Erdogan justifies rape, pillage and sacking as Allah’s will

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    • Yup. But didn’t he already do that with his “Our mosques will be our helmets and our minarets will be our rockets” speech?

      And just for conversations sake, do you think this guy wouldn’t toss a couple of million at Black Lives Matter or Antifa or The Southern Poverty Law Center? He might even throw in a covert warfare expert advisor for good measure…

      I know that sounds fanciful but he is definitely the enemy and enemies definitely engage in psychological warfare so why not…? The fact is that the West, and especially the US, has a great many enemies all over the world but Stanley Kubrick taught us in “Dr. Strangelove” that noticing a foreign conspiracy is a sure sign of stupidity, paranoia, and trailer park residency. Picture Jingles saying, “Gollee, Roy… There’s a communist…”.

      • Yes he did that, a lot of his speeches are for internal consumption, but if he keeps running his mouth he will eventually have to back up his words with action.

        • That’s why they are all trying so hard to turn the US and Britain and France and Germany into riot-torn failed-states unable to protect themselves from anything, unable to even tell you who they are or who their heroes are what they were in the first place. That’s why the left always wants to talk about homelessness and racism, crime, rape, unemployment and the Ku Klux Klan. Convince your enemy that his country is corrupt and evil and the fight will be over before it begins because he won’t be motivated to even show up for the war. Demoralization…

          • From what I am seeing this isn’t working, the silent majority aren’t remaining silent and people are working against the leftist agitators. We in North America will have a very nasty and bloody civil war but will end up knowing who our enemies are and once we have won over here will once again liberate any European Nation that hasn’t managed to liberate itself.

  1. For the endogan speech
    Turks pillaged, raped burned , destroyed all villages and cities in their path during the 500 years of domination over the Romanian territories.
    Killed man, raped women, stole children to make them slave solders.
    After they conquer they usually placed a puppet in power and they put big taxes over the conquered lands.
    Vlad Tepes was a consequence of what Turks did.
    He was not alone
    The Romanian principates fought this bastards continuously for hundreds of years,
    The sleazy west was protected by the blood of my ancestors in the East .Now the time has come for the vest to understand what conquering we will not spill blood for them anymore
    It is their time to spill their own.

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