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One Reply to “Brad Johnson on China’s manifest destiny ambitions”

  1. China is pushing hard on all of its borders, the Singapore papers report on this aggressive moves but not as much as the Indian papers. The Frustrated Indian (TFI) reports on them but is probably an Indian Government Propaganda Organ. India today does a good job on the Chinese moves in the Mountain but with the exception of occasional reports on Pakistan ignores the other areas. The Hindustan Times reports but not constantly, this leaves WION that is almost always reporting on some move by the Chinese.

    India is a prime target for China because of the watershed in the mountains that China wants to control. The CCP has done a lot of environmental damage to the Nation of China part of this damage has been destroying the watershed in large portions of China and to stop the desertification of large portions of China they are stealing water but the upper sources of the rivers in Southeast Asia and diverting the water to China to water their farming areas. They have already diverted so much of the water from the Mekong river that the water level is less then half of what it was and the fishing industry along the river has been destroyed.

    In the Western US during the latter half of the 19th Century there was a saying “Whiskey is for drinking, Water is for fighting.” China is recreating this mindset in the Far Eastern Asian Nations. The need for water and the desire to expand the ancient Chinese Empire (to an extent caused by the population growth) has created the current international crisis. All we can do is watch and wait for the next major war to start. The Wuhan Flu has already shown that the super weapon of this war will probably be bio weapons.

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