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11 Replies to “THIS is how you fight back!”

  1. Keep fighting, keep pushing this savages out of the country and Europe!!!, enough is enough, something finally have to happen to clean this mess from the trash , where is Merkel&CO??, where is Macrons best friend??, she seating cowardly silent about this barbaric act , committed by one of this parasites witch she imported in millions!!, shame on you Merkel the biggest traitor to Germany and Europe..

  2. The most amazing fact for me is right now that YouTube hasn’t deleted this immediately after up-loading.

  3. It’s a good start. Spit in the muslims’ faces. The real fight is a literal one, though. Nobody ever convinced a tick to let go by shouting or showing offensive images to it. You have to physically force the parasite to stop feeding off of you. So it is with the muslims and western society. They will not return to their nests in asia simply because they’re unwanted in the west. So we will see in the coming years if the French people are truly willing to cast off the chains of globalism and clean up their parasite-infested country.

    • After the initial attack on Charlie Hebdo, all the “We are Charlie” protests infuriated me. NO ONE had one of the cartoons. It was an arrogant display of grief for the dead in a ritual that should be saved for the victors. Not the losers.

      Everyone of those people who said “We are Charlie” and did not have a cartoon was in fact submitting to Islam and Islamic law. Because they are the farthest thing from Charlie. They are Dhimmmis in fact.
      So seeing this is fantastic. Not submitting to Islam, people putting up flyers with the arse of Mohammad, https://3speak.co/watch?v=rair2/pbufmgzx&utm_source=studio means that the French are demanding freedom of expression. This is a huge start. What comes next is what will be neccesary to win back those values. But with these actions, our side has decided to enter the war and that means we can win it.

      • Oh such true stirring words Eeyore, the best I have read in a long while.
        and so true true true.
        If only I was 20 yrs younger, I would leave a mark for my beloved France and for my beloved ancestors…..

        • You can still make that mark. Print up some of the cartoons and put them up where flyers are commonly found. Maybe add a phrase like: We will not submit to terror, or something like that, and put them up.

  4. (Pseudo: Embree) Yes! This is miles better than candle-and-flowers demos. It is shameful that dozens of newspapers have not acted together, and published the cartoons — in France and elsewhere.
    I note that one has, however –L’Expresse; which is something.

  5. Hurrah for Mr Carole Delga. Finally a european politician with a spine:

    “there must be no weakness in the face of the enemies of democracy, facing those who transform religion into a weapon of war… those who intend to destroy the Republic.”

    Article in French:

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