Well known German doctor speaks to the fraud that is the Corona measures

This is very good and really worth watching.

Please read the whole story over at RAIR Foundation

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2 Replies to “Well known German doctor speaks to the fraud that is the Corona measures”

  1. Appreciate that he can express himself and that we can freely listen. https://www.aao.org/headline/coronavirus-kills-chinese-whistleblower-ophthalmol

    When he refers to veterinarians, are these the researchers in bio-weapons or some other personage in German policy making?

    After having seen the virus make a friend into an orphan, my children are the ones who ask us adults to be careful. Alarm and reaction depend on how much the illness has penetrated one’s environment. Health policy deserves to be made at the local level.

    On Friday’s radio broadcast, Dennis Prager made the same points as did this German physician: why is LA health policy under the care of a non-medical social worker and what are the death/hoslitalization numbers, not the case numbers.

    Let me have a re-do. Effective health policy at the local level should include honest data and transparent reasoning and allow citizens to have autonomy. Think of all the risks we agree to take when we decide to drive!! Just as we elect sheriffs, perhaps we shoukd also be electing health officers.

    • Agree, local makes more sense.
      Blanket diktats are politics, not public health management.
      What’s going on in Victoria, Australia or NYC has nothing to do with Boston after the Biogen conference. Or, for that matter, Boston from the end of June.

      And the treatment protocols in place then might – in part – account for the high mortality rate. Ventilator, ventilator, who’s got a ventilator!

      That’s also when policy became untethered from reality.
      We were played. Big time. Everywhere
      – – Even Israel and Singapore? I don’t get it.

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