About Covid policies, social medicine in the UK and arson against forests in US: Links 1, September 14, 2020

1. Interview with medical doctor and PhD in economics from Stanford about the bad decisions made in response to Corona. Audio only.

2. Ottawa seeking legal response to unregulated internet content “spreading hate”

The federal government is seeking “legal remedies” for unregulated internet content.

In a private discussion paper sent to advocacy groups, Attorney General David Lametti expressed concerns about the “double-edged nature of the internet,” according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

“As Canadians spent more time online than ever, we must grapple with the double-edged nature of the internet and social media platforms,” wrote staff in Consultation Paper: Online Hate.

“On one hand they bring tremendous opportunities for connection, expression and empowerment, but on the other hand … the spreading of hate has never been easier. We want to canvass your views in order to develop options for legal remedies,” the Consultation Paper states.

(Article continues to explain that B’Nai Brith is “talking about hate speech” without defining it, which is always the case. While genocidal lunacy is horrifying, its less dangerous than giving governments the power to ban speech based on how they define hate’. By a country mile.)

3. More on the two officers that were shot in ambush. Protestors blocked the hospital entrance shouting “death to police”

4. Communist insurgents chanting “F**K your Jesus as they riot around town.

5. Bill O’Reilly on Biden

6. As per usual, the police were totally justified in the shooting which BLM was all packed and ready to riot over before anything was known.

7. Toronto: Man dead after stabbing at mosque in Rexdale

(Hard to believe there would be any sort of violence at a mosque!)

Toronto police are investigating after a member of a mosque in Rexdale was fatally stabbed on Saturday evening.

Police responded to a stabbing at the International Muslim Organization of Toronto in the area of Rexdale Boulevard and Bergamot Avenue around 8:40 p.m.

Officers located a man with a stab wound to his neck, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

(Only the attacker’s clothes are described at all. Police are on the look out for a black hoodie and dark pants)

7. Vancouver also having freedom marches

8. THIS is what social medicine looks like

(Youtube pulled this footage down from other people’s accounts for ToS. NOT Copyright. Sky was allowed to publish it. Just to add an entire layer to this totalitarian horror. Sky News link here.)

9. Canada: John Ivison: Get ready for the Liberals’ secret new carbon tax

(2 problems here. The National Post takes massive money from the Trudeau government and is likely controlled opposition, and when exactly are we getting out of “covid induced hibernation”? Once all the plastic is gone and the oil is back in the ground?)

It’s the green policy paradox. Governments want to achieve greenhouse gas reductions at the lowest possible cost, yet, in order to incentivize more environmentally-friendly behaviour, the price of pollution must be driven ever higher.

The Trudeau Liberals have touted their ability to balance the demands of the economy and the environment but as we close in on the Paris climate change targets – a reduction in emissions 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 – this is a government that is losing its sense of equilibrium.

The latest test of its principles will come in this month’s throne speech, where the Liberals will start to explain how the Canadian economy will reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Part of that explanation will involve the introduction of the Canadian Fuel Standard, a regulatory regime that will require all supplies of fossil fuel to reduce carbon content.

(Controlled opposition often looks like its being critical of the government when its really demanding that the government live up to its intentions. In other words, trying to get the public not to question the policy, but cheer the government on in its pursuit of policy, which the public would likely be against if they knew its consequences. Life will get a lot more expensive and less pleasant soon. High energy costs means less choices, less comfort for the middle class and less wealthy. It won’t impact the Trudeau class though. It never does.)

10. Below, an eye witness to the cold blooded assassination of two police officers in LA reacts. This is hard to watch.

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14 Replies to “About Covid policies, social medicine in the UK and arson against forests in US: Links 1, September 14, 2020”

  1. 2. Ottawa seeking legal response to unregulated internet content “spreading hate”

    No matter how they structure it the end result of such a “regulating body” will be the same. Somebody like me will write a comment pointing out some truths about Islam or socialism or feminism or the teachers’ union and the regulating body will find that I am in violation of the new “hate laws” and have been found guilty and must be silenced immediately for “spreading hate”. That’s how it will go, for sure. No doubt about it. And, of course, posts critical of the right will be left alone forever as they call conservatives ignorant hillbilly’s who screw their own sisters in their Kentucky trailer-parks…

  2. 3 – Take a good look at the video, that was a kid who was pre teen that did the shooting. Charlie used kids like that In Nam so they could claim the anit communist forces were murdering kids.

    • That’s what I thought, too. It looks like a fat little 5-foot-tall 13-year-old to me but they’re saying it’s a “black man pushing 30. His head isn’t any higher than the top of the squad car so that makes him a pretty small adult. He could also just be a really short guy wearing lots of clothes to confound attempts at identification.

      If they find him they need to lean on him real hard and see who pops up then lean on them ’til more pop up then lean on them…etcetera… Ask him if he wants to spend the next 70 years in a quiet white room for his own protection with 24-hour lights and no TV and no computer and no magazine and no books and nothing but regrets to occupy his time…

    • Why is Dr. Fauci still insisting that hydroxychloroquine is no good when the evidence is now so clear that it is very helpful especially in newly-infected patients as it significantly reduces the risk of patients going from the mild form of the disease to the deadly one and hospitalization? Fauci is obviously a lying political hack who will sacrifice human lives to satisfy his own personal agenda. And why is Trump so nice about it…?

  3. 1- Humanity has seen this before. In 1633 Galileo was tried for heresy by the Roman Inquisition over his support of the Copernican view that the Earth revolves around the sun. In the last century Marxist Lysenkoism infected science and killed millions. In these examples religion and politics are indistinguishable from each other. The infection of science by politics now distorts most scientific disciplines, it seems, though I don’t know about mathematics. Certainly, we see climate sciences, psychology, astronomy, and economics badly infected.

    The world economy, already struggling beneath a huge burden of debt, is being loaded with massive additional liabilities because of this infection of science by politics. Orthodox Keynesians never speak of the legs of this mule buckling, but it is a mathematical certainty. This will be the actual “second wave”.


    • MIT has two separate departments that deal with meteorology. Genuine research continues quietly, in its silo. Well-funded climate-junk is in the Fluffy Studies Dept.

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