Canada fights imagined systemic racism by actual systemic racism: Links 2, September 11, 2020

1. President Trump nominated for SECOND Peace Prize for another miraculous deal made between historical enemies

2. Rasmus plans more demonstrations in Sweden this weekend.

We should expect quite a lot of binge-worthy videos in the aftermath. Try and get some popcorn before you pack it in for the night today.

This one is from August 29:

3. Computing forever has a look at death stats for Covid to see if the measures in place which are ruining civilization, are justified by the severity of the disease

Paul Weston makes a similar video:

4. About one of the guys who started the brush fires. He is BLM

5. Iowa Professor’s Syllabus: You’ll Be Dismissed If You Oppose Pro-Choice Or Black Lives Matter Positions

(Just here to show the extent to which the US has been subverted away from constitutional rights, freedoms and laws, and toward an Islamic/marxist set of limits and rules. While the punishments are not of the legal variety for the breach, they are most certainly punishments. You may not be moved to a cell, but you could lose your home and family)

6. From Aug. 19 but even more important today: Greek Police Seize Weapons and Explosives After Raiding Antifa Squat

Greek police say they found weapons and explosives in an Antifa anarchist squat in the city of Thessaloniki, saying the squat was being used as a base to plot attacks against police and political opponents.

Police raided the Terra Incognita squat on Monday and released a list of items found at the building which has been illegally occupied by far-left Antifa anarchist militants since February of 2004.

7. Clare Lopez and Bill Warner speak on the motives behind the 911 attacks and more importantly, western failures to understand those motives.

8. Ontario Catholic Church experiences a hate crime, and an actual just plain old crime at the same time. No condemnation from officials though. But the PM himself would shriek like a harpooned Blue Whale if it was at a mosque and for a lot less than this. One aspect of note. Shiela, who narrates this story, speaks of Spain and how you get a government grant to desecrate Catholic faith objects for art installations, much like Piss Christ in North America, but will get cancelled for drawing mohammad. The important thing here is how selective application of law drives the culture and actions towards the Islamic/left while sumultaniously a parallel legal system has been created with no vote or democratic process that punishes us all for the ‘wrong’ kind of criticism. Namely Islamic. This is how Marxist critical theory and Islam dove tail to destroy the West.

9. Massive truck appears to deliberately attack other vehicles on a California highway. Driver not described or named.

(It does say that alcohol and drugs are not factors)

10. Canadian PM Trudeau sets up fund to give 221$M to people with dark skin, all of whom came to Canada for a better life and none of whom have ancestors who were slaves here. Technically, limiting government services or money to a race is illegal. But that never stopped Trudeau from doing anything. The second speaker also starts with the Neo-Marxist Critical theory bait and switch of claiming Parliament Hill as some kind of Amer-IndianTribal land. Because history always starts wherever it is worst for classical civilization. Much like the myth of the “Palestinians”.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, MarcusZ., ET., Richard, FAM., and all who sent in materials.

ET reminds us that:

On August 4th, 2020, ISIS had a video on there “charming” website urging Arson as a “Five-Star” Tactic and showed a picture of California burning.

I hope to get a link or image of that, although I suspect that Brad did a segment with us on that around that time.


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