US Election fraud post #30

As per usual, this will be populated to around 190 items, then we start election fraud post #31

1. Tommy Robinson and Gerard Batten on the US election.

2. Is 270 the amount of electoral votes needed for the win?

3. GOP Candidate Appeals Pennsylvania County Decision to Count Undated Mail-In Ballots

A Republican state Senate candidate is appealing the decision by Allegheny County, Pennsylvania to count over 2,000 mail-in ballots with no date.

Ziccarelli, 38, an attorney, filed a petition in Allegheny County Common Pleas Court to set aside the 2,349 ballots in question.

The Allegheny County Board of Elections voted on Nov. 10 to count the ballots even though they had no date on them.

“They applied on time, received their ballots, voted their ballots, returned them on time with their signature, their printed name, their address—the only thing they’re missing is their date,” County Solicitor Andrew Szefi told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “They were received timely, and our … ballot sorting machine imprints a date received on each envelope as they’re scanned.”

County officials said there would be a 48-hour period to appeal the vote and that they would put aside the ballots until an appeal was filed or the time period expired.


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    has videos
    People eating dinner at the Willard. Antifa arrives and shoots incendiary devices at them. “Presidents Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, Lincoln, Grant, Taft, Wilson, Coolidge and Harding stayed at the Willard.”

    From the hotel’s website is this ironic promise:
    IHG Way of Clean includes deep cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants, and guests can expect to see enhanced procedures, which may include: face covering requirements, various ways to reduce contact throughout the hotel, social distancing measures within public spaces and procedures based on local authorities’ guidance and/or advice.

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