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7 Replies to “German police woman questions Covid pandemic policies”

  1. In my circle, people are staying from each other. They’re terrified of the ‘virus’. One guy friend doesn’t come within six feet of me. He extends his arm as far out as possible with his head turned away.

    Another guy who has spent his life with friends and family no longer sees them. He no longer minds being alone and is ready to remain so for the rest of his life, if need be, to avoid being infected with the virus.

    I tried instilling logic into these people, in vain. Their brain is on lockdown.

  2. “Stores being told they are unable to sell items such as clothes to shoppers and to prioritise other products

    Police checkpoints will be set up on a key section of the Wales-England border, officers have confirmed

    Controversial Welsh ‘firebreak’ lockdown featuring harsher restrictions runs from Friday until November 9

    Many retailers being forced to close down as a result of Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford’s drastic action

    But Government unable to provide clarity on what is ‘essential’ nor how enforcement of the rules would look”

  3. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-sudan-to-join-uae-bahrain-in-recognizing-israel

    Can anybody think of any accomplishment that would be more worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize than what Donald Trump has accomplished by reversing the infamous, “No, no, and no” response of the Arab Nations toward the Jewish State? All my life I’ve been hearing how “peace in the Middle East” was the ultimate peace-goal, and here we have Donald Trump actually doing it. This marks the first sign of goodwill ever exhibited by the Arab Nations. This is huge news! But what do you bet they snub Trump and give it to that messed-up teenager, Greta Thunberg? How dare you?

    This is getting ridiculous. Trump pulls off the greatest diplomatic coup in a century and the average CNN-watcher, let alone Canadian or New Zealander or Brit, isn’t even aware of it. This has got to stop! They’re turning us into Nazi Germany. Trump is a great negotiator and all they want to do is sabotage him and make him fail out of sheer hatred for their own country. The Democrats are genuinely sick. They are suicidally depressed by their own ultra-negative end-of-the-world philosophies and have no problem with standing up in the canoe and sending us all to the bottom of the effing river as a product of their ill-informed and unjustified despair…

    • Yes, Chris. Outrageous.
      But PTrump’s mitzva is being recorded in The Big Book in the Sky.

      And the remnant of the Jewish people – it’s always just a remnant, whole branches fall off and melt away – but the remnant who endure, who remain faithful Children of Israel –

      – WE will ALWAYS remember.

      A thousand years from now, we’ll tell our children about how the most powerful leader of the most powerful nation on earth reached out to befriend us. Reviled, beset by vicious foes, he defied all to do what he knew was right.

      As King Ahasuerus (Xerxes) of Persia lives today, still great in blessed memory. So too, will Donald J. Trump.

      Am Yisroel Chai.

      • He is a Rude, Crude Womanizer but he fights, he fights for the freedom of everyone on earth. Yes he puts the welfare of the US ahead of the rest of the nation but he fights for the freedom of the rest. That is why he was elected in 2016 and why he will be reelected next month. He is a fighter when we need a fighter and a patriot when we need a patriot. As you say a thousand years from now he will be remembered and the stories of what he did will be considered legends by most but they will all have the core of truth that he fought for freedom.

        He could walk into any military camp or barracks through out history and be welcome because the warriors would recognize a warrior from a different battlefield. He is leading us back to freedom how can we do less then follow him into the battle to ensure we remain free.

        • It’s been my experience that big-ass alpha guys like Donald Trump are virtually all hopeless womanizers. I’ve worked on cruise ships and I swear, the only reason the Captains are even there is to have sex with different ladies every week facilitated by their ultra-cool Captain’s Quarters, the “Captain’s Table” and their nice uniforms.

          The same is true with generals and admirals and billionaires in general. When Sir Richard Branson came to BC, he put the moves on Premier Christie Clark and she got a bit miffed at his brazenness. In fact, you can be almost certain that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson didn’t say, “No…I’m a married man”, very often either… Being a total horn-dog seems to come along with power…

          • King David is an archetype.
            Not an admirable character trait, not one to emulate, but it just happens to be part of the package.

            Julius Caesar was a legendary sex dog. Decades-long affair with Brutus’ mother, Sempronia, at least one child by her.
            Cleopatra, too. Later she had several children by Marcus Antonius.

            Caesar’s assassins had personal, intimate grudges against the adorable philanderer.

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