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5 Replies to “Turkish dictator fails to notice his own irony in terms of “understanding freedom of belief””

  1. Erdogan is trying to position himself as the head of all of Islam and use that to help create the new Ottoman Empire. While his position is going to create more trouble, possibly an Islamic upraising in Europe it will end up create even greater divisions and violence among the Islamic Nations.

    • Why don’t they spit it out?
      ____It’s Muslim Brotherhood, Inc.____

      The filthy Turk is reaching out to the heart of Europe, having torched parts of Syria, North Africa, Armenia, etc. He’s incited his people to ottomania, a made-4-TV series of adventures that destroys real lives.

      Make a 5-min. video. Show Hitler, Hassan al-Banna, mass rape of women without hijab and slaughter of Copts during Morsi’s brief reign, etc.

      It’s a listed terrorist org in various MUSLIM countries. (AND Russia.)

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