Remember Michael Moore’s accidental best campaign advert for Donald Trump ever made?

If I remember this clip properly from before the November 8 2016 election, Moore went on to explain why we can’t vote for him. This part of it was to anesthetize people to the message that was to follow. But you have to love how this segment works out on its own. “The devil will tell you a thousand truths to sell you a single lie”. So how great is it if you can take the 1000 truths and just walk away with those.

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6 Replies to “Remember Michael Moore’s accidental best campaign advert for Donald Trump ever made?”

  1. November 2020 will be as big an FU to the Dems and 2016. With a little luck he will have coattails enough to carry in a Republican House and Senate. Think what he can do with both houses of Congress at least semi supporting him. He will (if JE Dyer and Den Bongino are right about what is happening) start prosecuting the Swamp Critters that have been stealing our freedom.

    • Yes Richard thank you, I was just thinking the same thing. Trump’s election was about freedom, decency, civilization, love of country and love of your fellow man. That is all it was about and some people are not capable of understanding such love. We must not ever assume that all people cherish freedom as much as we do or are in touch with reality.

    • If G-d, in his infinite wisdom and mercy,
      ~ blesses us with victory in this election,
      ~ we may approach peace in the Middle East.

      PTrump opened the window. No one has ever brought us closer. He’s got people praying for his success all over the world. A force beyond measure.

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