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9 Replies to “Brad Johnson: China makes territorial claims on one of the largest cities in the Russian Federation”

  1. This is one of the reasons that Brad was talking about Russia allying with the US and NATO to stop Turkey, China has been making moves that hurt Russia and Putin is going to all they can to stop China from harming Russia.

  2. By its behavior it almost seems like China is spoiling for a localized war wherever it can find it to distract its people from its domestic issues, primarily its economic woes.

    • That is about the only way the CCP can stay in power, look at what is happening inside China, then remember how superstitious most of the Chinese are. Now look at the old Chinese omens of a change in power coming, Snow in the middle of the Summer the Giant Buddha getting his feet wet in a flood add in the economic problems and the food shortage. The CCP in general and XI in particular are worried and getting desperate, this is why they are pushing Pakistan to force large unit fights with India. Why Xi is starting to make moves on other neighbors and why he is trying to make trouble in every portion of the world he has any influence.

      He is desperate to remain in power (if he is removed from power he will probably be executed) and is purging the members of the CCP that oppose his return to the policies of Mao. He thinks his only chance to stay in power (remain alive) is to crack down on everyone that has any ideas that aren’t in Mao’s little Red Book.

    • XI has a lot of nerve but he is getting desperate and desperate people take chances and make mistakes. Xi has made Czar Vlad mad and is pushing him into siding with India and probably NATO in the near future. If things go the way I think they are Russia may end up taking control of part of China, part of the area that the Japanese took from them in the Russo-Japanese war.

      • Putin’s typical M.O. is to keep a foot in both camps as long as possible. Get everybody else fighting, weakening themselves, till they come to him. He’ll play mediator and look like a statesman.

        Russia’s weak and poor. But Putin grew up small and frail on the brutal streets of the USSR. That he projects Russia as a player in the condition it’s in says a lot about him. He’s smart as a whip.

        It’s hard to know what he’ll do.
        Certain loyalties are dependable, though. India. The Orthodox Church. Maybe bilateral with Greece, though never NATO.

        • I was being generous saying NATO, the US might help Greece and France and Italy are making noises that they will support Greece but the rest of NATO is staying quiet. So he would be allying with Greece and the other nations would be allying with Greece but not necessarily each other. Not that it matters since NATO won’t survive much longer, if he plays his cards right he can come out of the coming chaos with a much richer and stronger Russia. I am counting on him doing what he considers to be the best thing for Russia, this will include helping India as much as he can and joining in against China once it is clear that they are collapsing (their economy is tanking, their banks are bankrupt and the people are starting to openly criticize the CCP. I don’t think they have many more months.). Russia may be weak but they might end up being the straw that breaks several camels backs. China, Turkey and possibly Iran, he can’t be happy the way China is moving into Iran and Turkey.

          You know more about Russia then I do but I can’t help but speculate based on history and what I see happening around the world.

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