A mix of Leftist and Islamic atrocities and some great news from President Trump: Links 2, September 4, 2020

1. Time to ditch your Discover card if you even have one

2. Rich Higgins, Stephen Coughlin’s coauthor for many of his recent works, suggests this article to understand how Republicans may not be prepared for how Democrats intend to overturn the November 3rd election result when it goes to Donald Trump.

As we have explained in several columns the Democrats do not plan to win the 2020 election. Instead they plan a coup, for which the Republicans and perhaps the Trump campaign appear to be totally unprepared.

The reason for this apparent lack of preparedness is that the GOP and the Trump campaign assume they are facing the conventional Election Day threats of being inundated with mail-in ballots, garden variety vote fraud, such as individuals casting multiple in-person ballots, and the chaos attendant to conducting an election in the midst of media-generated pandemic hysteria.

All those things will happen, but they are not what will determine the outcome of the election in the Democrats’ favor. To get rid of President Trump and to seize power permanently Democrats will rely on the principles of unconventional warfare.

Here’s how it will work:

Prior to the election, Democrat election officials, citing “systemic racism” will announce hundreds of new polling places will be opened in heavily Democrat urban areas in Democrat-controlled swing states, such as North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Election Day morning Democrats across the country will refuse to show-up to open the in-person voting sites in Republican areas, citing the danger of catching COVID-19. Without Democrat poll workers the polls cannot open. Meanwhile, in heavily Democrat areas the polls will open on time.

3. This appears to be where some of the Portland communist insurgents live during the daytime. The filmer points out some of the hypocrisy as they attack him with a slingshot



(Wouldn’t it be interesting to search their supplies and see if they are getting Hydroxychloroquine courtesy of the state? That would tell us a lot. Especially in states where they are forbidding it for use for actual law abiding people.)

4. Here’s a funny one from CNN. About checking one’s brown privilege. See, Indian excellence as migrants and accomplishment is problematic for the racist narrative by BLM.

[…] But what about brown silence? Just as people are being told to acknowledge their White privilege, calls are growing louder for South Asian diasporas, particularly Indians, in the UK, US and Canada to check their brown privilege and speak out against anti-Black racism.

(CNN is upset that all the world’s people don’t unite against White people in order to take over all the systems that White people historically created and developed.)

5. Kosovo Serbia peace negotiator schools White House Journalists for asking woke questions at a conference about a global security issue.

6. Swedish 11-Year-Old Assaulted in Multicultural Malmö for Crucifix Necklace

An 11-year-old boy in the southern Swedish city of Malmö was allegedly assaulted by a gang of unknown perpetrators who called him a “pig bastard” and commented on his crucifix necklace.

The alleged attack is said to have taken place on July 28th, but the report to the police was only made by the child’s mother earlier this week.

The mother said the incident occurred as her son and his friend were playing football in the Varvsparken park area.

Police press spokesman Calle Persson told Nyheter Idag: “He told us that several guys came up and asked why he had a cross on his necklace. He replied that it was because of his religious affiliation.”

The spokesman added: “They asked if he ate pig and called him ‘pig bastard’. Then he was pushed to the ground, and he injured his arm or wrist.” […] The case comes after it was revealed last week that a church in Malmö had been attacked and vandalised for seven days in a row.

7. California Schools become leftist, or drop out

8.  Donald Trump Pledges to Defund Planned Parenthood in Next Term

President Donald Trump pledged to pro-life Americans in a letter released Thursday that he will defund Planned Parenthood if he is elected to a second term in November.

In the president’s letter, released by Pro-Life Voices for Trump, a coalition of leaders and activists working for the protection of unborn life, Trump highlighted his and his administration’s pro-life accomplishments over the past four years.

And also:

9. PJ Watson on forcing ideological fealty and submission in Mao’s China and…

10. CNN: About Sweden’s Wuhan Flu response. This is a propaganda piece against “conservative views” on lock downs and mandated masks, and claims its social medicine that saved them. Viruses don’t know who pays for medical care so its unlikely. And the elderly were indeed denied treatment in elderly care homes and given Morphine which accounts for a lot of the deaths of the elderly.

11. Dr. Zelenko study under peer review

12. Vanderbilt Professor Docks Student For Not Agreeing That The Constitution Is White Supremacist

A student at Vanderbilt University was docked points on a quiz Tuesday for rejecting the statement that “the Constitution [was] designed to perpetuate white supremacy and protect the institution of slavery,” according to screenshots of the quiz result.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., ML., EB., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Chris Jones, Johnny U., Yucki, Tania Groth and all who sent in materials this week and care enough about these issues to discuss them and stay informed. 

Now and again when I get a chance to speak to a medical professional about trying to get some HCQ to take one every 2 weeks as prophylaxis, I am reminded about how massively and in an unprecedentedly biased way, the system, including basic freedom of speech has been slanted against something quite reasonable at worst, or a massive game changer and life saver at best.

How Youtube takes down videos by doctors with tons of front line experience treating Wuhan Flu if they claim that there is benefit to using HCQ because its dangerous and misleading health information.

And whenever I think of that I like to go back to this video with 64,000 views and more just to really piss myself off.



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  1. 9 – That technique goes back to Lenin and Stalin, the group to be re-educated were forced to confess their crimes against the socialist structure.

    2 – This is the first time I have heard about anyone using this tactic and I am not sure the courts would uphold the votes in the new polling places. Or uphold the people not opening the old polling places, I would like to have some good lawyers opinion on the legality of these tactics.

  2. 3 According to several commenters in the Twitter thread, this is a camp for homeless people. Set up by the city to help with social distancing.

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