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9 Replies to “November 14: Brad Johnson election update”

  1. That is one of the was to victory for President Trump, the other two run through Congress not the courts.

    His comment about why the States haven’t certified the election results is very telling, they know they are in trouble and are trying to avoid prison time. I hope the DOJ can get all of them.

  2. This is a good interview.

    I like the justification for Barr having to get it right at a time when many are calling for his head. The Dominion machines may be the Dem’s Achilles heel. Let’s hope so. PT’s tweets still exude confidence so this is heartening. Brad’s prediction of violence and riots I find realistic. If PT succeeds all Hell breaks loose. It does not matter that the battle, now, is between armies of lawyers. Their victories and defeats will be settled in the streets.

  3. Can someone point me to an article about the data in Germany? I don’t understand what that is about. Why would someone send election data to Germany and what kind of election data?
    Also, I hate to be the turd in the punch bowl but I think Brad Johnson is overly optimistic about indictments for election fraud/manipulation. Based on the last four years where NO ONE has been convicted of any crime for the crossfire hurricane coup, other than one bit player that falsified an email, I don’t see it happening. We have been told for 2 years now that Barr and Durham have to dot every eye… If the Trump administration couldn’t/wouldn’t put Hillary in jail for egregious national security crimes then no one’s going to jail.

  4. About William Barr:

    The problem remains the same for Barr aka can he trust his prosecutors? I read earlier that 16 prosecutors reported there was no fraud or whatever discovered in the cases they were assigned to work on. Thus, the vote results are legit in whatever case they were each assigned.

    If the prosecutors are into the Biden/Obama camp, there won’t be any irregularities reported. The only way to fix this and ascertain their investigation is valid would be to reassign for double verification the cases deemed as legit results.

    Upcoming VIOLENCE: Yes. Even decent people have a threshold, and then the gasket blows. Antifa has been quiet until tonight. When Trump is crowned as the President of the USA, still waters will go into churning mode.

    A civil war, I doubt it. One thing about Antifa and BLM, they are cowards. If they sense danger, they back off.

  5. I read this comment the other day on the Paul Weston Clip.

    “Old enough to have seen real communism in E. Germany.
    Tables groaning with food for the elite while the rest fought for rotten potatoes in the marketplace.
    Old enough to have supported Poland’s fight against communism.
    Old enough to have had a friend who lived through communism in Romania where she was told what job she could do, how many calories she was allowed to consume, when she could use the transport where she could go & when & who she could see.
    People too frightened to speak incase it was reported in.
    All history eradicated.
    For the brainwashed, go visit the beautiful city of Budapest.
    You’ll find a museum dedicated to all those who were tortured imprisoned & perished under communism.
    The people facilitating & ushering this in are deranged.”

  6. Wondering when my neighbors woukd be willing to lend me their yellow-on-black RESIST signs. Might even order an All Are Welcome sign.

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