President Trump accelerates a winning streak he started a long time ago: Links 3, September 11, 2020

1. President Trump makes yet another historical peace deal making THREE this week

2. More Mueller team crimes upon crimes

3. About Obama’s pathetic claim to Global Warming being behind the Cali fires

4. Armed officers taser suspect after people threatened with axe and cars damaged in Jewellery Quarter

A man is said to have gone on an early morning rampage threatening people and damaging cars with an axe in the Jewellery Quarter. Armed officers tasered and arrested a 44-year-old man.

Police have arrested a man after people were threatened and cars damaged with an axe in the Jewellery Quarter.

Members of the public raised the alarm after they saw a man clutching an axe and acting aggressively in the early hours of Friday (September 11).

Armed officers conducted a search and then chased a man which ended in a 44-year-old being tasered in

(So, random attack by unnamed undescribed guy, something like the California truck, on a random date, 9/11, on an area I suspect is mostly Jewish. Nope, nothing to see here.)

5. Shots fired on Cino-Indian border

6. European Commissioner for health explains why they plan to continue draconian measures forever. After all, how can they tell that masks are working when there doesn’t seem to be a problem now anyway? Also what is “a new sort of normality?”

7. The Atlantic argues its time to end the Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously. This is not a joke.

8. Oregonians do not support the riots

9. Ladies and Gentlemen, Donald Trump on 911, 2001

10. Important point about the man who shot 3 armed ANTIFA in self defence

Thanks to all who have contributed on this anniversary of the great awakening for so many.

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5 Replies to “President Trump accelerates a winning streak he started a long time ago: Links 3, September 11, 2020”

  1. 5 – The Foreign Ministers of India and China are reported to have reached an agreement in Moscow, the agreement calls for both sides to pull back. A retired Indian Diplomat who was stationed in Peking is on record as doubting that China is going to pull back or do anything else the agreement calls for.

    9 – On 9/11 Donald Trump (a private citizen at the time) pulled his people off the buildings they were erecting and sent them to the Towers to help dig for survivors and bodies. Where were his Dem critics at on that day? They did nothing to help but they have the gall to work to prevent PT from doing anything to restore freedom to the US.

    10 – This miscarriage of Justice shows that the rule of law is on life support in the US, without the rule of law we have no rights that the government doesn’t want to give us and they can take those away on a whim. The left (and the useful idiots that vote for them) are throwing away the freedom that our forefathers worked and fought to acquire so that we could be free. If we don’t fight for those rights our descendants will at best be peasants in a neo feudal system and give what the left is like serfs or slaves is the more likely descriptions of the ordinary people if the left wins.

    Always remember that our freedom was won by people who were armed, in Britain the law required that the peasants had to own a “War Bow” (a bow with a draw weight of 80 to 150 pounds). The Norman conquers of Britain left that law intact because the archers were what kept them as the Royals and Nobels in Britain. This armed population is why the Nobles were able to force King John to sign the Magna Charter which said that even the King had to obey the law. Britain transitioned to the firearms and until the early 1920s there were no gun laws, Britain remained free and the British subjects had rights that we in the United States fought a war to restore. We wrote those rights into the Constitution at the insistence of the people who were afraid that if the rights weren’t spelled out in the Constitution they would be taken from us.

    Currently the left is working hard to take our rights and freedom away under the lie excuse that they are preventing the spread of of the flu. Our brothers up north and in Australia and New Zealand are fighting to preserve the rights of free born Englishmen that were preserved by our ancestors. Our ancestors went out and tamed the wilderness to create our nations and fought two World Wars to preserve. Are we lesser people then them, are we going to allow their sacrifices to go for naught by allowing a small portion of the population to destroy what they build and died to preserve.

    Live Free or Die, let this be our motto as we continue to fight to preserve the freedom we were given by our ancestors.


      I’m floored by the number of people around me, in my personal life, who have submitted. My disappointment is very deep. But better now than never.

      People who always travel four or five times a year, foreign travel, who would accept without question the 18-month (5 km daily travel) restriction re Stage 4 Covid.

      At the beginning of this Covid adventure, they said something to the effect that as long as it doesn’t affect them, all is fine. Slowly, I saw them submit, without questioning or searching for the truth. Worse, they don’t want to hear the other side of the story.

      Is there a breach in our friendship? YES. Both ways. I have to set up an appointment with my notary to change my will (testament). So, we will smile and make pretend when we see each other. Terrible situation. I lost all respect for them.

  2. 9/ This made me start crying again.

    The flights left from Boston, the Towers area with former classmates, family, and friends of friends. The uncertainty, hoping, praying.

    How to comfort, when to comfort – are they “bereaved” yet? Maybe an air pocket? Maybe he didn’t take that flight, wait for the passenger manifest…

    I forgot that in-between time, before the terrible certainty set in.

    Donald Trump then, one of us. Not frozen in horror. A doer, the realist faces it. Reaches out to help.

    We were what we are. Donnie is America.

  3. 7 “The Atlantic argues its time to end the Nobel Peace Prize”.
    I absolutely agree. What a disgrace to give it to Obama for doing nothing else but getting elected. The most overrated president in US history…

    • Me too.
      Their prize for Lit has been compromised for decades, at least.

      Trivial wish: I’d like The Atlantic to smother itself, disappear from the ether. The owner now is Steve Jobs widow, so that’s unlikely. It’s an outsized megaphone for enemy operatives.

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