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12 Replies to “More Tucker from August 31 2020: Democrats spent months encouraging chaos, realize it may have been a mistake”

  1. Perhaps it’s only semantics, but it wasn’t an anarchist who contrived the Long March, it was a communist. I think it’s important to label the enemy correctly. This way when we speak of the broader range of communist tactics, whether they be in the dialectic field or in the literal field, people understand the enemy essentially has but one real name and the common goal of insurgency. The only distinguishment that should be made it when the tards go openly kinetic. They are a different animal who desires ultimate supremecy over all.

    • Yup prosecuting the punks in antifa will reduce the violence and remove a lot of the camouflage protecting the hard core leaders.

    • McCarthy was vilified and his reputation destroyed because he told the truth about the communist infiltration in our government. The current crop of communists are trying to use the same tactics to destroy all who oppose their goal of establishing a communist government and economy in North America. Despite all of the evidence they think they can make communism work when no one in recorded history has been able to.

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