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One Reply to “Some German regions drop mask requirement for schools but teachers force it anyway”

  1. “So, how was your first day?” I asked my 12-year old.
    “Good. It’s a ginormous place.” She was starting back in a new school.
    “What’s it like wearing a mask all day?”
    “It’s disgusting,” she replied after giving it some thought.”
    “And wait till kids start getting zits from wearing them all day,” chimed her older brother. He was especially disappointed by all of it. The shutdown of clubs and all of the normal, fun social functions that school offered was being ruined. And now we were about to witness the teacher’s union get in on the act. This is one of the most coddled, selfish, spoiled, vindictive, leftist unions there is. They will leverage the Wuhan flu to the hilt until they succeed in getting schools shutdown. I bet they argue to teach online for safety reasons and will even provide false numbers to prove that virtual classrooms are equal or superior to traditional learning.

    There are great teachers out there, but the unions don’t give a damn about the kids.

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