Ten items not related to the US election: Links post 1, November 14, 2020

1. Elon Musk also retweeted this:

2. Youtube sides with jihad against truth, bans David Wood.

3. Justin Trudeau salutes us all in a non-socially distanced dinner with his good Chinese friends

4. Sarah Palin responds to Obama’s trashing of her in his new book

5. Four minute clip from last night’s Tucker Carlson, on the real nature of America

6. Austrian Chancellor Kurz: EU Must Fight Back Against Political Islam

Following the terrorist attack that left four dead in Vienna, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has vowed to fight “political Islam” and demanded the European Union focus on the issue.

Chancellor Kurz said that much of his country was shocked in the aftermath of Monday’s terrorist attack, saying: “Many people in our country believe that Austria is an island of the blessed. Most Austrians only know of terror and violence from the news of distant countries, but not from our own country.”

Related: Austria: Mosques Dissolved, Raided After Radical Islamic Terror Attack

Following the terrorist attack in Vienna earlier this week, the Austrian government has raided and dissolved two radical mosques linked to radical Islam.

Culture Minister Susanne Raab and Interior Minister Karl Nehammer announced the closure of the mosques on Friday, one of which is said to have contributed to the radicalisation of the Vienna gunman who killed four people on Monday.

7. Glenn Beck: Correcting the myths of slavery

From Xanthippa:

Really important info about slavery and the founding fathers of the USA:  the declaration of independence was specifically drafted with the anticipation of abolishing slavery.

8. ‘Second Soviet Union’ – Hungary’s Orban rips into EU’s plans to make access to Brussels funds conditional

(And he would be correct. The UK jailed a former Soviet Dissident for accurately describing the EU as the new USSR. I believe he died in Jail but that needs checking.)

Hungary’s prime minister has labeled the EU’s plan to make access to funding conditional on the maintenance of the rule of law as “blackmail.” He then likened Brussels to the Soviet Union.

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian PM, told state radio on Friday that his country cannot accept EU plans to link access to European funds with the rule of law criteria.

On November 5, European leaders agreed that the next seven-year budget cycle would be conditional on the rule of law. Meaning that if the budget as a whole is accepted by a member state, the EU will be able to cut funding to governments that don’t respect the rule of law.

The PM said that he spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday and reaffirmed his objections to the plan.
He told Merkel that if this regulation, tabled by the European Parliament and the German presidency, is passed, “then we have made Soviet Union out of the EU.”

9. Demonstration against fascist, totalitarian Covid19 measures. ANTIFA appears to be there, although they appear to be a counter-protest protecting Merkel and her extreme measures.

10. BLM Vs. MAGA marchers in DC

Thank you EB., Xanthippa, Richard, ET., Johnny U., Malca, Wrath of Khan, M., C., Mad W., Val P., JOhnny U., PC and MANY more who stay sane in insane times.

Below is an excellent example of the kind of humour i have taken a personal precept to try and avoid for around the last ten years. Because today’s joke of logical extreme is tomorrow’s Daily Mail headline.

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  1. 4 – She would have made a great VP and an even greater President, if she had been on the top of the ticket Obama would never have been elected.

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