Islamic Jihad and the US election, pretty much till the rioting ends: Links 1, October 30, 2020

1. Justin Trudeau and other voices of the COMINTERN are using the narrative that Islamic Jihad is in fact something else where somehow, the real victims of it are muslims and that is where our tolerance and sympathy must really lie. The actual dead worshippers in Churches or celebrations are not worth mentioning. Just the hurt feelings of muslims where their sharia is not followed and of course, the reputation of Islam when they go hacking the heads off people in Churches. Something they do with surprising regularity in France. Even clergy.

Here are a few lines from Koran for anyone uncertain about the actual Islamic view on these actions:

Qur’an 8:12
Allah will terrorize unbelievers; Muslim’s should behead them.

Fight the unbelievers until Islam reigns supreme.

Make war against enemies of Allah.

Fight and subjugat the Jews and Christians.

Behead and slaughter the unbelievers, take others captive.

Christians – believers in divinity of Christ – are unbelievers

Fight and kill unbelievers until religion is Allah’s.

2. Multiple Chinese Spies arrested in USA and more on Biden emails. The Chinese agents attempted to coerce certain people to commit suicide, who stood against Chinese influence.

3. Man lynched in Bangladesh for alleged Quran desecration: Police

Man beaten to death and his body torched in northern Bangladesh after villagers accuse him of desecrating holy books kept in a mosque.

Hundreds of people in a Bangladeshi town have beaten and lynched a man who had allegedly desecrated the Muslim holy book, police said.

The crowd on Thursday seized two men who had been in official custody after they were accused of stepping on a Quran in the main mosque of Burimari in Lalmonirhat district, more than 300 kilometres (186 miles) northwest of the capital, Dhaka.

Could be video of the burning of the man they murdered for stepping on a book:

4. This needs to happen more

5. No surprises in these two videos for anyone here. But its nice to know you aren’t alone in your experience or observations.

6. “Whose Ever Got the Guns Can Win- Let’s Take Over the Buildings!” -WOW! Lisa Fithian, BLM, Radical Leftists Are Working with Federal Workers For Post Election Mass Violence 

Lisa Fithian is a radical revolutionary who has been organizing chaos operations and antigovernment demonstrations in the United States for decades.

Lisa Fithian was a key organizer of violent demonstrations that caused the shutdown of the 1999 WTO meetings in Seattle, Washington.

(Lots of videos on who this woman is and her history at link above)

7. Churches in Poland attacked by pro-abortionists

8. Jews who were foolish enough to try and show support for BLM rioters in Philly got a dose of reality they were not prepared for

9. James Woods tweets

10. French Embassy, Islamabad Pakistan

Thank you Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, C., ET., Richard, Pym Purnell, Yucki, MissPiggy, Hellequin GB., Corn Pops, MarcusZ1967, Sassy and so many more who contribute to this effort.

A word about Trudeau.

He made a statement that should cause serious concern to any true liberal in the Thomas Jefferson/John Stuart Mill sense. He came out clearly against freedom of speech where it offends muslims. That video is in the works for titles now. I hope everyone makes their best effort to get that one in wide circulation once we get it done.

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11 Replies to “Islamic Jihad and the US election, pretty much till the rioting ends: Links 1, October 30, 2020”

    • I come from a left-wing background and I can assure you that what you are saying is perfectly true. It took me a while to wrap my head around it but I figured it out after a while. The left had taught me, from early childhood, that there was a type of person that “we” simply didn’t have any time for whatsoever and could never be friends with or agree with in any way – a “right-winger”.

      Conservatives simply weren’t “our kind of people”. Conservatives were all racist and mean and if you were starving to death they would just say, “You made your own bed. Now lie in it!” Conservatives were the white guys in “Kung Fu” who David Carradine beat up after they called him a “stinkin’ Chinaman”. Conservatives chased women into back-alley abortion clinics. Right-wingers were irreparably bad people. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      It wasn’t about the individual political positions, it was about basic decency as a human being, and right-wingers were definitely not that, even if they were right and you were wrong. And of course, with such an attitude, you could conceivably go your entire life without even knowing a single conservative because people like you do not associate with people like that.

      At the end of the day, the average leftist really has no idea what a right-winger even is or what he really thinks. All they know is the prejudice that they’ve been taught from early childhood…

  1. #6 Easiest way to shut down DC is 3 inches of snow or 1/2 inch of ice/freezing rain or have Congress put off passing a continuing resolution for not having its budget; no violence needed

    BL M or
    BL KKK ?

  2. 1 & 6 – Related

    Undercover agent warns of post-election plans to ‘ignite’ violent revolution that will shock the nation
    Leo Hohmann – October 28, 2020

    WVW Broadcast – October 29, 2020 – Podcast
    Guests: David Gaubatz & Leo Hohmann

    • “On the night of the election (3 Nov 2020) I guarantee ANTIFA and other left wing terrorists will start very violent riots in most American cities (big and small). Biden and Harris support this type violence. President Trump will win by a large majority, but it will not be recognized by Biden. Once Trump wins he should immediately imprison Biden, Harris, Pelosi, the Clintons, and Mr. and Mr. Obama for treason and sedition. Then he should immediately imprison ANTIFA, BLM, and their supporters.
      I give you a 100% guarantee on the night of 3 Nov 2020, American’s will see more violence than they have ever witnessed in their lifetime. Be prepared to protect your property and family. Dave Gaubatz, Retired USAF, Retired U.S. federal Agent, Author: Muslim MAFIA”

      Submission, Socialism, Sexualism
      The female-imprinted sex-fascism
      Fems who gave up their right
      To be led by the the Light
      Hate Truth to the Love and Life next to ’em

      • Of course Biden won’t recognize it. He doesn’t recognize his own wife and he still thinks he is running for the Senate against Bush. So I doubt he will recognize he lost an election that by then he won’t remember being a part of, except for all those hula hoops in one of his garages.

  3. 6 – Millie Weaver

    War Room: Pandemic Ep 465 – The Misdirection Play (w/ Jack Posobiec and Rudy Giuliani)
    Steve Bannon’s War Room – COAR – October 30, 2020
    Millie Weaver @ 33:15…

    Video Clip – Millie Weaver Uncovers Democrat COUP Planned for Election Day Steve Bannon Discuses IMPORTANT!

  4. The Strategic Center for the Muslim Brotherhood, the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) is also at the Center of Interfaith Outreach.

    Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis who say we all believe in the same God are wrong.

    Muslim children are taught in western schools to wage war against non-Muslims until “Allah’s Devine law / shari’ah is imposed on all people on earth.

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