Geopolitics, Covid and non-US election news: Links post 1, November 12, 2020

1. The EU project is meeting some much needed even if belated resistance

2. At least TWENTY shots fired at the Saudi Embassy in the Netherlands

Shots have been fired at the Saudi embassy on the Koninginnegracht in the centre of The Hague, according to local media reports, but police say it is too early to give more information. Reports suggest the building was hit at least 20 times and that dozens of casings litter the ground. Police were alerted to the shooting shortly before 6am. No-one so far has been reported hurt.

(Pretty sure this has to be a Houthi action as part of the Yemeni war against the Saudis who have taken the position of the deposed government. In other words, this is Iran using proxies to attack the Saudis. And it would not be the first time)

3. Ottawa seems like a safe place to live

(There is no snow anywhere near Ottawa yet. So I shouldn’t be surprised they fell for that, but then again…)

4. Some good news:

5. Good summary of the vaccine for Covid

6. Speaking of vaccines…

7. A hug condom for grandma

8. Lets add some confusion into the mask debate

9. Just how bad has FOX become?

10. Pakistan fires small arms and mortars into Indian controlled Kashmir violating ceasefire

Thank you Sassy, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Johnny U., and many more who are watching all sectors of the world while the world stares at US election results.


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3 Replies to “Geopolitics, Covid and non-US election news: Links post 1, November 12, 2020”

  1. #2: Houthi-sympathizer or otherwise aligned with Iran, that was my first thought too. However, the Saudis have many enemies, among which are salafist extremists. So it could be IS / al-Qaeda sympathizers too, and unfortunately the Netherlands has no shortage of those.
    Just my 2 cents, there’s no way of knowing atm.

  2. 2 – You are probably right but don’t forget that Erdogan is moving against Saudi in his attempt to rebuild the Ottoman Empire so it could be one of his surrogates.

  3. You’re both right.
    The MB offshots, IS and al-Q, shelter under the neo-Ottoman flag. Currently allied with the Twisted Ones and their proxy, the Houthis.

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