Assassin of Trump supporter in Portland identified by his sister: Links 1, September 1, 2020

1. People who vote for Biden will not be doing so because they think he would make a good or even the better president. It will be because they vote their hatred of Donald Trump. And if asked why they hate him so much, they will likely claim because he hates or encouraged hatred of some nebulous kind, and with the opposite of evidence to support that view.

2. It is a testament to the American People that they would give up something so important to them for a point of principle. For this alone we may well have a chance to turn this all around. Because the willingness to sacrifice is a powerful indicator.

3. Looks like Chris Jones has had it right all along.

Related: Brix pushes for more masks under more circumstances.

CDC articles on Covid and Climate Change

4. Canadian police using controversial ‘predictive policing’ tools, report finds

(Global finds it easier to just lie about events than use precrime tools)

Police forces across Canada have already begun using technology to predict who may become involved in illegal activity or where crimes might take place, an expert group warned Tuesday as it called on the federal government to protect residents from the potential perils of such tactics.

A report developed by the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab and International Human Rights Program said Canadian law enforcement agencies have generally been much more cautious than their international counterparts when it comes to deploying algorithmic tools in their crime-fighting efforts.

But the report said algorithmic policing has undoubtedly arrived, opening the door for a host of potential constitutional and human rights violations that the country’s legal system is currently not equipped to handle.

5. CNN is gonna have to fire one of their censors for letting this through

6. Protestors set TV station on fire because it showed a concert during Ashura.

(Maybe this explains the CBC. They are more afraid of muslims than Canadians, so they always always take the Islamic PoV on everything)

7. Here however, is what real Western journalism should be, and what it once was. The irony of course, is that Charlie Hebdo was a far left magazine. But in those days, far left for Charlie Hebdo just meant contrarian rather than Marxist.

French magazine Charlie Hebdo will REPUBLISH cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as trial into 2015 terrorist gun rampage that left 12 dead gets underway

France’s Charlie Hebdo magazine is reprinting its controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to mark the start of a trial over the 2015 terror attack at the paper’s offices.  

‘We will never lie down. We will never give up,’ Charlie Hebdo director Laurent Sourisseau wrote in an editorial to go with the cartoons today. 

Twelve people were killed in the gun rampage in January 2015, before a policewoman and four Jewish shoppers died in related attacks over the following two days.  

The trial of 14 alleged accomplices, who are charged with various crimes including supplying weapons and putting the killers in contact with ISIS, begins in Paris tomorrow.   

(“Hugely controversial” has come to mean anything a single muslim or leftist doesn’t like. And for those that remember the marches where millions of hypocrites wore “We are all Charlie” signs and badges, lets be clear. None of them were. Because NONE OF THEM also wore or showed the cartoons.)

8. But just how bad is North American Journalism today?

9. Trump makes clear statement on ANTIFA

10. FRANCE – PARIS – Migrant camp outside Paris City Hall evacuated

French police remove tents after some two hundred people including families, mainly from Somalia, Afghanistan and Côte d’Ivoire,set up camp overnight outside Paris city hall.

The initiative was organised by the association Utopia56 to “make visible” the many migrants dispersed throughout the capital.


11. Possible Portland Shooting Suspect, an Antifa Member, Identified by Sister

The man who allegedly fatally shot a President Donald Trump supporter in Portland on Aug. 29 during a demonstration was identified by his sister as Michael Reinoehl.

“We reached out to police and confirmed that we recognized Michael in the screenshots” taken from video from the shooting scene, the sister told The Oregonian.

Reinoehl’s sibling said the 48-year-old has been estranged from the rest of the family for three years.

“On the one hand, this whole thing surprises the daylights out of us, because we always thought he is a lot of bark, not a lot of bite,” she said. “But he’s also been very impulsive and irrational.”

Sgt. Kevin Allen, a Portland police spokesman, told The Epoch Times via email that there’s an active homicide investigation into the shooting, preventing the release of any further information. “Any reports you’ve seen beyond what has been released via press release is unconfirmed and unverified,” he said.

Reinoehl, on social media profiles reviewed by The Epoch Times, said that he is a member of Antifa, a far-left, anarcho-communist group that has committed brutal violence at demonstrations in the past.


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  1. 1 – Biden voters are for the most part are people who hate Trump and who hate the US, the ones who don’t fit the this description are true low information voters. One reason the Dems want early voting is that they know some people will vote for the party early on and then get upset because they discover what the party nominee is really.

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