Tucker Carlson on the effectiveness of wearing masks for Covid 19

While this site has not taken a solid position on wearing masks, it has always taken the position that governments should not and even do not have the power to mandate mask wearing or even the shut downs, which we view as ultra-vires in both Canada and the United State as well as Great Britain. In Canada, the emergency act is still subject to the charters of rights and freedoms. So closing Churches for example, is still not something governments can legally do.

In this Tucker segment we see some of the dangers, and just some of them, of forcing populations to adopt things like this on a near whim.

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7 Replies to “Tucker Carlson on the effectiveness of wearing masks for Covid 19”

  1. Wow, memory hold fast…. I can’t even find this on BitChute or Altcensored….

    I watched this earlier but wanted to watch again.

  2. If I were a minister, I would not lock the doors of God’s house and I would remind the congregation to have more faith in God and less in the politicians. Too bad we don’t have more Christians speaking up for Christians and Jews and less so-called ministers defending Islam. Shame on them.

  3. I had a quick stop at the VA last week, a nurse warned me that I had to put the mask back up on leaving the room. I said I had must watched a video of a medical conference about how ineffective the masks were, she replied yeah I know what you mean.

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