Freedom and totalitarianism come closer to facing off in many nations: Links 1, October 17, 2020

1. How the left does politics

2. Nation-state actor hit Google with the largest DDoS attack

(Couldn’t happen to a nicer company)

In an overview of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) trends targeting its network links, Google revealed that in 2017 a nation-state actor used massive firepower that amounted to more than 2.54 terabits per second.

The actor targeted thousands of Google IP addresses at the same time and used several attack methods in a campaign that span across multiple months.

No impact

Google did not attribute the attack to a particular actor but said that the bad UDP packets hurled at its systems came from devices using several Chinese internet service providers (ASNs 4134, 4837, 58453, and 9394).

(To quote an American General during the Iran-Iraq war, “This is one of those wars you hope both sides lose)

3. Rudy Giuliani on the Hunter Biden computer info

4. Coronavirus: Italian Region Limits Alcohol Sales, Bans Contact Sports, Shuts Bingo Halls

(Curiously sharia compliant measures? Would be good to know if its all gambling or just Bingo)

ROME (AP) — Italy’s northern Lombardy region, where the European coronavirus outbreak began in late February, has taken new measures to contain rebounding infections, limiting bar service and alcohol sales, banning contact sports, and closing bingo parlours.

The regional government late Friday also called for high schools to adopt hybrid schedules with students alternating in-person with online learning.

5. Liberals Revise Gun-Confiscation Contract and Invite New Bidders

(I think at this point even a 1970s adding machine putting together everything going on today in leftist Western nations, would not see it add up to authoritarian totalitarianism. At least in the bud) — Canada’s governing Liberal Party invited a new group of companies to bid for a revised gun-confiscation contract after its initial invitation failed.

The Ministry of Public Safety is hiring a contractor to design ways to pay off confiscation victims. It shared the new job description and invited bidders today in a Tender Notice at

The new call for bids, similar to the original one, uses inaccurate and misleading language, referring to the forced seizures as a potential “buyback.”

6. From Red Pill Germany:

Angela Merkel Tries to Mislead the Public Using Questionable Models and False Extrapolations

Hey guys, Angela Merkel claimed that we will have 19200 daily cases by Christmas.
I show you today what manipulation techniques she used to arrive at this preposterous statement.
Of course, nobody knows what the real number will be.
It could be higher, lower or anywhere in between.
The point is that she tries to mislead and scare the public and she spreads unscientific misinformation about the growth mode of the infection.

7. This tweet asks the question: How far apart can the standards be for Donald Trump Vs. anyone who is not Donald Trump?

8. Video is 47:30 but anyone worried about Genocide taking place in the world should watch this.

9. Boris Johnson appears to be a total fraud at this point.

10. Sometimes all you have to do to defeat totalitarianism, is just not submit. Chances are the closures in Oz. are ultra vires like they are in the UK, US, and Canada. So if enough people open and take it to the supreme courts, it will collapse. We have already seen that in some US states.

Thank you M., Hellequin GB., MissPiggy, EB., ET., Richard, Wrath of Khan, C., MarcusZ., Watchmen2 and all who sent in materials over the week and this weekend.

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13 Replies to “Freedom and totalitarianism come closer to facing off in many nations: Links 1, October 17, 2020”

  1. 8 – I haven’t listened to all of it but what I heard says that the Whites in Africa had better organize and build forts to fight from if they want to survive.

    • And the one thing about BitChute, they have an app for Android. You can have it playing in the background and surf other sites on the web.

      Currently I’m listening to Tim Pool latest podcast while typing this……

  2. Don’t be fooled. The anti-state counter offensive has begun blaming the Biden scandal on the Russkis. It’s b.s. don’t fall for it.

    • The thing to remember is that Biden and the other Dems aren’t denying any of the things from the emails, this means they know they are real and that there is a lot of evidence they are real. They can’t deny the charges without being proven to be liars. Played right this will give Trump control of both houses of Congress and will give the Repubs control of most of the state legislatures and Governor houses. This scandal may be what saves freedom in the US.

      • Yes Richard, and the biden Lawler tried to get that laptop back from whoever had it….

        Quite telling if you ask me……….

      • Last election the UK Labour Party suffered it’s worst defeat in 87 years.
        Though the so-called Conservatives aren't… really… conservative….
        It's just that Labour was THAT flesh-crawling repellent.

        The Demonrats have to lose BIG – take the media down with them.

        • With what is suppose to be coming the Dem leaders are going down, the media may be harder but once their political patrons are gone they (hopefully) won’t last much longer.

          • It’s the 6 corporations that control the media. They can’t be voted out.

            Globalist enemies aligned with China and the MB. Like the septic pockets in the universities.

    • Makes sense.
      Like last election there was Pizzagate, child porn shockers without much evidence. The best conservative sites keep a healthy distance from stuff they can’t verify independently.

      Over a year ago the Conservative Treehouse expelled some of its best, long-time people for posting Q- anon. It seemed harsh, but they avoid giving substance to charges of conspiracy-theory mongering.

  3. In the 4th edition of “Mohammed’s Koran” I included quotations from Boris Johnson. In 2004 he wrote a novel about Muslim terrorists taking over Parliament. In that novel he has one of his police officers explain that it is the Koran that motivates Islamic terrorism, referring to such terrorism as Jihad against the Kuffar. A decade later Boris Johnson was a MP saying “Islam is a religion of peace”.

    There is no clearer example that our elected leaders are brazenly lying to us about Islam. Johnson’s novel was called “Seventy Two Virgins”, a scriptural allusion to the rewards that Islam promises to Jihadis for their violent actions against the Kuffar. His use of these Islamic terms of reference shows he knows what motivates this terrorism, but he doesn’t want the electorate to know (in his novel one of his characters paraphrases Koran 9:5).

    As the Islamic terrorism expanded after 2004, instead of speaking out about the Islamic basis of this terrorism, as a Member of Parliament Johnson turned about face and lied to the public about the nature of Islam. Those of us who knew that he could turn 180 degrees on a subject of such importance were not remotely surprised when he demonstrated he was no conservative.

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