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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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    • The participants in this video stressed the importance of communicating without benefit (sic) of Twitter, FB, YouTube etc as these media hate us and want us cancelled.

      I am English. A couple of years back, I emailed a petition to President Trump, asking him to intervene to help Tommy Robinson who was about to be snatched back into prison. As far as I am aware, nothing happened (except that this time round, Tommy’s terms of imprisonment were humane and the prison governor a just man).

      I shortly found that my email address had been added to the White House press release mail-out list and to this day I still receive WH news. Might it not be a good idea for President Trump to ask his supporters to email him at the WH, get their email address automatically added to the list, then he will be able to talk to them at will without interference.

    • They mean it, if the Courts decide that there isn’t enough evidence to change the election results the left is going to go after all Republicans. There is a website set up for people to list Trump Supporters on so antifa will know who to go after.

  1. Let’s play a little game,” said Dr. Molnar. “We will walk to the park, then we will find a nice open field.” Each student was given a pair of gardening gloves for a purpose unbeknownst to them.

    The procession of thirty-two people set out for the park from the university campus. The eccentric professor of mathematics, economics, and philosophy led the way. Those in the know knew Dr. Molnar to be the youngest PhD in the history of the country ever to have attained such credentials. His assistant, Smith, followed closely behind. In his arms Smith carried a large cardboard box.

    It was a fine Autumn day. The sun diffused hot blue into early November sky. Eventually the group arrived at their destination in the middle of the field of the city park. Once the stragglers had joined, Dr. Molnar pulled from his satchel copies of data sheets containing a graph. The students passed them around. He cleared his throat to speak. He was a balding, chubby man. It was difficult to estimate his age.

    “Please, please, everyone,” the professor began. He had a slight accent that replaced the sound of the letter “W” with the sound of the letter “V”. “We hold here a large cardboard box containing a number of live squirrels. Mr. Smith, on my request, will release these squirrels onto the grass.”

    “What is the purpose of this excersize, professor?” asked student Redman.

    “The purpose of the excersize is to demonstrate how we may create and effect a disturbance in a particular region of a complex system,” the professor said. “–Even in an ostensibly chaotic complex system, I might add.”

    “Do you know the specific region of the complex system that will be impacted?” asked Edwards.


    “What are we to do with the squirrels?” asked Leask.

    “You are to capture them and return them to the box. You have been provided the gloves for this purpose.”

    The students looked at eachother. This was absurd. The sound of curious whispers passed among them. They were enlightened enough to not underestimate the value of Dr. Molnar’s learning games, no matter how odd they appeared to be at the time. The last field trip the class took was still fresh in everyone’s mind. He had brought them to the subway and ordered them to calculate the mathematical possibility that a one-legged, purple-haired prostitute would enter their car at the next stop. The winner of that contest was given a strawberry lollipop. “Does anyone have any other questions?” asked Dr. Molnar.

    “Professor Molnar,” began Santos, “you called this a little game. A game has winners and losers. How will the winner of this game be determined?”

    “This is an excellent question, Mr. Santos. In the end you will discover the answer to be quite obvious, and quite important. However, even to know the secret to winning the game beforehand will likely alter the result very little.”

    “How is that?” replied Santos.

    “Human nature, I am afraid. It is predictably and dependably reflexive.”

    “Then what is the secret to winning, Doctor?”

    “Very well. The secret to winning the game is simply to refuse to play.”

    “Then I refuse to play,” Santos said with smug defiance. “I win.”

    “A perfectly reasonable response,” said Dr. Molnar. “Now, before we release the squirrels I will ask you all to remain perfectly still until I tell you to begin.
    Mr. Smith–.”

    Smith opened the flaps on the top of the box. A single grey squirrel hopped immediately onto the grass. It twitched its fluffy tail and stared at the group. Smith then tipped the box, gently, to release the rest. The squirrels, stunned by the sunlight, move little at first, mulling about in an area of a few square feet near the box which rested on the ground.

    “Now,” said Dr. Molnar, “I will at this moment add this bit of critical information. Some of these squirrels have been conditioned to be quite aggressive. They will attack other squirrels and animals. As a matter of fact they will even seek out your friends and beloved family members. You cannot know, precisely, the vector of the chaos that ensues. We have also infected some with a disease for which there is no known cure and can be deadly. The squirrels will commence a contagion. I ask now that you look at my handout. It is my mathematical model of predicted fatalities.”

    The dawning weight of the professor’s words spread silently throughout the group. They knew it was not his style to fashion such a lesson in the form of a cheap joke. The students had learned that mathematics could provide profound glimpses into the machinations of the universe. Combining it with other fields of study could result in predictive, real-world understandings. For this reason Dr. Molnar had earned the nickname “Martian” among the student body. It was also rumored that “The Martian” had at some point in his life utilized mathematical modeling in the field of high finance to considerable success. The mysterious irony of the man was that, while having purportedly accumulated vast wealth through such modeling, he readily admitted that he really was clueless to understanding money, at all.

    “Mr. Smith,” Dr. Molnar said turning to his assistant, “please–.” Smith began to jump and shout. His arms flailed at the squirrels. The squirrels began to spring excitedly and scatter.

    Panic ensued. Most students ran in the opposite direction from where the animals were released. Many would run home and lock their doors. A few brave souls tried to corral and catch the dangerous rodents. Their efforts were futile. The squirrels were too quick to catch.

    Dr. Molnar continued to speak loudly, but with an air of clinical detatchment over the commotion. “The winner of this game is predetermined so long as you continue to play. Thus far it is I who seem to be winning. Some of you will scurry around, chaotically, trying to catch the squirrels. Each time you begin to slow down you will be informed of the number of people who have been infected by the mystery disease, and the number of deaths in the community. I will ensure that you cannot avoid this data. Fear will spur your energies. Since your reflex reaction to this data is reasonably certain, we are able to prepare for other events before they occur. We will also, then, identify other areas of the complex system that become manageable. By the end of the study we will construct a fault-tree analysis enabling us to trace all significant subsequent occurrences back to this first catastrophic event.”

    “But Dr. Molnar,” shouted Ms. Fletcher above the fray, “this thing you call a game is monstrous. Who cannot ‘play’ a game of life and death?”

    “Ah-ha!” said Dr. Molnar pointing an index finger to the sky, his eyes widening to marbles, “–you begin to understand! The ideal manner in which to win at any game is to have a depth of understanding beyond all other competitors. It is best to have won, practically, even before the game commences. In today’s example only those with this mathematical insight can best resist the panic reflex. Conversely, utter ignorance is the most protective state, but I have deprived you of this particular advantage. You will also find it to be no coïncidence how well informed the general population becomes on the matter of viral contagion.”

    “–But what is the utility of creating the panic reflex in so many people, doctor?” Ms. Fletcher replied, visibly anxious.

    “Another excellent question, Ms. Fletcher. If we are sufficiently agile we can watch, learn and react to the effects of the agent that we have introduced to the complex system. Then, we can bring to specific needs that may arise the resources to satisfy these needs. You see how we will create demand for things where no such demand existed before? It is up to us to carefully watch for the benefits that may be attained. We learn as we go, so to speak. Some opportunities will assuredly come as a surprise, while others can be predicted beforehand in a general way. This is, essentially, the sport of our endeavor. For example, the medical doctor can make you kick your leg by strategically tapping with a small hammer the area beneath your knee cap. If we place a long-stemmed glass full of wine in front of your foot beforehand, we can predict with reasonable certainty that we will soon require a mop. Ask the doctor to explain the mysteries of your whole nervous system, however, and he will look at you quite blankly.”

    The students and squirrels continued to scatter and shout. Dr. Molnar was surprised that not a single person challenged him on the veracity of his assertion that the squirrels carried a pathogen.

    After some minutes all had fled but Santos–one in thirty students. The professor took note.

    “Mr. Santos I shall mark you with an “A” on this assignment for not tripping on another’s shadow,” he said as he began to trek from the empty field back to the university. Assistant Smith trailed behind, searching for something in his breast pocket. “Good work,” added the professor, patting Santos on the shoulder. Mr. Smith handed the student a strawberry lollipop as he passed him by. “Not coincidentally,” Dr. Molnar continued as he walked away, “you will realize that in some months time from now this very city park to be the safest of all places, because the danger has been completely exported.”

    • Gripping story, though I’m disappointed Santos didn’t pull out a revolver and kill Dr. Molnar at the end. Satisfying, but would’ve been too late, anyway.

      Systems ops numbers-junkies are a scourge. Amoral, though charming. And even playful.

      • Lol, yes it would have been a good ending. I was trying to paint a portrait. Wasn’t sure if anyone would bother reading it. Thanks!

  2. (Richard: Palki is trying to be optimistic but Biden is going to be very bad for India and the entire world. TFI’s report of the new aggressive stance that China is taking in the disputed areas of the China Sea’s. She is ignoring all of the money that China has paid Biden and he has a record of changing US Foreign Policy to suit those who pay him large sums of money.)

    Gravitas Plus: Is Joe Biden good for India?

  3. Terrorist, Indian Security Forces Member Killed During ‘Infiltration Bid’ in Jammu and Kashmir (sputniknews, Nov 8, 2020)

    “Security forces officials recently revealed that infiltration attempts from Pakistan into the Kashmir Valley are likely to increase before the mountain passes are closed due to heavy snow, as the chances of crossing into the valley after that become minimal.

    A member of India’s paramilitary forces and a terrorist were killed when an infiltration bid along the Line of Control (LoC) was foiled in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district on Sunday.

    According to a senior official of India’s security forces, a suspicious movement of unidentified persons was detected by a patrolling party of the army in the Machil sector.

    “Our battalion had laid an ambush after receiving information about movement of terrorists in the area. During exchange of fire, one terrorist was neutralised”, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Border Security Force R. Muthu Krishnan said.

    ?A BSF trooper identified as Sudip Sarkar also lost his life during the encounter, paramilitary force officials said in a statement, adding that they recovered one Kalashnikov assault rifle and two bags from the slain terrorist.

    According to the Indian government, infiltration along the Line of Control with Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir has decreased substantially due to the alertness of security forces personnel.

    The Line of Control is the de facto border between India and Pakistan in the region of Kashmir. Last year, there were 130 infiltrations that took place and this year around 35 have been reported so far.”

  4. Israeli Army Reports Attempted Knife Attack Southwest of Hebron (sputniknews, Nov 8, 2020)

    “The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said on Sunday that an unidentified man was neutralised after an attempted knife attack outside the al-Fawwar refugee camp, southwest of Hebron, West Bank.

    “The assailant arrived at the scene in a car, got out of the vehicle and began advancing toward the IDF soldiers with a knife drawn in an attempt to stab the soldiers who were reinforcing the roadways”, the military said. “The soldiers called for the assailant to halt and conducted the procedure for arresting a suspect. After he did not adhere to their calls, they fired at him in order to neutralise him”…”

  5. In victory*, Dems are behaving just as obnoxiously as you’d expect
    By Howard Portnoy November 8, 2020

    The asterisk in the title is there as a reminder that much about this election remains unresolved. As we noted earlier, Georgia counties are seeing the same “glitch” that occurred with the voting system software used in Michigan, and before all is said and done, there may need to be a voting do-over in some states; it’s not clear that a simple recount will satisfactorily resolve outstanding questions

  6. Iran’s president calls on Biden to return to nuclear deal (abcnews, Nov 8, 2020)

    “Iran’s president called on President-elect Joe Biden to “compensate for past mistakes” and return the U.S. to Tehran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, a state-run news agency reported Sunday.

    Hassan Rouhani’s comments mark the highest-level response from Iran to Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris clinching the Nov. 3 election.

    “Now, an opportunity has come up for the next U.S. administration to compensate for past mistakes and return to the path of complying with international agreements through respect of international norms,” the state-run IRNA news agency quoted him as saying.

    Under President Donald Trump, tensions between the U.S. and Iran have escalated, reaching a fever pitch earlier this year. One of Trump’s signature foreign policy moves was unilaterally withdrawing the U.S. from Iran’s nuclear deal in 2018, which had seen Tehran limit its enrichment of uranium in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions.

    The U.S. has since reimposed punishing sanctions on Iran that have crippled its economy, which was further battered by the coronavirus outbreak. In an effort to pressure Europe to find a way around the sanctions, Iran has slowly abandoned the limits of the nuclear deal.

    “The people of Iran, though their heroic resistance against the imposed economic war, proved that the U.S. maximum pressure policy was doomed to fail,” Rouhani said. He added Iran “considers constructive engagement with the world as a strategy.”

    Also Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif tweeted that “the world is watching” to see if the new Biden administration would depart from Trump’s approach toward Iran and seek international cooperation.

    “Deeds matter most,” Zarif added.

    Meanwhile, Iran on Sunday reached its highest ever single-day death toll from the coronavirus with 459 new deaths recorded. This brings Iran’s total recorded deaths from the virus to 38,291 nationwide. Another 9,236 new confirmed cases of the virus were confirmed over the past 24 hours, bringing total confirmed cases to more than 682,000 nationwide since February.

    Iran has struggled to contain the virus and has seen daily surges and highs over the past month. The capital, Tehran, has been the hardest-hit and recently extended some lockdown measures across the city.”

  7. Over 1,600 migrants reach Spain’s Canary Islands, 1 dies (abcnews, Nov 8, 2020)

    “More than 1,600 migrants have either been rescued at sea or reached Spain’s Canary Islands in small boats over the weekend, emergency services for the archipelago said Sunday.

    The body of one person who had died during the perilous journey was recovered by rescuers in waters near the island of El Hierro, the Canary Islands emergency services said. Another person was airlifted by helicopter to a local hospital for an unspecified health problem.

    The route to the islands from western Africa, which at its closest point in Morocco is 100 kilometers (about 60 miles) away, has seen an increase in traffic this year after the European Union funded Morocco in 2019 to stop migrants from reaching southern Spain via the Mediterranean Sea.

    The Canary Islands have received over 11,000 migrants so far this year, and the Atlantic route has become the deadliest seaborne path to reach Europe with more than 600 confirmed dead of missing people, according to the U.N. Refugee Agency.

    Arrivals in 2020 are still low compared to the 30,000 migrants who reached the islands in 2006. But they are at their highest in over a decade since Spain stemmed the flow of sea arrivals to just a few hundred a year through deals with West African countries.

    In Italy, 238 migrants who reached the tiny island of Lampedusa were in mandatory preventative quarantine Sunday aboard an unused passenger ferry which was pressed into service as part of the country’s measures against the spread of COVID-19. The migrants are part of around 2,200 who arrived on Lampedusa island over the past week, Italian news reports said.

    While earlier in the pandemic some clusters of infections were found in migrant residences, in past weeks most of the new cases in a resurgence of COVID-19 infections in Italy have been traced to transmission within Italian households, according to health experts.”

  8. Militant mortar fire kills 8 Afghan civilians, official says (abcnews, Nov 8, 2020)

    “At least eight Afghan civilians — five children and three women — were killed Sunday when militants fired mortars into eastern Ghazni province’s capital city, a provincial official said.

    No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. But Wahidullah Jumazada, a spokesman for the provincial governor, blamed insurgents who he said often fire mortars or rockets toward military bases in the area which miss their intended targets.

    At least four more children and three men were also wounded by the firing, he said.

    Violence has soared in Afghanistan in recent months, even as the Taliban and government negotiators hold peace talks in the Gulf Arab state of Qatar to find an end to decades of relentless war in Afghanistan. The two sides have made little progress…”

  9. Migration Watch: Number of Freed Foreign Criminals Has Doubled Since 2012 (breitbart, Nov 8, 2020)

    “A report from a mass migration sceptic think tank has revealed that the number of convicted foreign criminals freed to roam the streets of Britain has doubled since 2012, and warned that the increase poses a growing risk to families.

    The Migration Watch UK analysis found that some 9,400 foreign national offenders (FNOs) are living free in communities across the United Kingdom, up from under 4,000 in 2012.

    But despite the increasing numbers of foreign criminals, the number of deportations has fallen, with 1,000 fewer returns since 2016.

    Non-EU foreign criminals make up the majority of those still residing in the country, representing 57 per cent (5,100) compared to 3,900 from European Union countries. While non-EU criminals made up the majority, they only represented one-third of all removals in 2019.

    A further 9,000 foreign national offenders are currently imprisoned in Britain, making up a remarkable eleven per cent of the total prison population.

    Commenting on the report, the Executive Director of Migration Watch UK, Dr Ben Greening, said in a statement seen by Breitbart London: “The massive increase in the number of foreign ex-offenders living in the community may be putting the public at unnecessary risk.

    “We’ve already seen horrific cases of reoffending by those who should not have been here at all,” he added.

    “The government must deliver on its promise to ensure more effective enforcement in this area,” Dr Greeining concluded.

    In the 2019 Queen’s Speech, which outlined the priorities of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government, it called for legislation to “maximise removal of foreign national offenders and deter them from returning to the UK”.

    Migration Watch UK pointed out, however, that despite receiving criticism from the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders for not disclosing proper information on the number of foreign criminals who re-offend after being released from prison, the government has so far refused to “disclose the scale of the problem”.

    The think tank pointed to several obstacles to deporting foreign criminals endemic in the British system at present, including “last-minute” asylum claims, judicial review applications, foreigners without proper documentation, and criminals absconding.

    Judges have also blocked many efforts to deport foreign criminals by the Priti Patel-led Home Office, blocking the deportation of a knife killer and a convicted drug dealer on “human rights” grounds in October, for example.

    In June, judges blocked the deportation of mostly Jamaican criminals, including a killer and a rapist, on the grounds that the migrants were briefly denied access to working mobile phones while they were being detained.

    Also in June, a Scottish judge stopped the deportation of a Taliban terrorist, who had already lost six tax-payer funded appeals against his deportation, claiming that he suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as a result of fighting for the jihadist organisation — against Britain and its allies, presumably — and that he required free care from Brtiain’s socialised health service that he would not be less able to access in Afghanistan.”

  10. Dutch Teacher Who Posted Jihadi-Mocking Cartoon Forced Into Hiding by Threats (breitbart, Nov 8, 2020)

    “A Dutch teacher in the city of Rotterdam was allegedly forced to go into hiding after receiving threats when he posted a picture of a cartoon mocking jihadists.

    The teacher is said to have received various threats after posting a cartoon of a decapitated man with a Charlie Hebdo t-shirt sticking is tongue out at a jihadist with a bloody sword…”

  11. Austria: Mosques Dissolved, Raided After Radical Islamic Terror Attack (breitbart, Nov 8, 2020)

    “Following the terrorist attack in Vienna earlier this week, the Austrian government has raided and dissolved two radical mosques linked to radical Islam.

    Culture Minister Susanne Raab and Interior Minister Karl Nehammer announced the closure of the mosques on Friday, one of which is said to have contributed to the radicalisation of the Vienna gunman who killed four people on Monday.

    Minister Raab defended the closures stating, “It is not an attack against the members of a religious community, but it is a common fight against the abuse of a religion by radicals.”

    According to a report from newspaper Kronen Zeitung, the gunman was active in two mosques in the Austrian capital.

    The first, the Tewhid Mosque located in the district of Meidling, was raided Friday morning by police and the Vienna special police unit WEGA but so far no information has been released regarding possible arrests made during the raid.

    The mosque was under the jurisdiction of the Islamic Religious Community (IGGÖ), the largest Islamic community organisation in Austria. The group has been criticised int he past for its connections to Turkey and alleged connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The IGGÖ, meanwhile, have condemned the Vienna terrorist attack, and its president, Ümit Vural stated: “This is an ideology that approves of violence, that dehumanises and which we deeply reject.”

    The Melit Ibrahim Mosque, located in the district of Ottakring, was also dissolved, according to Raab, and is believed to have played a part in the radicalisation of the Vienna terrorist.

    According to Kronen Zeitung, the mosque was also attended regularly by Albanian-born Lorzenz K., who was sentenced to nine years in prison after his arrest in 2017 for plotting a terrorist attack and being a member of the Islamic State terrorist group.

    Lorenz K. was back in court in September of this year after he had threatened to behead a fellow inmate who he stated was not a real Muslim.”

  12. Trouble in anti-Trump house: Ocasio-Cortez says Lincoln Project in ‘scam territory,’ should give to left-wing groups
    By Daily Caller News Foundation November 8, 2020

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused the Lincoln Project of wasting millions of dollars in political contributions it received in the 2020 election cycle, and urged the anti-Trump Republican super PAC to give its remaining funds to liberal groups.

    Ocasio-Cortez, a New York progressive, said that the Lincoln Project had entered “scam territory” after Republicans’ better-than-expected showing in the general election.

    The Lincoln Project, which was founded by several so-called “Never Trump” Republicans, has received more than $67 million in the 2020 election cycle and spent $59 million through Oct. 14, according to FEC records.

    (Richard: A couple of Never Trumpers collected a lot of money and acted like Dems by hiring firms they either own or control to do political advertising, most of the people they supported lost. Since they didn’t help the Dems take Control of the Senate or maintain a large majority in the House AOC is trying to get the money left spent on her pet Communist policies.No matter how the law suits play out we are going to hear a lot more from AOC over the next 4 years.

    A lot of people are starting to say that in Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Nevada and possibly Arizona the voting irregularities are so large that a simple recount won’t do, they are talking about SCOTUS ordering a revote in those States. I have heard of revoting in State elections but never in Federal elections. In many ways this (with armed Federal Officers at polling places and vote counting rooms) this would be the best way to resolve the issue. It would eliminate the crooked ballots and show the voters that their votes/opinions count in determining who runs the country. For this to happen in time to meet the December deadline in the Constitution this would have to happen quickly. If this is ordered we can expect the Propaganda Media (I am including the news section of FOX in this description) will go bonkers. They think they have seized the power to determine who the US President is and this opinion/attitude has to change if we are to remain free.

  13. (Richard: I am worried about this woman, she expect Macron to do something besides run his mouth and she expects Biden to stand up to China and stop their aggression in the Far East.)

    France’s PM vows to fight relentlessly against radical Islam | WION News | World News

  14. WATCH: Tucker Carlson Forecasts Potential Biden Presidency as Union Between Big Tech, Oligarchs, Political Establishment

    “They demand obedience.”

    Tucker Carlson forecasted the possibility of a Joe Biden presidency on Friday night, predicting that such a development would lead to the union of Big Tech, billionaire oligarchs, and the liberal political establishment.

    A Biden victory is yet to be finalized or certified, with the outcome of the presidential election still in dispute. However, Tucker described the outcome of a Biden victory as a victory for the most powerful and unaccountable forces in American society, who have banded together in the interests of preserving their own power to the detriment of ‘average’ people who oppose them.

    “It’s insulting to say that Joseph R. Biden won this election, if that is what comes to pass. The tech companies will have won. The big banks will have won. The government of China, the media establishment, the permanent bureaucracy, the billionaire class — they will have won, and not in the way that democracy promises. If a single person equaled a single vote, a coalition like that could never win anything. There aren’t enough of them.

    But as a group, they have something that Donald Trump’s voters sadly do not have, and that is power. They have lots of power and they plan to wield that power, whether you like it or not. It’s all starting to look a lot like oligarchy at this point. The people who believe they should have been in charge all along now may actually be in charge.”

  15. Georgia County Rescanning Ballots After Discovering Reporting Issue
    By Ivan Pentchoukov
    November 8, 2020 Updated: November 8, 2020

    A Georgia county is rescanning ballots due to an issue related to reporting on the vote-counting conducted on Nov. 6, according to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

    A monitor and investigators are on-site at State Farm Arena in Fulton County, Raffensperger wrote on Twitter on Nov. 7.

    “Fulton has discovered an issue involving reporting from their work on Fri. Officials are at State Farm Arena to rescan that work. I have a monitor & investigators onsite. Also sent Dep. SOS as well to oversee the process to make sure to secure the vote and protect all legal votes,” Raffensperger said.

    Raffensperger’s office did not respond to a request for more details about the issue.

  16. Biden’s Lead Over Trump in Arizona Again Dwindles With New Ballot Numbers
    By Zachary Stieber
    November 8, 2020 Updated: November 8, 2020

    Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead over President Donald Trump in Arizona lessened on Saturday after the reporting of some ballots from several counties.

    Biden led by nearly 44,000 votes on Friday morning but had seen his lead dwindle by nearly 10,000 early Nov. 8.

    By Saturday night, the lead was down to 18,610, according to unofficial results from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs’s website.

    Biden now leads with 49.5 percent of the vote, compared to Trump’s 48.9 percent.

    Libertarian Jo Jorgensen has over 49,000 votes as of the latest count, equal to 1.5 percent.

  17. Affidavits: Detroit Ballot Tabulators Entered Names of Non-Voters During Count

    Two observers who were at the TCF Center in Detroit during the absentee ballot counting process have produced affidavits claiming they witnessed workers create new voter files with information obtained from ballots.

    Bob Cushman, who was an appointed and trained Republican poll challenge, wrote in an affidavit:

  18. Pakistan: Thousands rally against Macron in Karachi

    Thousands of protesters gathered for a fresh protest against French President Emmanuel Macron over his Islam comments, in Karachi on Saturday.

    Protesters were seen chanting and stomping on a picture of Macron.

    Earlier this month, the French president said that Islam is “a religion that is in crisis all over the world today,” as he announced a bill to ‘strengthen’ a 1905 law that officially separated church and state in the country. The comments sparked a wave of protests and calls to boycott French products in the Muslim world.

  19. Another one for the election fraud file

    Administrative changes in Wisconsin election put tens of thousands of votes in question

    From allowing clerks to fix spoiled ballots to permitting voters to escape ID rules, Wisconsin election officials took actions that were not authorized by legislature.

    The Constitution allows only for state legislatures to change the ways elections are conducted, but memos show Wisconsin election supervisors made three substantial changes in 2020 that impact potentially tens of thousands of ballots in a battleground state that Joe Biden won by just 20,000.

    Records reviewed by Just the News show that an executive branch agency called the Wisconsin Election Commission:

    permitted local county election clerks to cure spoiled ballots by filling in missing addresses for witnesses even though state law invalidates any ballot without a witness address.

  20. Texas Charges Social Worker With 134 Felony Counts Involving Election Fraud

    Texas state officials announced late on Friday afternoon that they have charged a social worker with 134 felony counts of election fraud and other related charges.

    “Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced that his Election Fraud Unit assisted the Limestone County Sheriff and District Attorney in charging Kelly Reagan Brunner, a social worker in the Mexia State Supported Living Center (SSLC), with 134 felony counts of purportedly acting as an agent and of election fraud,” the state said in a statement. “State Supported Living Centers serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Brunner submitted voter registration applications for 67 residents without their signature or effective consent, while purporting to act as their agent.”

  21. BREAKING: Whistleblower Comes Forward In Clark County, Claims They Witnessed Invalid Ballots Being Counted

    On Saturday evening, the official Nevada GOP Twitter account announced that a whistleblower had come forward in Clark County, Nevada, claiming that they witnessed invalid ballots being counted.

    “A whistleblower has come forward in Clark County saying they witnessed mail ballots being counted without signatures being verified,” the Nevada GOP Twitter account tweeted with a video of the story on Fox News.

  22. The Pope’s New Encyclical: A Surrender?

    by Lawrence A. Franklin
    November 8, 2020 at 5:00 am

    The Pope’s Encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” (“Brothers All”) sadly seems more a massive and unwieldy political document than a religious guide to the Catholic faithful. The encyclical’s intended audience appears to be secular world rather than people of faith. The 43,000-word tome contains almost no discussion of Catholic dogmas. Although the Pontiff’s diagnosis of the world’s ills seems accurate enough, unfortunately his proposed antidotes — equality of result rather than equality of opportunity and individual liberty, the bedrocks of Western democracies — would seriously threaten freedom.

    The Pope, for instance, implies that the twilight of the planet’s centuries old diplomatic nation-state system has arrived, prompting the need for a more globalist political system. Regrettably, that usually brings with it no transparency, no accountability and no recourse. Think of the United Nations, the UN Human Rights Council, the International Criminal Court or the European Union.

    The Pope denigrates the concept of nationalism by referring to it as “local narcissism.” His support for “open borders” would deny nations the right to sovereignty over their national territories. Pope Francis, a lifelong priest of the Jesuit order, appears to be calling for a system of international organizations that would possess the power to override the will of individual states and have the potential to become a global despotism.

  23. Turkey: The Return of Demons

    by Amir Taheri
    November 8, 2020 at 4:00 am

    “Our past was in Asia but our future is in Europe!” This was how Mesut Yilmaz portrayed his vision for Turkey in a panel debate in Davos in the 1990s.

    At the time, Yilmaz, who died last week at the age of 73, was one of the rising stars of Turkish politics and a generation that seemed destined to complete a revolution that had started in the 1880s in the Ottoman Empire. That revolution had aimed at transforming the moribund empire into a modern Western-style state capable of reversing more than a century of decline that had earned the caliphate the sobriquet of “Sick man of Europe.”

    By the start of the 20th century, however, it had become clear that building a modern European-style state, based on the Westphalian principles, required the existence of a nation also in the European sense of the term; an impossible task as long as the Ottoman state remained a multi-national empire whose legitimacy was based on religion which, by definition, excludes the very concept of a nation-state.

    The First World War and the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire provided the space in which the military and intellectual elite, led by Mustafa Kemal Pasha (Ataturk) could invent a nation to fit the modern Western-style state they wished to forge. With help from French linguists, new Turkey adopted a new alphabet based on the Latin, purged its language of as many Persian and Arabic words as possible, and seized control of religious institutions in the name of secularism.

    • Erdogan’s Jihad on “Infidel Europe”

      Middle Eastern politics is always a trap for radical ideologues. In Erdogan’s mindset the “infidel West” is militarily helping Armenia (the evil) and Turkey is militarily helping Azerbaijan (the righteous).

      Although Ankara and Baku categorically deny accusations, press reports and independent human rights observers have confirmed the arrival of hundreds of jihadists in Azerbaijan to fight Armenia.

      After the Turkish military’s direct armed engagement on Iraqi and Syrian territories, proxy wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen, military tensions on the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, Erdogan’s new jihadist adventurism has found a new theater of war in the Caucasus. What’s next?

  24. Jeb Bush Congratulates ‘President-Elect’ Joe Biden
    by Sean Moran – November 7, 2020

    Fmr. President George W. Bush becomes the most prominent Republican to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden.
    Bush says he spoke with Biden today & “extended my warm congratulations and thanked him for the patriotic message he delivered last night.” He also spoke with Harris

    And this: “No matter how you voted, your vote counted.”
    He says Trump “has the right” to recounts/challenges.
    “The American people can have confidence that this election was fundamentally fair, its integrity will be upheld, and its outcome is clear.”
    Jeremy Diamond – November 8, 2020 – Twitter

    • “Communist love @JoeBiden”
      Megan Barth – November 8, 2020 – Twitter

      Neil Bush: Not Just Believe the Fake News about China’s Intentions
      FaceTime Canton – October 26, 2020

      Neil Bush is the Chairman of the President George H.W. Bush Foundation and the third son of George H.W. Bush. He placed the US-China relationship very high on his priority list to promote closer relation. Over the past 40+ years he got a first row seat to see China rise. “And the future, in my opinion, is going to be bright. There’re always differences between two sides doing business together which is good. Differences require negotiations. And agreements lead to prosperity, cooperation, and better future for everybody” he said.

  25. Belgium: Teens Arrested for Allegedly Plotting Terror Attack on Police (breitbart, Nov 8, 2020)

    “Belgian police have arrested two teenagers who are suspected of plotting to stab police officers and had sworn allegiance to the Islamic State.

    The two suspects, aged 16 and 17, were arrested in the province of Liège after raids were conducted in Eupen and La Calamine.

    According to investigators, the two teens pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and recorded a video of themselves doing so, 7sur7 reports.

    The federal prosecutor’s office released a statement on Thursday praising the work of the federal judicial police and local prosecutors, saying that “a rapid intervention was carried out and possible criminal acts were prevented.”

    Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne’s office also commented on the arrests, saying: “This case shows that our security services are alert, but also proves that the danger is certainly not ruled out.”

    The minister’s office added that the country’s security services were actively “patrolling” on social media following the Islamic terrorist attacks in France and Austria in recent weeks.

    Several countries, including the United Kingdom, are on alert after the terrorist attack earlier this week in Vienna…”

  26. Man Jailed for Running Over 5-year-old, Slashing 10-year-old’s Neck, Stabbing Old Man and Young Mother (breitbart, Nov 8, 2020?

    “A 33-year-old man received a “life” sentence for a string of gruesome attacks which saw him run over a five-year-old, slash the throat of a 10-year-old boy, and stab a mother walking with her children and a man in his seventies in the head.

    Carlos Racitalal was convicted of four counts of attempted murder for his attacks, perpetrated on four separate occasions, at Leicestershire Crown Court, along with three counts of possession of a bladed article, according to an official Leicestershire Police news bulletin.

    “The level of violence used is deeply disturbing and is one of the most shocking cases I have overseen for some time,” said Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor Andrew Baxter of Racitalal’s attacks.

    “Each one of these victims has been through a terrifying ordeal and it is down to fortune and the intervention of others nearby that all of them survived,” he noted.

    Sentencing judge Mr Justice Linden remarked that Racitalal was “one of the more frightening types of offender from the point of view of the public in that they have no inkling of what is about to happen and therefore no opportunity to take evasive action,” describing how he “went out and identified vulnerable members of the public to attack… without any reason, still less provocation.”

    Racitalal received four so-called “life” sentences but three are essentially meaningless, as they are to be served concurrently, and he will be eligible for release after 22 years — meaning it is quite possible he will not serve anything like the rest of his life in prison, and the Parole Board could release him onto the streets again while he is only in his fifties.

    The police bulletin avoids mentioning Racitalal’s nationality, although some local news reports note that he required an interpreter in court…”

  27. At Least 4 US Soldiers Killed After Vehicle Explosion in Syrian Markada – SANA (sputniknews, Nov 8, 2020)—sana/

    “According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the explosion took place in the countryside surrounding Markada city on Sunday, as a vehicle with American soldiers transited a road between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor.

    Four American soldiers died after their vehicle was targeted with an explosive device in the countryside of the Syrian town of Markada, SANA reported, citing civil sources. No official Pentagon comment followed the report.

    According to the report, US troops imposed a “security cordon” around the scene of explosion, and American military planes were spotted in the sky above the site.

    The vehicle that carried the American soldiers was reportedly driving the road between the cities of Hasaka and Deir Ezzor.

    No further details were immediately available.”

  28. Karabakh Live Updates: Armenian MoD Denies Aliyev’s Statement About Azerbaijani Army Seizing Shushi (sputniknews, Nov 8, 2020)

    Armenian Prime Minister Urges Biden to Back Karabakh’s Independence Bid

    Armenian Defense Ministry Says Fighting Underway Near Town of Khojavend in Karabakh

    Aliyev Meets Turkish Defence and Foreign Ministers in Baku

    Armenian PM Pashinyan Fires Acting Head of National Security Service

    Yerevan Ready to Organise Meeting Between Foreign Diplomats, Captured Syrian Mercenaries

    Turkey’s Cavusoglu Congratulates Baku on ‘Liberation of Shusha’

    Armenia Publishes Video Allegedly Depicting Turkish-Made Drone Downed Over Karabakh

    Armenian MoD Denies Aliyev’s Statement About Azerbaijani Army Seizing Shushi

    Baku Will ‘Go All the Way’ in Karabakh, if Yerevan Fails to Address Azerbaijan’s Demands, Aliyev Says

    Aliyev Claims Azerbaijani Forces Have Seized Shushi in Karabakh

    Shushi Remains ‘Unobtainable Dream’ for Azerbaijani Forces, Nagorno-Karabakh Authorities Say

    Karabakh Authorities Say Azerbaijan Has Conducted Missile Strike on Stepanakert

  29. PRAVDA – World needs 7 planets to eat like a G20 nation, food report finds

    At least seven planets would be required for the world to sustain the level of food consumed by G20 countries. Germany and the US are among the worst offenders.

    Cutting consumption could prevent future pandemics.

    Among all the globe’s 20 most industrialized nations, only India and Indonesia maintain a diet low enough in carbon emissions to meet the Paris climate target, according to a report published Thursday. Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany and the United States were among the countries that grossly exceeded sustainable levels of food-related carbon emissions, largely due to their high consumption of red meat and dairy products.

    […]”The food that we eat and how we produce it are also key drivers in the emergence of deadly viruses such as COVID-19. A shift toward healthy and sustainable diets would reduce the risk of future pandemics,” Loken said.

    […]”The pandemic is a manifestation of our broken relationship with nature and how we produce and consume food is at the heart of this,” Campari added.


  30. Lol, yes it would have been a good ending. I was trying to paint a portrait. Wasn’t sure if anyone would bother reading it. Thanks!

  31. Muslim Brotherhood urge incoming US administration to end support for dictatorships

    “The Muslim Brotherhood on Saturday welcomed the outcome of the US elections. A statement issued by the movement’s Deputy General Guide, Ibrahim Munir, said Biden’s victory proves that the American people are still capable of enforcing their will.

    The statement read: “On this occasion, we call upon the incoming American administration to reconsider previous policies of support for dictatorships around the world. We implore the Biden administration to repudiate the crimes and violations committed by tyrannical regimes against the rights of peoples.”

    It added, “We regard policies that ignore the free choices of people and which foster relations with authoritarian regimes as absolutely inappropriate. They represent a choice to stand on the wrong side of history.”

    The Muslim Brotherhood said it remained committed to supporting the free choices of people in the hope that they will lead to stable and just systems in which people enjoy dignified lives and in which the values of justice, democracy, equality, plurality and the protection of human rights are all upheld.”

  32. Iraq: Daesh attack west of Baghdad kills 11, sources say

    “A Daesh attack on a lookout point west of Baghdad manned by a state-sponsored tribal force left 11 people dead late Sunday, security sources and medics said.

    “[Daesh] attacked the monitoring tower, killing five members of the tribal Hashed and six local people who had come to help repel the attack,” a security source said.”

  33. Two boys assaulted in separate incidents

    “Two minors were reportedly assaulted in two separate incidents in the garrison city on Saturday. The victims include a four-year-old and a 12-year-old boy. Police have registered cases against both incidents.

    Nazir filed a report at the City police station that his 12-year-old son works as a pushcart vendor to subsis family income. Nazir alleged that a man named Banaras kidnapped and molested his son.

    In another incident, a woman informed Rawat police that she was on work when a neighbor slipped into the house and raped her 12-year-old son.”

  34. Woman ‘gang-raped’ in Okara

    “A woman was allegedly gang-raped in the jurisdiction of Chauchak police station, Okara.

    Police arrested two suspects in the incident on Saturday and sent them to jail while raids continued to arrest the other accused. As per details, the victim was going to the fields when she was sexually assaulted by two men. Moreover, two accomplices of the accused rapists also kept a watch while the incident took place.

    According to police records, the victim, a resident of a village on the outskirts of Okara, had gone to the fields when the accused Shahid, Ramzan, Rizwan and Imran followed her.

    The accused reportedly entered the fields with arms and sticks and the accused Shahid and Ramzan gang-raped the woman while his other co-accused kept guard.

    The accused also continued to torture the woman during the rape. However, the victim made noise, which caught the attention of the nearby people.

    Residents of the area gathered due to which the accused fled the scene. A case was registered by Chauchak police against the alleged rapists…”

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