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5 Replies to “I had forgotten about the contents of the letters in 2001 with the Anthrax”

  1. It doesn’t matter if the Wuhan Flu was a bio weapon, the anthrax attacks show that bio weapons have been used and will be used in the future.

  2. I wouldn’t compare the China virus with anthrax simply because the virus is no deadlier than most other coronaviruses, while anthrax is legitimately terrible. However, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to learn that China, Iran, and other similarly garbage countries are working on ways to hurt and kill as many people as they possibly can. Rather than trying to improve their nations and help their people, the idiots only want to hurt and kill residents of other, more successful nations. Why improve yourself when you can just tear down everybody else, right? What a novel and brilliant strategy to achieve greatness.

    The homicidal idiocy of some people is surreal. They’re like animals, utterly without the ability to think like a human.

  3. Keep in mind that the US funded the Wuhan labs to the tune of millions of dollars. Why? Because the “research” there was illegal to conduct in the US. Who authorized the funding? Dr. Fauchi…

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