Brad Johnson on Gina Haspel and the missing declass documents

A few days ago, we discussed with Brad Johnson aspects of the to-be-revealed documents president Trump had ordered declassified and released to the public. Documents that among many other things, also included evidence that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was a part of the plot to unseat a sitting president. In this update we see why these documents have not yet appeared or made available.

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5 Replies to “Brad Johnson on Gina Haspel and the missing declass documents”

  1. As regards to Business and reading the “Will of the People”, Donald Trump may be touched by genius, but in the art of “Politics”, he’s as naive as a Choirboy invited into the Bedroom of a Bishop.
    As are most of us that have a sense of Honour and a set of Common Sense Morals.

  2. Trump knows what should be done and will do so after the election. For now, it’s best to project optimism, point out his successes and Sleepy Joe’s dementia problems, and not give unnecessary fodder to the corrupt media.

    • Thank you for remembering that politics is the art of the possible, by delaying some important items until the Second Term he is insuring that all of the important items are done.

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