Over 10,000 march against Covid measures in Montreal, Victoria police arrest dozens in Oz: Links 1, September 13, 2020

1. Major, MASSIVE march in Montreal against excessive Covid 19 measures.

(I was showing a video of the Ottawa demo in August to an American friend and he asked why there was many Trump references, signs and flags. He didn’t understand as this is Canada. I really don’t feel I gave him a good answer. On reflection, I wish I had said, “Just like communism is international, Canadians recognize that President Trump is a great symbol of democracy and individual rights for us all. To show support of Trump, perhaps even more so than in the US, is to show defiance to the left and the enemy-propaganda networks that own Canada’s airwaves, radio and TV.”)

(At both demos there was a showing by the Raelians. That is an odd bunch.)

2. Pakistan: Thousands protest the republishing of the image of Islam’s founder, Mohammad

(In Pakistan, a protest of less than 100,000 isn’t that impressive really. You can get 10,000 people at a demo in Pakistan for slightly larger Naan bread.)

3. Victoria authorities up their game at pushing people around for their own good.

VERY IMPORTANT: Check how the video right above is edited to make it look like the mother is upset with the protestors. but in the video below, you can hear her say police bullying is what is upsetting her and her daughter.

(Funny how none of these authorities said any of those things at the BLM and ANTIFA protestors. Makes you wonder. The second incident though, there is another version of the video on Twitter which makes things look much worse than it looks above. This video above gives the police much more justification for what they did when you see the whole context. Did the police call her a F***ING BI**H or not? Was it added to the lower video? Or subtracted from the top one?)

4. Citizen’s Arrest of suspected arsonist in Oregon

5. Civilized nations really must leave the UN #UNEXIT

6. Protests in Lebanon against IRAN!

(CNN)Protesters in Lebanon and Iraq in the last year have turned their ire not only against conditions in their own countries, but against Iran’s corrosive influence in them. Past Palestinian protests in Gaza against the Iran-supported terrorist group Hamas, and protests in Iran itself, against the use of scarce Iranian resources for its leaders’ foreign malign expeditions, have voiced similar frustrations. Syria has been virtually destroyed by a now over nine-year civil war in which much of the population has fought the Iran-backed Syrian leadership.

These flashpoints are revealing the fury of Arabs — and Iranians — with the leaders of the Iranian regime. They also reflect a changing Middle East: Notably, this anger is not being directed against Israel, even if the West has wrongfully long seen an Arab-Israeli divide as the region’s fulcrum of conflict, but against Tehran.
Now, yet another country has announced it will open diplomatic ties with Israel: After the US-brokered deal with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain has become the second Gulf state to normalize relations, a move that sends further shock waves through a region in which Arab countries have long resisted any diplomatic recognition of Israel.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Richard, Sassy, Jesper, ML., and all who sent in materials this weekend. More to come today.




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  1. The woman in the car seems to be trying to set the police up for a law suit, I don’t know enough about Australian Law to know has major the charge will be but in the US when you are stopped you have ot give the police your name.

  2. 1. “Raëlism teaches that an extraterrestrial species known as the Elohim created humanity using their advanced technology.” -wiki

    “The Biblical account in Genesis echoes the Sumerian account: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. … And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

    Raël’s rework of the original Sumerian myth in his own words:

      • Just read the Vedas. it is all there already. The book “Forbidden Archaeology” also shows that we have been here a lot longer than the currently accepted and idiotic 300,000 years with ignored evidence of homo sapiens sapiens found at least 65 million years. The religion of science is no better entrenched that in archaeology and anthropology and heretics while not yet burnt are defunded and sacked. This is NOT new but has been standard since the start of the 20th century with the irony here being that most of the “heretical” evidence being discovered(and ignored) in the 19th century(The Hidden History of the Human Race). Do note the “nuclear glass” found in the ME and in India with the latter correlating with what is told in the Vedas( Oppenheimer’s comment).

        • Existence of VERY early civilizations is at least as plausible as today’s “religion of science”.

          There may be evidence of the usage of radioactive materials in REALLY ancient Egypt. Some knowledge remained in the domain of the High Priests serving the Pharoahs.

          What burned Moses’ face when he was on top of Mt. Sinai receiving the stone tablets?

          What exactly was inside the “Ark of the Covenant” that had to be shielded and carried just so…?

          I’m blown away reading about dental implants in Alexandria, Egypt in the late Greek, early Roman era.

          What else did we forget?

      • For vulnerable adults, there is solace in the message ‘all will be well with you’ when their messiah/mardhi/space aliens return and slaughter all the Unbelievers who were not fair.

        For their children, he is as real as his Santa Claws suit says he is.

        And for their children, they are to be an exact copy of the dead prophet.

        And then the next generation will learn of the miracles of The Great One and receive the visions of the Apostles.

        Then it becomes totalitarian for everyone.

        And then the Reformation after 1000 years of dark ages and jihad..

        And then it starts again: to follow the family business.

        Many seduce the sick. Few heal the sick.

  3. Item 1 – All media in Quebec portray Trump in a very negative light. Almost all people despise him. But the few enlightened get their info from alternative American websites & blogs (via Twitter) and the same can be said for all issues pertaining to the CCP Virus. These people are truly Trump-admirers and do not hesitate to show it.

  4. The MONTREAL MARCH: It’s really great to see them fight for freedom. And in good numbers that are increasing double-fold every time. They have another one coming up in October of the type Rally and Gospel Concert.

    VANCOUVER: Not certain if you posted it but there also they are waking up. Videos from today.
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/i/status/1305229753188712448
    YouTube, long version: You can skip and hop through it.

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