Voter Fraud post #10

1. Giuliani presser

2. War Room with Giuliani

War Room – Ep 483 – Mayor Rudy Giuliani Press Conference
November 7, 2020 – 3 hours ago
@ 23:20 Steve Bannon reads Statement from President Donald Trump

3. Remember when Al Gore was president?

4. And suddenly, it all changed!


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  1. War Room – Ep 483 – Mayor Rudy Giuliani Press Conference
    November 7, 2020 – 3 hours ago
    @ 23:20 Steve Bannon reads Statement from President Donald Trump

    “Text Of Statement From President Donald Trump”
    Posted by TheInvestor – November 7, 2020
    The Associated Press

    “So what is Biden hiding? I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”
    – President Donald J. Trump

  2. Tom Graham

    On Election night, Trump and his campaign team assembled in the Eisenhower Building just west if the White House to watch the results come in.

    Know what is there?

    A SCIF.
    Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility. (SCIF)
    The kind used by Army intelligence cyber security division.

    They were monitoring the fraud in real time.

    They knew which states were using the voting machines loaded with HAMMER & SCORECARD.
    (Software developed for the CIA to manipulate voter tallies remotely in foreign elections.)

    It was just deployed against the American people.
    Tom Fitton & Sydney Powell put it right in your face …

  3. (slow loading)
    Al Gore’s advice on what to do after all “legal votes” have been tallied

    this needs footnotes! If neither body can reach a conclusion by Inauguration Day, then the presidential line of succession kicks in, and the speaker of the House of Representatives — currently Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) — would serve as president until the knot is untied. Three Absentee Ballots Thursday, November 5, 2020

    Since when are Dems computer experts at anything data and security oriented? Look at the Clinton computer-server room; Wasserman-Schultz’s flying system administrators; and the seamy storage disks of Biden and Weiner. If there were shenanigans on a cyber level, then someone had to have hired experts. It’s hard for me to believe that a whole cyber-team could coordinate voter theft without one turning rogue and disclosing the effort.

  4. We already have a video of Joe Biden extorting the Ukrainian government to the tune of one billion dollars in US military aid which he blatantly threatened to cancel if the Ukrainians did not fire the prosecutor who was looking into his son, Hunter’s, no-show job at the Burisma gas company and exactly nothing has come of that. A first-year law student could prosecute the case yet it sits untouched by the DOJ or anybody else. Curious…

    The United States is now like Nazi Germany with Party Members infiltrating every level of government and acting only in the interest of the Party. Whatever a Democrat does the Democrat FBI agent and the Democrat activist judge can always just ignore it and change the subject back to the Republicans. We already got Biden cold but it just didn’t matter – same thing with Hillary. He could murder someone on camera and, well, nothing would happen and it would disappear down the memory hole…

    And if it were up to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Kamela Harris and Michelle Obama or any of a number of brown-skinned Democrat women they would have already begun construction of the concentration camps and the gas chambers and they would be filling them up with people just like me, whom they hate and villainize relentlessly. I’m not a Nazi or a white supremacist or a racist but they keep calling me those things through the clenched teeth of hatred and I know they would kill me if they could for the crimes of being white and of voting conservative and of disagreeing with them.

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