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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. GERMANY HAMBURG 200 police called in after Kurdish protesters abuse female conductor & force train stoppage in Germany

    Around 80 Kurdish demonstrators who were returning from rallies caused a train to be stopped near Hamburg on Thursday. A massive police force was deployed to restore order, with clashes erupting and arrests made.

    The trouble on the train started as soon as the people, described as “activists” by the German media, boarded in the town of Luneburg, Lower Saxony. They were all members of a Kurdish youth movement returning from rallies that took place in Hanover, Celle, Uelzen, Lüneburg and Harburg earlier in the day.

    The men, who were reportedly traveling without tickets, became aggressive and abused a female train conductor during a check.

    more :

  2. Israel, Bahrain Agree to Normalize Relations (sputniknews, Sep 11, 2020)

    “The move comes less than a month after Israel and the United Arab Emirates agreed to sign a peace treaty and establish normalized ties, with Abu Dhabi becoming the third Arab nation in the Middle East to do so.

    President Donald Trump has issued a joint statement by the United States, Israel and Bahrain announcing Tel Aviv and Manama’s intention to establish full diplomatic relations.

    “Another HISTORIC breakthrough today! our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain agree to a Peace Deal – the second Arab country to make peace with Israel in 30 days!” Trump wrote in a tweet accompanying the statement.

    As per the statement, Israel and Bahrain agreed to normalize ties following a telephone conversation between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa bin Salman al-Khalifa and Donald Trump.

    “King Hamad and Prime Minister Netanyahu express their deep appreciation to President Trump for his dedication to peace in the region, his focus on shared challenges, and the pragmetic and unique approach he has taken to bringing their nations together,” the statement adds.
    A Bahraini delegation is expected to join Israeli and UAE officials in Washington, DC on Tuesday for the formal signing of normalization treaties between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, and Tel Aviv and Manama.

    Netanyahu Confirms Deal
    Netanyahu confirmed that Israel would be signing the treaty later Friday, saying the agreement opens a “new era of peace” in relations.

    “For many long years, we invested and peace, and now peace will invest in us, will bring about truly major investments in Israel’s economy -and that is very important,” Netanyahu said.

    The Bahrain News Agency said in a statement that King Hamad had ‘reiterated’ to Trump and Netanyahu the need to reach ‘a fair and lasting peace’ between Israel and Palestine on the basis of a two-state solution.

    The UAE’s foreign ministry offered its congratulations to both Israel and Bahrain for the agreement, with foreign ministry spokeswoman Hend Al Otaiba tweeting that the “significant and historic achievement” will “contribute enormously to the stability and prosperity of the region.”…”

  3. ISIS Hails ‘Blessed 9/11’ as ‘Great Event’ and ‘Pivotal Point’ on 19th Anniversary of Attacks (newsweek, Sep 11, 2020)

    “The Islamic State militant group (ISIS) released a statement through its Naba newspaper celebrating September 11th as the United States commemorated the 19th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

    ISIS is often critical of Al-Qaeda, the extremist group that perpetrated the attacks under the direction of Osama bin Laden on September 11, 2001, but it described the events of that day as “great” and “a pivotal point.”

    “The blessed 9/11 strikes were a great event and a pivotal point in contemporary Muslim history,” ISIS wrote.

    “The importance of these strikes is not due to the size of their direct damage to America, despite its greatness in terms of material and humanity, but because they marked the beginning of the new Crusader wars against the countries of Islam, which have been going on for two decades in different regions and its end will soon be announced, with God’s permission.”

    The group went on to say that September 11th pushed some Muslims to jihad so they could “damage America and its allies until it collapses or at least it is forced to leave the Muslim countries.”

    Friday’s statement is the first time that the extremist group has publicly issued comments on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks…”

  4. #CancelNetflix Trending as ‘Cuties’ Film is Accused of Sexualizing Children

    Netflix is under fire from its users as their newly released French film “Cuties” is perceived as overtly sexualizing young girls.

    The film centers around a young immigrant girl who becomes fascinated by a clique of 11-year-old neighborhood girls who twerk in a local dance troupe.

    “If you watch 11 year olds twerk, you’re a creep,” one user tweeted. “If you defend Netflix airing this child porn, you’re enabling abuse.” The post was tailed with the hashtag #CancelNetflix.

    An early poster for the movie provoked enormous backlash after it was criticized for sexualizing young girls. The French version “Mignonnes,” is clearly less provocative than its American counterpart, both can be seen side-by-side below.

  5. India and Japan, Both in Territorial Disputes with China, Sign Military Cooperation Pact

    India and Japan signed a mutual logistics support arrangement (MLSA) on Wednesday, a pact allowing the two nations’ military forces to engage in mutual supply and service provision during joint exercises and operations, the Times of India (TOI) reported.

    Suzuki Satoshi, the Japanese ambassador, and Indian Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar signed the agreement in New Delhi, the Defense Ministry said.

  6. The Left Secretly Preps for MAGA Violence After Election Day

    The progressive coalition Fight Back Table has been meeting to game out what happens if Joe Biden doesn’t win by a landslide. It’s not pretty.

    ast week, a coalition of leading progressive groups gathered on Zoom to begin organizing for what they envision as the post-Election Day political apocalypse scenario.

    Put together by the Fight Back Table—an initiative launched after the 2016 election to get a constellation of lefty organizations to work more closely together—the meeting dealt with the operational demands expected if the November election ends without a clear outcome or with a Joe Biden win that Donald Trump refuses to recognize.

    Sources familiar with the discussions described them as serious with a modestly panicked undertone. A smaller FBT session last fall had talked about post-election planning, but those discussions were tabled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This was the first time they were bringing the matter to the 50-plus organizations that make up the coalition. To formalize the effort, they gave it a name: the “Democracy Defense Nerve Center.”

    Over the course of two hours, participants broached the question of what the progressive political ecosystem can functionally do in a series of election scenarios. They began charting out what it would take to stand up a multi-state communications arm to fight disinformation, a training program for nonviolent civil disobedience, and the underpinnings of what one official described as “mass public unrest.” And they pored over a report from the Transition Integrity Project, a bipartisan group formed in 2019, that analyzed various election-season scenarios and made clear the type of ratfuckery, corruption, and chaos that potentially was ahead.

    • I haven’t read all of the article yet but it seems to be group of lefty’s indulging in their fantasy that Creepy Uncle Joe will win the election. But that Donald Trump won’t leave the White House.

  7. Detroit Police Chief Pulls Back Curtain On Riots – It’s Not Actually About Equality, It’s “Total Anarchy

    Controversy and tension continues to affect law enforcement around the country. Leftist politicians and activists are calling for sweeping reform due to perceived police bias and racism.

    However, many officers say much of the backlash is overblown and as a result, they don’t feel supported. They’ve also blamed political leaders for caving to leftist pressure.

  8. REVEALED: At least 15 phones belonging to Robert Mueller’s team – including FBI lover Lisa Page’s – were wiped before being handed over to DoJ to be checked for anti-Trump bias

    More than 15 phones belonging to the investigative team of then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller were wiped before they were handed over to the Office of the Inspector General to be examined for proof of potential bias.

    Mueller and his team were investigated by the Department of Justice for alleged biased in its pursuit of any proof that Trump or his administration colluded with Russia.

    The investigation concluded that there was no bias but as part of it, Mueller’s team was told to hand over cellphones. Many had been wiped of their data.

  9. In Case You Missed It: Bin Laden Wanted Biden as President
    AAN Staff

    According to documents seized after the raid on his Abbottabad compound, Osama bin Laden wanted to assassinate then-U.S. President Barack Obama so that the “totally unprepared” Joe Biden would assume the presidency and plunge America “into a crisis.”
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    Fox News reported on the secretive documents in April, mentioning a tentative plan by Al Qaeda to take down a plane carrying Obama and General David Petraeus.

  10. Supreme Court Throws Wrench in Absentee Voting
    GOP Presidential Staff September 11, 2020 Uncategorized No Comments

    MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Supreme Court told election officials Thursday that absentee ballots should not be mailed for now while the court determines whether they should include the Green Party’s presidential ticket.

    The 4-3 order left open the possibility of reprinting some ballots and delaying the printing of others — moves that election officials said would cause them to miss deadlines set by state law.

    The order fell along ideological lines, with the conservatives in the majority and the liberals in dissent.

    Patrick Marley, Milwaukee Journal SentinelSeptember 10, 2020, 7:37 PM EDT·5 mins read

    MADISON, Wis. — The Wisconsin Supreme Court told election officials Thursday that absentee ballots should not be mailed for now while the court determines whether they should include the Green Party’s presidential ticket.

    The 4-3 order left open the possibility of reprinting some ballots and delaying the printing of others — moves that election officials said would cause them to miss deadlines set by state law.

  11. Should we despair over phones wiped by Mueller team members? Maybe not; see the Strzok/Page text incident
    By J.E. Dyer September 11, 2020

    Records responsive to a FOIA request were posted by the Department of Justice this week, and they show that 14 members of Robert Mueller’s special counsel team “wiped” data from their government-issued smart phones after the DOJ inspector general requested the phones from them for review.

  12. Facebook, Google, Twitter urged by EU to do more against fake news

    “Two years after agreeing to a self-regulatory code of practice to tackle disinformation, Facebook, Alphabet’s Google, Twitter and other tech rivals must try harder to be more effective, the European Commission said on Thursday.

    Fake news related to COVID-19 has accelerated calls for social media to be more proactive in combating the issue.

    The companies, including Mozilla and trade bodies for the advertising industry, signed up to the code in 2018 in a bid to stave off more heavy-handed regulation. Microsoft and TikTok subsequently joined the group.

    There are, however, several shortcomings in the code following an assessment of its first year in operation, the commission said, according to a report seen by Reuters.

    “These can be grouped in four broad categories: inconsistent and incomplete application of the code across platforms and member states, lack of uniform definitions, existence of several gaps in the coverage of the code commitments, and limitations intrinsic to the self-regulatory nature of the code,” the report said.

    The commission vice president for values and transparency, Vera Jourova, called for more action to counter new risks.

    “As we also witness new threats and actors the time is ripe to go further and propose new measures. The platforms need to become more accountable and transparent. They need to open up and provide better access to data, among others,” Jourova said.

    Jourova is currently working on a European Democracy Action Plan to make democracy more resilient to digital threats.

    The commission is also set to propose new rules called the Digital Services Act by the end of the year which will increase social media’s responsibilities and liability for content on their platforms.”

  13. Gunmen Abduct 10 Near Nigeria Capital, Police Free 5

    “Gunmen on Thursday abducted 10 people from a community outside Nigeria’s capital Abuja, five of whom were rescued after a fierce gun battle with the kidnappers, police said.

    Police were searching for the remaining victims after the overnight attack in Tungan Maje, police spokesman Anjuguri Manzah said in a statement, describing the gunmen as “heavily armed.”

    Local media said up to 20 people might have been abducted when the gunmen stormed the village, which borders the federal capital’s territory and the Nigerian state of Niger.

    They were said to have raided homes, carting away valuables before making off with their victims.

    The motive for the abductions was not immediately clear as no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Kidnapping for ransom is common in Nigeria and there has been an increase of incidents in the capital Abuja.”

  14. Iran Deploys Submarine, Cruise Missile in Exercises Near Sensitive Strait of Hormuz

    “The Iranian navy on Friday deployed homegrown military equipment including a submarine and a cruise missile on the second day of exercises near the strategic Strait of Hormuz.

    The submarine dubbed the Fateh — Persian for “Conquerer” — was seen in action for the first time and sailed up the Indian Ocean, the military said on its website.

    The near 600-tonne sub is equipped with torpedoes, mines, and cruise missiles, and can stay underwater at a depth of more than 200 meters (650 feet) for up to 35 days, according to Iranian media.

    Unveiled last year, it is Iran’s first submarine in the semi-heavy category, filling a gap between its light Ghadir class and heavy Kilo class submarines.

    Dubbed “Zolfaghar 99,” the three-day exercises are being held over waters stretching from the northern Indian Ocean to the eastern end of the Strait of Hormuz, through which a fifth of world oil output passes.

    The Iranian navy also test-fired a “Ghader” land-to-sea cruise missile first unveiled in 2014, saying it successfully hit its target at a distance of over 200 kilometers (124 miles).

    The installation of missile systems “all across the country’s southern coast has enabled us to target any threat at sea from any point,” navy commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said.

    “This is not about deterrence; it’s about attacking any target that could pose a threat for Iran,” he said on state television.

    Videos aired on state television showed the missile being fired from a mobile system installed on a truck, with Khanzadi thanking the crew afterward.

    A locally-made “Simorgh” combat drone also destroyed its targets using “smart, precision bombs” in waters more than a 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) away, the navy said.”

  15. Swiss Court Indicts Man for Joining ISIS-aligned Group in Syria

    “A man dubbed the “Emir of Winterthur” was sentenced to 50 months in prison by a Swiss court on Friday after being convicted of supporting ISIS and recruiting for the terrorist group.

    Prosecutors had said the Swiss-Italian dual citizen, whose name has not been released publicly, traveled to ISIS-controlled areas of Syria in 2013, where he joined a combat unit affiliated to ISIS.

    Upon returning to Switzerland, the now 34-year-old defendant capitalized on his reputation as a warrior to motivate several people to join ISIS, prosecutors said, Reuters reported.

    He had pleaded not guilty to charges of supporting and participating in a criminal organization and violating a ban on representations of acts of violence but was convicted after a trial.

    Winterthur is the suburb of Zurich where he lived and ran a training gym. Several media outlets said the Federal Criminal Court also fined a second defendant with Swiss-Macedonian dual citizenship who was charged with attempting to travel to ISIS territory to join the organization and with recruiting one individual for ISIS.

    Broadcaster SRF said the main suspect had told the court he had briefly embraced “jihadist” ideology but had since had a change of heart and regretted the episode. He said he had traveled to Syria to provide humanitarian assistance.

    Switzerland has not experienced deadly militant attacks like those that that have hit neighboring countries such as Germany and France, but has identified hundreds of residents deemed a threat and cases of extremist travelers who have left Switzerland for war zones.”

  16. Saudi officials must testify in 9/11 lawsuit, says US judge

    “A US judge ordered Saudi Arabia to make 24 current and former officials, including a former ambassador to the United States, available for questioning in a lawsuit claiming it provided assistance for the attacks that took place on 11 September 2001, lawyers for the victims said on Friday.

    Saudi Arabia has long denied involvement in the attacks, in which almost 3,000 people died as hijacked jetliners crashed into New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon outside Washington, and a field in western Pennsylvania. Friday marked the 19th anniversary of the attacks.

    The Saudi government’s media office did not immediately respond to a request for comment after business hours, Reuters said, and a Washington-based lawyer for the country declined to comment.

    US Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn’s decision was made public on Thursday in Manhattan federal court.

    It followed another judge’s March 2018 rejection of Saudi Arabia’s bid to dismiss the litigation, in which families of those killed, as well as tens of thousands of people who suffered injuries, as well as businesses and insurers, are seeking billions of dollars in damages.

    While rejecting some of the plaintiffs’ requests for depositions, Netburn said those who could be questioned include Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to the United States from 1983 to 2005 and a member of the Saudi royal family, Reuters reported.

    She said Saudi Arabia “persuasively” argued that documents did not suggest the prince oversaw the work of two officials the plaintiffs linked to the attacks.

    Still, the judge said the plaintiffs’ materials indicated he “likely has first-hand knowledge” of the role one official “was assigned by the Kingdom and the diplomatic cover provided to the propagators” working in the United States.

    A drawn-out legal battle
    It was not immediately clear how Saudi Arabia might arrange for or compel testimony by its citizens, including those no longer in the government.

    James Kreindler, a lawyer for the victims, called the decision a “major development” because Saudi Arabia had produced little documentation concerning its government officials working in the United States before the attacks.

    The almost two-decade-old lawsuit has faced several major obstacles over the years.

    In March, a legal team representing survivors and families accused Saudi authorities of trying to silence at least four of their witnesses in the case, saying they had been threatened or intimidated by alleged Saudi agents.

    On those grounds, the plaintiffs’ legal team requested that the identities of the witnesses in the drawn-out legal battle be protected and kept secret.

    The lawyers of the 9/11 victims invoked the 2018 murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi officials in Turkey as evidence of the kingdom’s potential threat against their witnesses.

    Lawyers representing the Saudi government denied allegations of witness tampering, saying the claims were “based on hearsay within hearsay”.

    The defence also accused the plaintiffs’ lawyers of trying to gain a “tactical advantage” in legal deposition interviews with witnesses.

    In 2016, both chambers of the US Congress voted to override President Barack Obama’s veto of the bill that gave 9/11 families the right to sue Saudi Arabia.”

  17. Protests flare in Libya’s Benghazi over power cuts, living conditions

    “Scores of people protested in Benghazi on Thursday over power cuts and living conditions, witnesses said, burning tyres and blocking some roads in an unusual public show of dissent in the eastern Libyan city, Reuters reports.

    Benghazi is the base of Khalifa Haftar and his Libyan National Army (LNA), which is fighting in a civil war against the internationally recognised Government of National Accord in Tripoli, in the country’s west.

    Electricity supply has deteriorated this year, leading to protests last month in Tripoli and adding to poor living standards amid a surge in cases of the novel coronavirus.

    The most immediate cause of the worsening power supply is a lack of fuel for electricity plants. The LNA has accused the Tripoli-based National Oil Corp (NOC) of not importing enough fuel to operate the plants…”

  18. IMF wants Pakistan to up power, gas tariffs

    “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has again turned up the pressure on Pakistan, asking it to increase power and gas tariffs for the revival of the stalled $6 billion programme.

    The global lender has contacted Pakistani authorities to convey its demands, sources said on Thursday.

    The sources added that the IMF had called for measures to reduce circular debt and power losses.

    The IMF has also demanded that the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) and the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) should be allowed to make independent decisions on tariffs.

    It has also stressed the need to implement tax reforms.

    The Pakistani authorities have been told that it was imperative to meet the tax collection target of around Rs1 trillion during the period between July and September.

    The IMF has not approved the second review of the 39-month Extended Fund Facility worth $6 billion since February this year due to disagreement over additional tax measures and increase in electricity prices.

    The IMF’s concerns about the viability of Rs4.963 trillion tax collection target for the new fiscal year 2020-21 are in line with the views of independent experts who have also termed the tax collection target unrealistic.

    According to a Pakistani official, the IMF also wants amendments to the State Bank of Pakistan Act for autonomy to the central bank and changes in the National Regulation of Generation and Transmission and Distribution of the Electric Power Act.

    The government had introduced the Electric Power Act bill in the National Assembly on June 10 but it has not yet been approved.

    The amendments would allow the federal government to pass on its cost of inefficiency and theft to the power consumers through imposition of surcharges.

    The proposed amendments are also aimed at timely notifying the increase in electricity prices to stop the buildup of the circular debt.

    The official maintained that the gas and petroleum products prices determination mechanism were among the outstanding issues.

    In June this year, the IMF had urged Pakistan to freeze the salaries of government employees and adhere to the fiscal consolidation path by showing a nominal primary deficit in the new budget – the two demands that Islamabad finds hard to digest.

    The international lender is insisting that Pakistan should continue to follow the fiscal consolidation path due to a high and unsustainable public debt that is set to hit 90% of the total value of national economy.”

  19. Pakistan: Gang rape case shocks nation, citizens demand justice

    “Islamabad: Pakistanis took to the streets today demanding the arrest and public execution of the criminals responsible for the gang rape of a woman, in front of her children, near Lahore. The tragedy occurred only days after the sexual abuse of a 5-year-old girl, triggering a surge of outrage and prompting protests.

    Punjab Police said that the DNA tests of seven suspects have been conducted and the area of five kilometres around the crime scene was being examined in search of the culprits with the help of “DNA evidence, geo-fencing, examining CCTV footage”. Inspector General Inam Ghani said that the “barbarians” would soon be brought to justice, saying, “Police teams are working day and night to provide justice to the victim”.

    Focus on catching culprits
    Amid the outcry for swift police actions, citizens also demanded the removal of Lahore police chief Umer Sheikh over his insensitive remarks that lay the blame on the victim. “We feel that victim blaming is indicative of a highly problematic mindset which contributes to the culture of impunity” that makes the “victims of rape and sexual harassment feel unsafe” and reluctant to report their complaints” Lahore-based lawyers said in a written complaint. However, Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat said “right now the total focus is to catch the culprits” and not get distracted by internal issues.

    On September 9, a woman with her three children was on her way from Lahore to Gujranwala when her car ran out of fuel. After calling the police, she was waiting for help in the car with the doors and windows locked when two men armed with sticks and stones and smashed the car windows. The attackers severely beat up the kids and woman and dragged them to a nearby field where they gang-raped the victim and robbed her cash and jewellery.

    The family was “dragged like sacrificial animals to the altar” wrote journalist Fereeha Idrees in a chilling Twitter thread after interviewing the victim’s family. When her family came, they found the woman “badly bruised, swollen feet and bleeding head and so were the children”. The woman was so terrified that she did not let police get near her children when they reached after nearly an hour. She was shivering and “refused to even recognize her friend and family” shared Fereeha. They were “completely terrorized. They did not talk for hours. The children were numb”. The woman kept crying and was inconsolable, the family said.

    Enraged netizens blame justice system
    Hashtags #WarAgainstRape and #HangRapistsPublicly calling for justice for the victims have been shared widely on social media by citizens, politicians and celebrities. Actor Feroze Khan said “a trial in such cases are useless. It should only be execution every Friday”. However, some people were quick to remind them that only strict law, fair and speedy trial can ensure justice, as public hangings have not deterred the rapists. “Raped in front of her children. Neither one of them will ever be able to forget or move on from this. Lives destroyed. For their justice and for safety of the rest of us women who use motorways/highways, punish the culprits” demanded one Twitter user. “How are such vile and inhuman beings allowed to roam freely in our country.” asked cricketer Shan Masood.

    As the angry protestors called for harsher punishments and swift justice, women’s rights activists said the “anger and grief is justified” but what the country needs is “reforms” to protect women and children. Experts termed the tragedy a “wake-up call” and called for police and judicial reforms and education are essential to improve the criminal justice system and social structures to effectively fight the crime and injustice.

    Conviction rate for rape is far lower than other crimes in the country. In Punjab, the conviction rate is hardly 10 per cent, according to War Against Rape (WAR), an organization that fights sexual violence. Over 70 per cent of the witnesses withdraw from the rape cases out of fear of lack of protection mechanisms, it said. The organization called for swift trials in violence against women and child cases to ensure speedy justice.

    Women demand safety
    One aspect of the social media discussion was rape prevention and safety advice for women, which infuriated some as the women demanded basic tight to safety and protection. “Many people are advising don’t go out alone or don’t drive late night or don’t wear revealing clothes. But unfortunately, this will not stop violence against women. We need better laws and justice system to feel secure,” says Maheen Khan, 21. “Why is the conversation focused on women, why are we not teaching men to stop the abuse,” said one angry netizen.

    Experts call for education and training at homes, educational institutes, offices and government departments to prevent sexual violence. Some demanded rape-prevention programmes such as in Kenya that focused on self-defense classes for girls and sex education to rape myths, and training for boys to intervene if they witness an assault taking place.”

  20. HDP deputy sentenced to 10 years in prison

    “Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Deputy Remziye Tosun was sentenced to 10 years in prison for “being a member of an armed terrorist organization” on Sept. 11.

    The public prosecutor looking into her case accused Tosun of having entered the PKK / KCK hierarchical structure and acted knowingly and willingly in line with the purpose of the organization.

    The court ruled that Tosun was sentenced to 10 years in prison for “membership in an armed terrorist organization” and for the continuation of the ban on going abroad, taking into account the period of the sentence.

    The Turkish government has long accused the HDP of having links with the illegal PKK group.”

  21. Turkey launches new phase of anti-terror op in east

    “A new anti-terror operation has been initiated around Mt. Herekol in Turkey’s eastern Siirt province, the Interior Ministry announced on Sept. 11.

    Operation Y?ld?r?m-11 Herekol is aimed at completely eliminating the separatist terror group PKK from the country and neutralizing all terrorists hiding out in the region, the ministry said in a statement.

    As many as 1,003 security personnel are taking part in the operation, including Gendarmerie Special Operations forces, police, and security guards, it added.

    On Sept. 8, Operation Y?ld?r?m-10 was launched in the eastern Van province to neutralize PKK terrorists in the region.

    At least 54 terrorists have been neutralized, 24 collaborators captured, 112 caves, shelters, and storages destroyed, and a large quantity of arms, ammunition and other supplies have been seized in Y?ld?r?m operations to date, the ministry said.

    Turkish authorities often use the term “neutralized” to imply the terrorists in question surrendered or were killed or captured.

    In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK – listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S., and the EU – has been responsible for the deaths of nearly 40,000 people, including women, children and infants.”

  22. Greece: Migrants deliberately set fire to Moria camp once again, this time destroying it entirely

    “Greek authorities say the massive fire that engulfed the Moria migrant camp was started by migrants in protest over coronavirus quarantine restrictions placed inside the camp, with police launching a search for 35 coronavirus-positive migrants who escaped the camp in the chaos, according to Czech news portal Novinky.

    A report from Business Insider states that migrant youths set the fire when the restrictions affected their ability to access ATM machines for money.

    It is not the first time migrants have set the Moria Camp on fire, with at least three other instances of large-scale arson inside the camp by migrants in just the past few years, however, this time the blaze burned out of control, resulting in the near-complete destruction of the entire camp…”

    • Tucker: Democrats, fires and the climate misinformation campaign

      In the hands of Democratic politicians, climate change is like systemic racism in the sky: You can’t see it, but it’s everywhere and it’s deadly.

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