point

7. Not about the election, but speaks directly to the stunning degree to which the anti-state lied to Trump to force awful policy against the President and the people’s will

8. Hannity on the steal

9. Dinesh D’Souza 7 minute analysis

10. Georgia is still cheating


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5 Replies to “US Election Fraud post #29”

  1. 1,4- This is an uprising, but peaceful. Let MSM and the Dems continue their corrupt ways and the blood will be on THEIR hands. Ignoring this will elevate it.

    • 7- It doesn’t make it, “…all the more reason…” to withdraw troops. The troops will be fine, and yes bring them home. But it is the insubordination to the Commander In Chief that must be addressed first and foremost, otherwise all else is lost. This must be dealt with at the harshest level.

  2. The Dems and the Media (I know redundant) are still cheating and openly cheating, they know that cheating is the only way they can win this election and that if they lose this election they will lose all of their political power. Not quickly but over the next 3 or 4 elections, they will loose so much political power their party may be destroyed. The Republicans will survive but not as the old Republican Party, they will return to the party they originally were.

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