Fires in California are arson as are fires in Migration camp in Greece: Links 1, September 11, 2020

1. More evidence piles up suggesting that leftists know they lie about climate change and they do it for reasons that have nothing to do with the environment

2. They tried pretty hard to scrub this from the net actually. Gazans celebrating the hell out of the 911 attacks

3. Reasonably normal people I know personally believe that 911 was a hoax. This is a testament to the power of enemy propaganda from many sources.

It seems to me, just from memory, there was better footage on TV at the time of the aircraft in the wall right then. But much cannot be found from that day. Some of it might be for reasons that make some sense.

4. Van rams police car multiple times in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Shots fired, the van got away and later rammed into a blockade of police motor bikes. The van caught fire, driver ran away but was arrested. Motive still unclear.

Video. The commenter speaks french with an accent and says “wollah” (I swear to Allah) a few times. Probably an Algerian:

Video 2, from a different angle:

After shots

5. More Koran burning in Sweden. Videos are being pulled from YT but one never knows where they may appear if they do. This one is in Rosengaard.

Oh boy it was disappeared by the time I got to post it. No fear though, here it is below:

6. There is a fascinating segment of this video at 8:15 where the host tells of speaking with the illegals landing in the UK and is wondering why they are there.

The answers from the migrants as he explains it may add evidence to the dialectic negation of the West via mass migration theory. In other words, tons of aliens, hostile to Western values, are being brought into Western nations even if they don’t really want to, in order to foster the collapse of those nations at multiple levels.

The idea is that when you have enough people who have greater protection under law than the locals, (multiculturalism and hate speech laws dialectically enforced against the locals) then there is no more connection laterally between people. All connections are from the individual upwards to authority. This is greatly accelerated, deliberately or not, by forcing people to wear masks and other inconveniences like social distancing, which cut the connection between people more and more each day. It even makes people the police of each other, much like things were in Soviet controlled nations. Fear replaces community. Hostility and control replaces shared experience and the ability for a group to resist irrational and destructive corporate or government authority.

7. Polio outbreak in Africa from a polio vaccine.

8. Court finds Swiss immigration authorities cannot order deportation for criminal offences

A Swiss court has held that immigration officials are not able to order a person to be deported under Switzerland’s deportation initiative.

Switzerland’s Federal Court held on Wednesday that only courts, rather than administration authorities, are allowed to order a deportation against a foreigner who has committed criminal offences. 

In Switzerland, the courts have the power to order the deportation of foreigners who commit certain criminal offences after a SVP-backed referendum on the issue in 2010, Watson reports

A similar referendum in 2016 which would have had the effect of allowing foreigners to be deported for committing minor criminal offences was rejected at the ballot box. 

The case

The case concerned a Croatian man who had been found guilty of a range of criminal offences.

The cantonal court in Vaud sentenced the man to 42 months imprisonment but did not order his deportation. 

The offences the man was convicted of are of the type of offences for which an explosion from the country is mandatory. 

9. The thing to get out of the following video, is the reason why that ANTIFA prof. had all charges dropped after it is so clear and obvious that he assaulted a non-leftist with a bike lock cracking his skull. And the survey says: Soros spent a ton of time, effort and tons and tons of money getting long marcher communists elected as DAs and other positions of influence within the court system. This is also likely why ANTIFA keeps rioting in Leftist cities like Portland and Seattle. One might think it doesn’t make sense for them to attack their own cities. But its those cities that have DSA and other front groups for the COMINTERN themed judges and DAs who make sure that a person who is arrested for throwing a firebomb at police while in a disguse is out on bail within hours and back on the streets rioting the next night. That wouldn’t happen in a Red state/city. And yes. You can blame Soros for that.

10. This is significant. We hope to do a proper post on the fire at a migrant camp in Greece, where as is usually the case, its the migrants who burn the place down to get released into the general public or get more better accommodations.

Like these:

Thank you Malca, Johnny U., C., Wrath of Khan, MarcusZ., Richard, M., and all who are tuned in, and not dropped out.

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  1. 7 – When I was a kid we had to have polio vaccine before we could go to school, I don’t remember anyone getting polio from that vaccine.

    • There’s little about the vaccine-derived cases, as the numbers are still low.

      In April the immunization program was put on hold, collateral damage of coronavirus:
      Polio immunization suspended amid coronavirus pandemic

      The Interna’t Soc for Infectious Diseases reports:
      “The overall vaccination coverages of 95% are excellent, but unfortunately there are remaining pockets of lower coverage where the vaccine-derived polioviruses (VDPVs) have taken hold, as evidenced by the cited 177 cases this year (2020; there will be an update to follow covering the situation globally).

      …[T]he key will be to not let down the guard on the continent and maintain consistently high vaccination coverages to eliminate those pockets of lower coverages. As long as the WPV [Wild Polio Virus] is still circulating elsewhere (Pakistan and Afghanistan), the threat of re-introduction into countries with pockets of susceptible communities exists.

      There are still areas globally with civil unrest leading to difficult access for vaccinators, combined with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic having compromised vaccination programs in many areas — we hope now recovering — so there remains the urgent need to ensure vaccination coverages remain high.”

      WPVs and cVDPVs (circulating vaccine-derived polioviruses):

  2. On August 4th, 2020, ISIS had a video on there “charming” website urging Arson as a “Five-Star” Tactic and showed a picture of California burning.

  3. 10 I pointed out in reader’s links that this is not the recent fire in Moria, but one in a Slovenian camp 5 years ago.
    Unfortunately, this happens all the time, also to shelters in western european countries. The Moria fire was just an unusually large and well-organized one.

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