Fascinating thread on the dark nature of the riots and killings on American streets

Below, a link to the whole thread. Below that, an addendum to the thread that is quite an interesting video of Donald Trump


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18 Replies to “Fascinating thread on the dark nature of the riots and killings on American streets”


    Nobody could’ve.

    Carlos Osweda is wrong anyone who has studied communist revolutions and read the writings on urban guerilla war knew this was coming. Death squads committing random and targeted murders along with random and targeted terror bombings are standard tactics of the left in urban wars.

    • In and out in 14 seconds. The shooter wore white clothing for a reason. This guy is an ex-Military guy trained in tactics, of which evasion. They still don’t know where he is.

      Targeted murders: The victim wasn’t targeted but became a target. Very different.

      As to Carlos Osweda, I think he is being careful so as not to be banned by Twitter. I also think he is former banned Thomas Wictor.

      • There will be targeted murder and random murders, the fact that they are moving into the random murder phase means that the targeted phase will be implemented in the near future. The random bombing phase will have to wait until the Wuhan Flu restrictions about public gatherings is lifted.

        Look at Europe in the 70s for nasty examples of what is coming to North America.

    • Please remember Bill Barr’s interview not too long ago where he subtly referred to dangerous groups, the undertone of which the Feds are onto them. Some of these groups have suddenly become quiet.

      I spent one month in an urban guerilla warfare environment in Mexico many years go where one military tank per street corner, aka FOUR tanks before your eyes at every street and FIVE soldiers per tank on street corners.

      Intrepid as I’ve always been, I jumped out of the jeep at a street corner and put my arms around one soldier’s neck holding a machine gun, all that for a photo that I still have.

      This is not open guerilla warfare.

      • It is the opening phases, as I have stated this is the classic urban guerilla war straight out of several manuals written by the left in the 50s and 60s.

    • One last comment re your Urban Guerilla Warfare: They always have one issue in common aka MONEY. I am not in the mood to extrapolate on this issue.
      Re BLM/Antifa, it’s not money, they have money. It is overthrow of the government for their ideological purposes.

      • it’s not money, they have money
        For sure. Ideology-driven, red-green alliance.
        Then they’d go after each other. That’s the way it worked in Iran. Red was shocked! shocked! – when the greens hunted THEM down first.

        • Thank You. You understand.
          Trump’s visit to Wisconsin was very productive. After Presser, Oregon suddenly changed its way of doing this, including retroactive prosecution of previously arrested.
          Trump had interest of visiting Wisconsin, notably its border states.
          But he also played pool. From Wisconsin onto the side and ricochet all the way to enter the desired target: Oregon.
          The MAN is to be admired.
          Never confront your enemy, play pool games.
          NOTE: Wheeler is moving from his condo to a secluded area.

      • No the Urban Guerilla wars aren’t about money, they are about power and about installing a leftist government. They will use bank robbery, extortion and kidnap ransoms to fund the movement if they have to but the goal is power and installing a communist government.

  2. VLAD: Why is it I often get this: “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”
    And my comment doesn’t register.
    At times, I haven’t replied in some time, and it shows up. Don’t understand.

      • Kamala is nothing, believes nothing. Like Joe, a weathervane with no moral compass. Embarrassing for our country to front such obvious puppets. Grotesque parody of an election season.

        The machine that positioned this crop of Dems has to crash and burn. Many of the Repubs are also Uniparty placeholders, more polished than Ukranian pols, but just as corrupt.

        • Yes they are corrupt place holders, they are the politicians who are more interesting in money then in power. People like Pelosi and and other leaders in both parties want money for the power it will buy. Power is what the very successful politicians want and their actions prove this to all who watch the politicians.

          As I said above the guerilla movements in down South used various crimes to fund their movements but their goal was power.

            • Yeah I heard about that, this was to be expected the US (at least those who are educated in how our government works) don’t look on political dynasties with favor. Eventually someone who is more power hungry will show up and start the collapse of the Dynasty. It’s the same with the big rich families, until the left started playing games with the tax code to try and stop other families getting rich the rule was: The First Generation made the money, The Second Generation tried to preserve the money, The Third and following Generations spent the money the Fourth to Sixth Generation is either a manual labor worker or a low paid office worker.

              We are waiting to see if the changes to the tax code will break that rule and allow the rich families to hang on to the money for over 100 years.

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