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Yesterday I was privileged to be invited to come on as a guest on Canada’s Webcast live show, Laura Lynn. I don’t get much chance to do radio/podcasts as much as I used to, so it was fun and a little scary to do a live broadcast again.

Basically, we covered the events today as they are playing out from the perspective of a more or less Coughlin-esque view of the strategics of what we see manifested on the streets. For regular readers of this site, I hope it makes sense and is enjoyable for those that want to give it the time.

For all interested, Stephen’s analysis on the left from a strategical and historical point of view, can be read here. it is highly recommended reading.

It is also on Youtube as an Audio Book and some find that easier to process. A briefing with slides is in the works I believe, and that should be fantastic when it comes out. To give you an idea of what that would be like, check out The Red Pill Brief, which has its own page at Vlad.

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  1. 9/11 Today Understanding The Threat site asks:

    “How can American leaders honor the dead of 9/11 and those who died in wars following those attacks, when they befriend the leaders of the very network which nurtured and produced the jihadis who conducted these attacks and allow the jihadi organizations which make up this network to continue their daily work to destroy America?”

    “Here at Understanding the Threat we will honor and pray for the dead of 9/11 and the wars that followed because we know the enemy and are empowering Americans with tools to identify and dismantle enemy networks and communist and jihadi -at local levels.”

    All he NDP and all the Liberals voted in favour of M-103, except CYA Justine Trudeau who was probably out looking for unicorns on the day of the vote. All the Conservatives voted against this oppressive motion, except Wong, who abstained.

    Why under our hate speech law are so many Imams allowed to spew their hate?

    Imam Mazin Abdul Adhim, leader of the terror group Hibz-it-Tharir, living in London, Ontario speaking about Remembrance Day: “ The Ottomans were
    Muslims, and Remembrance Day first started after Britain and France and others defeated us, killed millions of our people, and then made this celebration starting on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 month, November 11th, to forever remember “their” soldiers who fought to defeat us in that war and, invade Our lands. that is why we don’t celebrate Remembrance Day, because we would be remembering their soldiers who killed millions of Muslims. During WW11, The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem met with Hitler in Germany to discuss the elimination of the Jews – – -Muslim troops served in the Waffen SS on the Eastern Front and assisted in the Final Solution.”

    “Canadian soldiers are war criminals.”

    “ Pigs and monkeys is what I call the likes of Netanyahu, yes he is much worse than pigs and monkeys. I’m trying to be nice actually.”

    Osman Haji, Imam Sahaba Masjid Mosque, Edmonton:
    “Who are those that earned the wrath of Allah? ….They are the Jews…Those who were cursed by Allah. Allah was angry at them and turned them into monkeys and pigs.”

    Hussein Amer, Quebec Council of Imams. Qur’an 2:65
    “ Allah punished the children of Israel by transforming them into apes and pigs because they committed a major sin or did nothing to prevent it. Only those who warned of committing the sin were saved from being punished.” Amer went on to say the sinners survived only three days in the new form of animals before dying without leaving behind off springs.

    Imam Mostafa Saad Hannout, Masjid Mosque, Toronto, Ontario:
    “O Allah-show your kindness to our brothers in Gaza. O Allah give Victory over your enemy and their enemy. O Allah, take revenge against the grandchildren of the apes and pigs.”

    9000 Bathurst Street Mosque “ Marriage with 9 year olds is moral”. Muta-temporary or permanent”

    The list of Imams spewing hate within Canada is long. Canadians should check out their websites.

    Justine Trudeau says Islam is not incompatible with Western, secular democracy.

    Muslim Brotherhood hoods / Islamists in Canada’s say Islam is not compatible with Western democracy.

    Recommend reading for all Canadians and especially ALL politicians, and I hope their are a few politicians left who honestly do not comprehend just what the Islamists plan is for Canada.

    SUBMISSION the Danger of Political Islam to Canada by Tom Quiggin

    What happened to the report Tom Quiggin filed with the RCMP regarding money being given to the Islamic groups in Canada?

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