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2 Replies to “Brad Johnson discusses the ANTIFA assassin, killed during attempted arrest for the murder of Trump Supporter”

  1. I agree with Brad, especially the statement that the police in the liberal cities aren’t going to enforce the laws against the left wing militias, this will in turn increase the number of murders of Trump supporters.

    I don’t know if the minds.com video is correct or not but J.E. Dyer made it part of her article about the shooting. If it isn’t real it will provide inspiration for future murders and if it is real it will provide inspiration for future murders. What we need to do is pray that the Barr investigation into the people who are providing the money to antifa and BLM is successful and gets enough evidence to allow them to be arrested and put on trial.

    Things are getting tense and once the major fighting starts it will quickly spread to other nations.

    Keep you musket clean, your power dry and your bug out bag packed. Make sure you have more then one bug out route scouted and be sure and watch your 6.

  2. I’ve been saying this for several Years now, the Rhetoric I’m hearing from the Mainstream Media, Mainstream Politicians and vast numbers in Academentia, is the same Rhetoric I heard in Rwanda before and during the Genocide.
    The problem is that the majority of White people in the West, do not want to hear anything that would wake them from their slumber on Cloud 9.
    It’s like that they’ve given up on Life and are waiting patiently for the Grim Reaper to appear.

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