Brad Johnson: “Turkey (has the region) barreling towards war”

Brad has done a lot of segments on Turkey and has been quite consistent on the threat it represents regionally and globally. At this time it appears that Erdogan has carved a path for himself that leads to a military conflict that will very likely have wider implications.

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Turkey: “War with Greece just a matter of time”

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  1. Turkey is more likely to start a shooting war then China but if one does the other will take advantage of the worlds attention and military being drawn away to start one in their region.

    Remember that this is all being played out against the background of the Dems telling the US voters to vote for them or Cities will burn. That is going to be part of the equation that Erdogan and Xi use to determine what they are going to do.

  2. Turkey: War with Greece ‘just a matter of time’

    “Head of Turkish National Movement Party Devlet Bahçeli has declared that war with Greece is “just a matter of time”, The New Khaleej reported on Friday.

    “It is inconceivable to turn our backs on our historical interests in the Mediterranean and the Aegean,” Bahçeli announced in a statement reported by the Arabic news website.

    “It seems that Greece’s appetite and desire to be thrown into the sea has swelled again,” stressing that war in the Mediterranean and the Aegean is “just a matter of time”.

    He added: “Greece’s goal is to come again and occupy our lands from where we threw them out 98 years ago. We are facing a new invasion plan.”

    The Turkish politician, who is an ally of the Turkish ruling party, continued: “From now on, the attitude and behaviour of Greece will be what will determine the increasing tensions that will cause bleeding or an abominable confrontation.”

    Turkey and Greece are at odds over the demarcation of sea borders in the Mediterranean and the right to explore hydrocarbon resources there…”

  3. Turkey has all might to cast off immoral maps, says Erdo?an

    “Turkey has the power to discard maps or documents imposed, the country’s president said on Sept. 5.

    “They will understand that Turkey has political, economic, military might needed to cast off immoral maps and documents imposed by others,” Recep Tayyip Erdo?an said.

    Speaking at the opening ceremony of Göztepe City Hospital in Istanbul, he underscored the progress Turkey has achieved in production, trade, technology exports and the defense industry.

    Among these progresses the developments in the health sector is even more significant during the period of a pandemic, he added.

    Erdo?an said that a total of 16 city hospitals have started to serve patients across the country so far.”

  4. Here is Brad on the McFiles, in the interview he makes a point that I should have caught but didn’t. In the video of the murder of the Patriot Prayer member the shooter is told there he is and then he pulls the gun and shoots. This wasn’t his first kill, if it was he would have hesitated more, that means that he was probably one of the antifa members who went to Turkey to fight for the Maoist section of the PKK. That makes the entire video about the large number of people in on the hit more likely. It also makes more murders like this one more likely, no group like antifa sets up a hit squad for just one hit and next time they will do more to conceal the identity of the shooter.

    Once they start more murders they will start bringing some of the more radical soyboys and girls into murder squad and set them up to start killing people.

    In the interview Brad also says that since antifa has started murdering people who disagree with them it is unlikely that the people pulling their strings will be able to stop the killing. Instead of the violence slacking off between now and the election it will probably increase and then after Trump wins by enough votes (both popular and electoral) that the Dems will have a hard time screaming about a stolen election the violence will explode. Hopefully Barr’s investigation into who is paying antifa and the astroturf protesters will collect enough evidence to make the money people more cautious.

    • I’m a long time reader of your fine blog, and have also been following events in Turkey for some time. I would be interested in hearing Brad Johnson’s comments on some questions I have regarding Turkey. First off, I am wondering about the fact that Erdogan basically decapitated his military after the alleged coup, that took place a few years ago. I understand that the finest of his officer corp has been relieved of duty, with many of them rotting in prison.

      The other question regards Turkey’s fairly low birth rate, barely at or slightly below replacement, and with the Kurdish birth rate much higher, at around 7.1 live births per woman. I have read that by mid century, 50% of the military age men will be Kurds. With this in mind, if Erdogan wants to make a move with his military, it will have to be fairly soon.

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