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5 Replies to “Trump supporter assassinated in Portland”

  1. This is just the start of the random killing of Trump supporters, while Tim is right about the antifa types coming into houses he is ignoring the other violence (the attacks on the people leaving the White House) that occurred recently. The next step after the random killings is the targeted assassination of political leaders, opinion journalists who oppose the communist goals of the left and the Rich Industrialists who don’t pay off the leftist terrorist every time they demand more money.

    I predict a massive increase in the number of bodyguards for the people antifa hates and a massive increase in the number of home security systems and more people arming themselves to be able to protect themselves from the antifa types.

    Keep your musket clean, your powder dry, your bug out bag packed, your bug out routes (E&E routes) scouted and watch your six. The next decade or so is going to prove the wisdom of our not making our real names public.

  2. There is a gun and ammo buying frenzy. With the police neutered and the prison cells flung open, survival becomes quite personal in a once civilized nation. Home security systems aren’t of much help in a home invasion – see the takeover of wheeler’s condo in Portland.

    • The riots have turned a lot of people from supporting gun control to supporting hte 2nd Amendment, now if we can keep them supporting it.

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